A rundown on Lord Elon’s bid for Twitter

It is 17 April 2022, as of writing,

It’s not really Lord Elon versus Twitter, it’s more Lord Elon and his Twitter adventure with the rest of the world. Really, I though the whole thing was funny but I didn’t think it was interesting enough to merit a shit post until I saw that it had some juicy conspiracies along with potential political ramifications.

So, a good starting point is roughly Mar 24;

A Poll asking a question

Followed by;

Another poll asking a question with the following comment stating; “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote Carefully”

Then on April 4th;

Elon buys 9.2% stake in twitter
-per 13G

During the same day, Elon asked a question which received 4.4 million votes. That’s a lot of votes.

To which shitposting continues on Apr 7;

Around April 9, Lord Elon rejected an offer to be a Board Member or a Man of the Chair;

Which he rejected. Probably with more motives as an activist investor rather than chained to internal policies as a board member.

So, Lord Elon offered to buy and privatize twitter at a price of $54.20 a share;

With the added caveate that he will try to keep as many shareholders in privatized Twitter as allowed by law,

For Reasons, Twitter didn’t want to sell out to Lord Elon, and initially rejected the offer saying something about the interests of shareholders and stuff.

The initial rejection by the Twitter board said that they were advised that $54.20 a share was too low by Goldman Sachs,

To which Lord Elon called them out on their bull shit showing an article that Goldman had a sell rating on Twitter and a price target of $30;

So Twitter board calls this move a ‘hostile takeover’

And Twitter board, on April 15th, Friday, decided to do a poison pill method and started throwing a tantrum. Because they’ve just been called out on their bullshit reasons.

-AP, I forgot where I screengrabbed this from

Meaning that shareholders get accessed to purchase discounted stock ahead of any other person who owns more than 15% stake.

It’s really a defensive position or move, because if Elon would buy 15% shares through the open market, that would be a slow way to take over Twitter.

I mean, currently, Twitter is trading around $45, so Lord Elon’s offer of $54.20 is a generous offer.

What this move is really saying, is that the Board members will load up on some shares before selling their positions and their stake;

Because, as a little birdy informed me, the Twitter Board doesn’t own much twitter. With the Highest percent stake ownership at about 2%. . .

You can confirm the above information via SECFORM4.

Lmao, these comments are funny;

And it’s gotten a bit of a reaction;

So none of the board members have more than a 1% stake in Twitter, and they take hefty compensation packages. It seems like they aren’t working in the interest of their shareholders.

It also seems like there isn’t a clear plan forward in terms of growth, nor speech, nor catering to their Twitter users.

This ‘poison pill’ is probably an attempt to let Board Members and Insiders buy a shit ton of shares to sell to Elon for the price point of $52.40 and make them get a lot of money. Lord Elon would get twitter in this scenario.

If the Twitter Board doesn’t accept the buy out offer, then Lord Elon would likely lose interest in Twitter, cause the Price of Twitter to tumble and cause financial damages for everyone leading to open lawsuits against Twitter and a removal of the board.

So, who knows?

What, you gonna put your money on it?

That doesn’t seem like a safe bet.

Some of the other theories and politics at potential play;

Something to do with Saudi Arabia;

Something to do with indictment and charges;

Lord Elon also mentioned in a recent TED Talk interview that he would try to reduce the number of Twitter Bots and Scammers.

Which would definitely affect a lot of political powers and Scammers in the Crypto space, among other things.

Well, the Direction of Twitter under Lord Elon, would probably invite back Lord Dorsey, and the future would be -in theory- brighter and more free. Which, there is hints that Lord Elon knows more about the real hostile takeover per this meme he shitposted;

Perhaps Twitter would be more open and subject to local rules and guidance. You know, politically abiding to the laws and rules of each nation per the use of each nation’s standards.

In Closing,

Idk, this is just a random post of something I don’t really care about, but am interested to see the domino effect of it’s results. To see if, and how much, Twitter influences geo political ideas and movements. It’s like having the CIA declassify some shit, but zoomers actually care. So, who knows.

My hope, is that Twitter gits gud. My hope is Jack Dorsey gets some peace, retribution, and resolution.

My opinion is that Twitter is probably full of snakes and needs a nice cleaning. Also, keep an eye out for the board members to be sellouts. It’s in the cards with this ‘poison pill’ being and excuse to buy a lot low and sell a lot high. So, you know, for the ‘share holders’, lmao.

I would like more truth and transparency, that way I can just stop shit posting and be on the run away from Fed Bois and the new Ministry of Truth.

What could go wrong?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Update 4/18/2022

Lmao, it gets better;

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