Overpriced Consulting Firms are Glorified Scams for Companies whose head are so far up their — that hindsight is considered ‘insight’

Alright, so apparently, a Chairmen of the Board of GameStop is talking mad shit about a consulting group that is threatening to sue GameStop for not paying ‘fees’ or its ‘dues’. Though the consulting group plans to litigate, there is ostensibly high amounts of reputational risk and people are coming out of the woodwork to point at the overpriced and pseudo-non-beneficial existence of Over Priced Consulting groups. In this case, we’ll focus on Boston Consulting Group as the example here.

The point of this whole post is to say that Overpriced Consultation is a scam, and this entire post is just a caricature of one company to even point that other consultation companies are scams. I mean, if you use this company as a template for their mechanics, then you can reasonably reason that other consulting companies probably do the same thing.

Which, Consulting Groups, in it’s best form is sell hopeful wishes and meaningful sounding direction and vision to some schmuck company that spends money out the ass instead of taking their head out of their ass. The Stories of Consulting members is going to be interesting, and it’ll be an inside scoop at these wishful-thinking-salesmen with glorified PowerPoints and reports.

Consulting Groups in their worst form, are overpriced insidious parasites that lead wrong directions and sabotage the overall mission and effectiveness of the group. Their paycheck comes first, results are a tertiary dream that would occur if you had implemented their shit ideas and see their advice through fruition. You know, twenty years later, and then claim any ‘good’ is based on their models and advice, even if you didn’t follow them . . .

Because of this,

Shit post on twitter (of literal metaphorical Cartoon caricature of shit);


Many people have come to draw parallels and talk about the effectiveness of BCG to GameStop’s Bottom Line.

Someone points out the ‘Added Value’ of BCG
BCG has added so much value
By Taking the Net Value to a YoY change of -$708 million

Some people have even come from other Companies to speak out. I am surprised that Executives are actually creating a ‘grass roots movement’. Yea, This is a weird fucking timeline when Executives are considered ‘grass roots’ and rising up against parasites.

-An Executive talking smack about insidious Executives
Which we can only speculate is directed to corrupt execs
-Same exec replying to the Shit Post with personal anecdote
Talking smack about BCG

“I Believe BCG got Pulte Homes employees jobs lost through bloating.”
-The Grand Son of the Founder of Pulte Homes
And also Principal/CEO of Pulte Capital

Global Reach

Also, Who pays these guys so much?

Besides many revolving door users like Michele, uh, Flournoy. There apparently is a lot of BCG in almost everything. They have such a wide spread consulting business, that they even consult many Government officials or departments. With a lot of conflicts of interest, mind you.

I mean, BCG is even a partner of the Globo-oh-no org called the WEF;

So Big,
So Global.
So wow,

Also, they received money from the WHO. In which the WHO wasn’t supposed to give them any money;

Special interest type money

Let me ask you a question, if you ran a consulting business, and you provided consultation to companies that directly compete with eachother. Don’t you think there is a conflict of interest?

The fact that BCG is a global consulting firm and providing consultation to many in private, public, and government sectors, definitely means they have conflicts of interest when providing feasible future-proof plans to their clients.

Like it’s plainly obvious that Consulting companies that are large and bloated like this global one, would obviously give shittier advice. Because why would you accept the competitor’s client and provide the best strategies to both (or multiple) of direct competitors?

It’s plainly obvious.

And, BCG isn’t the only Consulting group to do similar things. Remember, this article is to paint the majority of large Overpriced Consultation groups as a scam;

There are more Consultancy Firms that provide the same ‘quality’ of work, and I’m sure they’re implicit in something in some way shape or form;

Even the Dutch uses BCG,

Yea, BCG is one of three chosen to help lead the Dutch’s version of the SEC in Late 2021, their AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets).

The Same AFM that hired a BCG Strategist in 2018 to be the Executive board member;

It’s Dutch, I mean, I don’t know what you were expecting

You know, the same AFM that dismissed GameStop as a ‘nothingburger’ in early of 2021. Yea, no illegal shit to see here, even though there was direct market manipulation by broker services denying the ability to buy which removed buy-side-demand and ultimately tanked the price of a stock that many Hedge Funds lost millions on. Yup, nothing to see here.

Yea, Ho- kay

I mean, if BCG was consulting for GameStop since 2018, And also had an ex-coworker working in cahoots with AFM since 2018; wouldn’t BCG also produce positive news for GameStop in AFM? You know, the same year that GameStop had it’s rise, the same year that AFM hired BCG to be one of it’s lead consultants. It’s almost like they could’ve done something here.

