Credit Repair Agencies are a scam

Yes, Credit Scores are a scam, but we sort of play the game of having a good credit score because we sort of have to in order to apply for lines of credits or loans or other shit in ‘the system’. Well, on top of Credit Scores being a scam, Credit Repair Agencies, services, clinics, or similar sounding shit, is also a scam.

Anything that also monitors or checks or tracks your credit is also superfluous, because anyone that does a credit check on you is required by regulations to give you a copy of that report.

They want you to pay for them to help fix your credit score.

I get it, I get it, you might have some debt collector calling to report damaging shit about your credit. Well, depending on the threats they make, those threats might be illegal under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

You know, the thing that makes Loan Sharks less Sharky and keeps your kneecaps in tact.

in-tact -tical range of a baseball bat

How to Do it yourself,

And you know, fix your own credit score.

Get a credit report from one of those agencies.

Mark the bullshit that they marked you for. Get em’ back with your own markings, and draft up a letter complaining or explainin’ all that jazz. Then submit that letter explaining all the bullshit.

Something like;

“Hey, This line report here and here is because of so and so and should not be reflected on my credit because it has nothing to do with me or something.”

Turns out, a lot of these systematized systems may confuse you with someone else or blame you for someone else’s doing. Just a clear letter to clear things up, is all you need.

You just basically explain your (Credit) Damaging Items on the history/report.

Credit Bureaus are legally required to accept these letters. Whether or not they change anything, well, that’s up to them.

You can also explain to whomever is looking at your credit score the reasons for why things are a certain way or whatnot. If you give a good reason, they typically will make sense and update your information.

The goal of cleaning your credit score or clearing your name is to remove negative or damaging items, or at least include a good note on why it’s there. That way when someone asks for a hard report, they at least gets some answers for anything that could flag you down or be alarming.

Here are some links to the big three;

That way you can dispute via their channels, They actually tell you more in detail how to dispute on their website. So you should really listen and jump through ‘their hoops’ and ‘not mine’. Because let’s face it, I didn’t really have a guide, I’m just glorifyingly pointing you in the semi-right direction.

These are six separate links to make you smarter than you were before you found this shit-post;

Transunion and their Guide

Experian and their Guide

Equifax and their Guide

Remember, these Credit Agencies are required by law to accept your Excuse or whatever pussy you’re trying to sling at them. Just, uh, don’t make your situation worse?

There are even supplementary websites like NerdWallet that talks about similar stuff. Anyways, the point is, put on your big boy/girl pantsu and do-it-tsu your self uwuw. Yes, Cwinge harder.

If none of the above helps, or if the above helps, then here is some other people you can bug to make your life better or something. The FTC and CFPB. You can submit complaints to CFPB and they might do a thing or something.

You can always complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complaint if you think anyone is giving you a run for your money or a run around on your credit score. Hell, I send about five of them letters every month to remind them that I exist. You know, Like an asshole.

Just check out their websites and they might have something to help in correcting your credit scores, hell, everyone has an email and there exists google, so go searching for it. It’s your credit score, might as well treat it like a fixer upper.

In Closing,

While you’re at it, you should know what Regulation Z of lending is all about. It’s about not getting fucked by some loan sharkie shark or a bankie bank. Here’s a link for more info.

Make sure you keep your Kneecaps;

-Here’s a song Unrelated to any of the above information

I know I’m not actually supposed to provide real advice or anything,

That’s why I opt out and plead the Fifth of five

Yes, the Fifth of Five,

I just made that up, so you know for a fact that this is all indeed;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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