BCG rekindles a GME flame

The internet loves many things, a collective society of online degenerates collectively degenerating together.

And of the things that the internet loves, Drama happens to be one of them.

The long Season 2 of the GameStop-GME saga has a new enemy on the horizon that whines like a preppy trustfund baby. That enemy is Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Anyways, BCG decided to Sue GameStop wanting more money even thought GameStop ignored their consultation advice and turned their business around more than quadrupling value from some million market cap to 11.60 billion market cap (as of writing).

So naturally BCG somehow feels entitled to this raise in value. I say naturally because that’s what greedy trust fund babies would do, all to secure their wealth. Anyways, this opened a can of worms in which the internet harshly scrutinized everything about BCG.

And let me tell you, it seems BCG likes to swim with people who don’t wear shorts.

Here are some reference articles of BCG lawsuit

It’s clear that these media companies, at least Financial Times, is insulting the popular GME,

In Business speak, this is an insult, so when Financial Times calls it a ‘meme stock’ they make fun and deride the company.

When retard autists like myself call GameStop a Meme Stonk, we say it unironically and enthusiastically, riding the meme waves of momentum and chaos in archetypical fashion. Something that is beyond the unartistic counter-intuitive approach of the Business types. And counter intuitive is an insult in this case.


Some statements by BCG,


So BCG makes recommendations to GameStop for a turnaround plan,

Which GameStop ignores,

And now BCG wants to lodge a complaint to get paid for the advice that GameStop didn’t take. . .

Because GameStop successfully turned around and is now worth a Billion Dollars in Net Worth. . .

I wish I was making that up.

Some retarded analyst says that GameStop should measly pay the ‘Easily afford’-able $30mn consulting fee. That unnamed Analyst is retarded;

Apparently this analyst doesn’t understand what liquid cash means, nor do they understand what the fuck they’re saying. I want you to know that the business world is full of incompetent people and retards with shit opinions. That is all. lmao.

Here are quotes of GameStop’s Response

-Dallas Morning News
-Dallas Morning News

Here is GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen’s response;

Chairmen of GameStop (NOT CEO), Ryan Cohen, has some interesting tweets;

And here are comments and memes from the internet;

-Connecting the poo dots, or should I say stains?
Put some mayoman in between two pieces of shit,
and you got yourself a fine shit sandwich

Here is the internet digging up some dirt;

Jokes aside,

Apparently, BCG has a connection with a lot of the market makers and Hedgefunds.

Often times do you see BCG employees taking on a larger position at a Market Maker or Hedgefund, and it just so happens that they commonly connect and work with Citadel.

It is important that I mention the connection with Citadel, because one of the large ‘enemies’ attempting to take down GameStop is alleged to be Citadel and Citadel Securities who rescued short sellers like Melvin Capital. The Same Melvin Capital that lost billions betting against GameStop.

As one person points out;


I mean, the list is pretty long,

So there is a big connection with Citadel and BCG, so what? Well, there’s this theory you see,

A broader theory;

It’s been hypothesized that Amazon and Co. are conspiring with Market Makers and Hedge Funds to attack the Public Stock of other companies as Amazon enters these emerging markets. In the beginning Amazon was just a Book store, which happened to have connections with hedge fund like D.E.Shaw and such.

So people believe that as Amazon emerges into a new market like home goods, toys, or even video games, that there is a public attack to dominate the market by delisting competitors through a tactic known as cellar boxing. Theories aside, cellar boxing is very very real.

Anyways, the theory theorizes that this tactic was used against Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even Toys ‘r Us. (Some speculate BlockBuster as well, yet the evidence is not as solid.)

And BCG happens to oddly fit all of these companies. Perhaps BCG is that popular that they just provide consulting for so many companies. Yet isn’t it odd that BCG also happens to give advice to these failing companies?

If all of this theory is true, than BCG is the poisoned apple and snake that infiltrates and destroys reputable companies from the inside.

Which means, a lot of shitty business decisions may have been made due to conflicts of interests.

Some people are catching on to this shenanigans,

Some people take the theory as fact, and it’s been a long time coming with all the DD that’s been put out. A lot points towards collusion at the minimum, and a global financial tyrant in the worst case.

Which there is evidence,

Or at least evidence pointing to official accusations that BCG is committing Corporate Sabotage.

Here is a legal filing from a company called NCR (courtesy of a redditor);

But why would someone sue their consultation?

Think about it,

You’d have to have pretty solid evidence or suspicion to warrant a lawsuit, and on top of that, you’d have to have suffered measurable damages of some sort.

Why would companies sue a third party consultation firm?

Unless that consultation firm sold them bad pussy?

So NCR hired a new COO and that COO decided to do backroom deals with BCG to sell NCR and gut NCR. BCG pushed for the COO to become the CEO, and this would ultimately push executive power in the hands of BCG through the new COO-CEO as proxy. NCR Board would be fucked, and they saw this shit coming, so they fought. The COO made an ultimatum to be CEO or he would leave, and turns out, they didn’t make him CEO.