I know what you’re saying, you’d think that BCG would work to boost GameStop craze and benefit GameStop and also publish positive PR with AFM. Using this exact scenario as a way to generate positive PR to boost GameStop. But that’s not the case, because it’s plainly obvious that BCG is at odds with GameStop.

It’s almost like the conflict of interest was in intending GameStop to do poorly rather than boosting everyone up.

Almost, as if BCG has a vested interest in making one of their clients lose so that the other can win. Almost. . .

Here’s some dirt on BCG’s involvement in Africa;

So BCG, among other Consulting firms, had their hand caught in the Angolan Cookie Jar. They were one of many people revealed during the Luanda Leaks which revealed that BCG had received heavy financial aide from Billionaire Isabel Dos Santos, who took charge of Angolan’s Government Oil money. We’re talking millions in kickbacks to BCG, paid via the People’s money and some other interest groups.


To clarify, these leaks revealed that THREE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST (OVERPRICED) CONSULTING FIRMS, were behind this. Again, the main topic of this article is to use BCG as an example to explain that Overpriced Consultants are a scam.

It’s funny too, because 4 years ago in 2018, this joke was made in a forum about working at BCG;

“They do a lot of work for corrupt African governments too though”

Perhaps in reference to McKinsey, perhaps to BCG, but definitely in reference to an Overpriced Consulting Firm of the Big Three or MBB. Again, Overpriced Consulting firms are the bane to existence.

People joked about the Corrupt Africa thing in 2018, 4 years ago, on an online forum.

So fast forward to 2020;

You can read more about it, this is just fluff to see how Overpriced and corrupt BCG is.

BCG is being blamed for Children’s deaths in Sweden;

Apparently some people are Blaming BCG for literally killing Children

Also BCG implemented a new management model called ‘Value-based care’ which promised to revolutionize the healthcare system.

Where a former BCG executive basically ran the hospital into the ground, resulting in Doctors leaving, and children not being treated, Which can be reasonably concluded as a result in Children dying.

Let me tell you, for a hospital that inadvertently lets people die on a wait list due to mismanagement. That money isn’t going into health care. . . Think about it. Someone is probably pocketing the difference and extra fees.

People online are blaming BCG for literally killing children.

I know it’s a bold statement, and I thought it was unbelievable. But you have to read the actual document. They made a shitty hospital, with a huge wait list, and made it a management nightmare while pocketing a lot of the money themselves.

So if the money doesn’t go into healthcare, and children are dying in the wait lines. Guess who the internet is blaming. . . Yea, I wish I was lying.

Like, I mean, you got to sort of admit. . . BCG definitely did not help with their consulting. . .

Besides the Hospital Design being retarded and Americanized to resemble America’s Sick-Care System, the hospital building ranks on the list of the most expensive buildings in the world. As pricy as 1.7 Burj Khalifa.

Like, don’t tell me “that makes any god damn sense”.

I mean, people are saying this shit is straight Diabolical;

Here’s a random message from random internet strangers to help summarize the global reach of this one consulting group;

Back to the Nittier Details

Away from the Global idea, now we go into the business model and the ‘consulting aspect’.

This is how the speculation goes,

Online users speculate that BCG works hand in hand with Hedge funds, prime brokers, and Market Makers to help take down other companies. It’s a wild conspiracy, yet the evidence seems to be true for at least GameStop, and possibly many more;

I mean, if it’s revealed that the whole GameStop Fiasco was a fight between GameStop and a lot of Giants in the Financial industry, then it’s going to be quite the fallout. The evidence is not hard nor is it conclusive, but it’s also not impossible nor improbable that BCG had a hand. Especially when BCG’s involvement with GameStop has resulted in negative press, and litigation for more money yet providing none or less value.

There are more elaborate steps, but this seems to apply to companies like Blockbuster, Sears, Toys r’ us and many more;

It especially holds true when you compare their Zombie Stock Tethered price action
To various hidden ETF Baskets for shorting. There’s a connection here, that’s a fact.

I mean, this is pretty obvious when you connect the dots of involvement;

Even 4chan is on it

It seems plainly and painfully obvious that to not know is obliviously painful.

Here’s some more unsolicited theories from internet strangers;

What Do they even do?

They (Consultants) aren’t a magic bullet;

Consultants are, well, people who give advice and consultation, sometimes providing visionary directives or measures.

Effectively, Consultants can run reports and show a viable path and be a meaningful tool for Executives and management to implement good ideas.

But Consultation is supposed to be a supplement to the workflow of C-suite, not the replacement.

Hell, here’s a Consultant even explaining his job and the glorified con they basically play. It’s like fortune telling but for (un)savy business people.

“I quickly found out why so little had been invested in developing my Excel-craft. Analytical skills were overrated, for the simple reason that clients usually didn’t know why they had hired us. They sent us vague requests for proposal, we returned vague case proposals, and by the time we were hired, no one was the wiser as to why exactly we were there.

I got the feeling that our clients were simply trying to mimic successful businesses, and that as consultants, our earnings came from having the luck of being included in an elaborate cargo-cult ritual. In any case it fell to us to decide for ourselves what question we had been hired to answer, and as a matter of convenience, we elected to answer questions that we had already answered in the course of previous cases — no sense in doing new work when old work will do. The toolkit I brought with me from MIT was absolute overkill in this environment. Most of my day was spent thinking up and writing PowerPoint slides. Sometimes, I didn’t even need to write them — we had a service in India that could put together pretty good copy if you provided them with a sketch and some instructions.”

-Ex BCG Dubai Consultant

Consultants have proven in this shit-post, that they don’t provide value, they’re just philosophically pestering people in hopes that their mellifluous tongue of shit lands on some nice presentations with pretty colors.

And I know that above statement would burn holes into people working in the MBB world, letme tell ya, if you’re on this website, you are failing spectacularly, or you are breaking free from your enslavement. Whatever the case, enjoy the burning of things that either are not you, or you identify as a part of you.

It could very well be outsourcing C-Suite execs to make Consulting firms the bad guy and run the ship aground.

Possibly Just Shitty Execs being Shitty
At a minimum, everyone seems to agree with this sentiment
-link to the above thread comments

Or it could be that and also a conspiracy to intentionally drive the ship aground. Because their contracts are fucky and something smells like shit;

Like how the fuck are you going to hire consultants that want to get a cut of hypothetical profits?
That is definitively OVERPRICED. We might as well tax unrealized Capital gains. Fuck.

Just an important note. . .

If you outsource your C-suite Executives for a consulting agency to run your C-suite, then you’re fucking retarded and deserve what happens to your company based on blindly following some random outsider advice based on haha-color-PowerPoints.

Like, don’t be retarded. You get paid a fuckton to not run your ship aground. So, you know, don’t rely heavily on consultation. That’s technically your job if you’re a C-Suite.

Save the Children?

And Apparently Fuck Schools?

People are blaming the lack of financial literacy and the disjointed retardation mismanagement of the school system on BCG. I mean, BCG was the group that helped implement the ‘leave no child behind’ which subsequently lowered the standards for education.

I’m just going to link to the three main posts that have connected the dots with BCG and American Education reform, because I’m done writing.

In Closing,

To recap and reiterate as small as possible;

-There are a shit ton of Consulting Agencies providing Global Consultation to many businesses, public, private, and even governments.

-It’s clear that they are often overpriced and provide a range of value from negative to some. They also have contracts that extract value from projected gains. So they’re not even compensated fairly or accurately based on contribution, even if your company goes to shit, they would still cash money out for their made up valuation that you can’t afford.

-It’s clear that there is anecdotal evidence pinning the actual workload of a person in such a consulting group to literally spin bullshit and serve it on a colorful PowerPoint, as evidenced by the Dubai Consultant.

-It’s clear that there is a conflict of interest due to the wide scope of consultation and many businesses and groups being helped. I mean, can you blame a global consulting company for it’s inevitable fuckups for being global and big??? Yes, yes you can. Big global things with corpocratic forms are usually a shit form of governance and are inefficient. There is no catchall one-solution that works for every person, people, culture, or situation. Doing so and being as big as they are, they actively assume the risk of fucking up simply because they are too vertically tall, and not laterally or spatially efficient with governance.

So Big Global Company mess up because they big, then it’s their fault, essentially.

-There’s also clear evidence of corruption in Africa, Government, and revolving doors leading to blatant conflicts of interest.

-Also, overpriced hospitals and children dying was a ‘thing’.

-Also, consultation provided to many school districts actually lead to the closure and bankruptcy of public education, and schools. (That’s if you read the links).

All of the above is evidence that
Consulting Agencies and Firms are
just overpriced scams that offer shit-value
on colorful PowerPoints*

Unless they’re cheating on your behalf, you might as well hire small underpriced consulting agencies that offer a short termed service. That way you’re at least not getting fucked by any of the above reasons, and also not spending a fuckton of money.

Essentially don’t outsource your C-Suite executives. They exist for a reason.

This is all an opinion shitpost that combines the trash ideas of the internet to present an artform of expression for how the world sees things. And I stand by the opinion that Overpriced Consulting firms are glorified scams.

So, yea, Overpriced Consulting firms are glorified scams, Totally not a safe bet.

(Glorified as in they seem big and almighty just because they offer handjobs to everyone in the world.)

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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