This is literally just Corporate Drama, it’s like desperate house-wives but with Executives, so Desperate-Executives type drama. I know I jokingly say it’s ‘just’ corporate drama, but drama is actually pretty important, especially when it influences jobs, lives, and millions of dollars. Turns out, drama in a larger sense is called ‘politics’, anyways.

So NCR hires new C-suite of CEO, CFO, and COO. These new guys butt heads with BCG over math and all sorts of shit. Turns out, these new guys are not invested or in the pockets of BCG. BCG got upsetti and then asserted that NCR failed to pay millions of dollars in fees. Which, holy fuck, that’s a lot of money for ‘advice’.

And fast forward and accusation and lawsuits aimed at BCG. Interesting, huh?

Here’s a rundown of the court case by someone else confirming what I’ve read through my cursory inspection of the court documents,

People do piece the puzzle together,

Like the thought-leap connecting Toys R’ Us,

Some connect to BBBY, Bed Bath and Beyond;

There’s even mention of BCG in Sears,

Apparently Sears instituted James P. Andrews as Chief Admin officer in 2016, who had 25 years with BCG,

And then two years later, Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018. . . Weird, huh. I guess 25 years of experience for a company to die in two years. . . Either it’s a sinking ship that 25 years of experience couldn’t save, or it was malicious. . .

As mentioned before, business like Toys r’ us and Sears and allegedly BlockBuster, result in failure due to bad business decisions. Yet the question is;

What was the cause for bad business decisions if not possibly an internal corporate sabotage?

There’s a big picture theory here, and BCG is just one of the many hands moving the levers and switches of this financial world.

Here’s a more grander post detailing more of the above relation of BCG and other things. As of course, this is quite the speculatory piece;

Again, Cellar boxing is real, naked shorting is real, and phantom shares aren’t real but are real. They’re phantoms, get it? lmao.

A lot of the market mechanics was labeled pseudo and conspiracy, yet they have turned out to be true.

I want you to know, that there is big money to be had in keeping people dumb. It’s called “Dumb money” for a reason, because the “smart money” is rigging the game and swindling.


How big is BCG?

Well, apparently the SEC even hires BCG.

BCG is self proclaimed, a global consulting group, and they provide consultation for even governments,

Here’s a random quote from a redditor;

So, you can bet your sweet business decisions that BCG happens to provide consultation for a wide array of people and nations. Sounds awful like a strong private arm of a world pseudo-government organization if you know what I mean. . .


Global theories aside,

BCG isn’t the only actor,

Corporate takeovers have been happening for a long time,

It’s the greed of these parasites that facilitate corporate takeovers that result in bad business decisions running the ship/corporation aground.

(To Clarify, I am not calling BCG a parasite, I am calling the greed of corporate takeovers done in a malicious manner as being that of a parasite. Thus, if one were to be offended and conflate BCG with parasites, those are not my words, yet that is indeed telling if one were to draw that conclusion.)

These business decisions result in layoffs of hard working Americans and people world wide.

Resulting in pay cuts.

long hours.

A shitty working environment.

Etc, etc.

Overall just tanking the business in an ethos that would mock the founding fathers of the business. What I mean to say is, the original Founders of a business are being made fun of and mocked by having these parasites run the ship aground, all for profits.

You could arguably blame the majority of work culture on these parasites, so the reason you can’t have chairs in a retail environment, is probably because of these clowns. Probably.

Wage Slave life essentially.

It’s a big club, and it’s been made fun of before in pop culture references. Because jokes have a hint of truth in them that make them funny, there’s truth in the nastiness of the greed inside this business practice.

They don’t call it a “Conquest” or “Hostile takeover” anymore, it’s called “Mergers and Acquisitions” in the business world.

Now you know.

In Closing,

So BCG riled up some apes causing drama inviting the larger crowds of the Internet, and now GME round 2 seems to be happening again. All of this blowing up by the collective works of the internet scouring through all the public files online in the span. of. minutes.

And think, there are many many
discords, twitter, facebook groups,
4chan pages, posts, and all sorts of microcosms
The internet is a meta-neural cerebral hivemind of people
each node is a web domain
and each shit post is a neural handshake

Yea, BCG and the global financial cronies of the Old Guard Goliath are being threatened by a bunch of self-proclaimed David’s and retards on the internet.


Besides the fact that we have a populus billionaire talk shit to a Wallstreet ‘global’ consulting finance and management group being cheered on by arguably the world, this might be one of the best moments in recent human history.

What a time to be alive,

Currently, GME stock closed on Friday at $151.95

It’s not a worthless stock, and it looks like it’s not going to zero after more than a year of trading on average $180.

So, uh, shit’s about to be interesting, (I mean, it’s been interesting for the last year).

Some words from someone smart before we go;

“The only ones more useless than overpriced consultants are those who hire them.”

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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