The American Social Credit System

No, I’m not talking about Credit Scores. Those are obviously scams. I’m talking about Techno Oligarchs using social tech and fintech to destabilize people and movements that run counter to the world views of said Techno Oligarchs.

So let’s segue into a real conspiracy,

Tim Dillon, the Comedian, had a few episodes where he talked about his experience on ‘Club House’ a social media chat room app.

And he had specific run ins where he did jokes like a jester to a group of highly affluential Tech-Oligarchs. So not much different from a court jester. By Tech-Oligarchs, I mean, you know, the type of people that have a lot of power and sway inside the Tech world. From many platforms and organizations.

So it’s a fact, that the Tech Oligarchs do conspire, in the sense that they meet in chatrooms and talk about things or in general talk about things. They also have their own world views, and they want to impose onto the world on how they can make things a better place. All of course through their very narrow-yet broad feeling ivory tower view.

In fact, every quarter a business has board room meeting in which people draft up a plan (or conspire) to take over more market share.

Conspiracies are real things, and any good business has a lot of conspiracies.

But all talk and planning with no action doesn’t lead to much fruit or fruition. Now, does it?

Now, on to the main sacrifice,

Idk if you pay attention to what’s popular nowadays, I don’t think most people do.

But there’s this Guy named Andrew Tate and he got really popular spreading all sorts of messages on the internet and tiktok and social media.

When Big Tech decided to cut him off,

They gave him a Youtube suspension for 24 hours,

Then he prepared a speech to address it,

Then the Fake News media started peddling lies and slander about his character, while he was unable to defend himself due to not having a platform to rebute the claims.

And Before his suspension on Youtube expired, they Banned him off of Youtube.

Then Banned his Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, Linkedin, all socials, Uber, Stripe, Paypal, and Banking apps. They even canceled some credit cards.

I mean, as a Financially Enlightened guy, I have to say that there is a lot of unethicality in a Bank Freeze and I even wrote more about it here. Point is,

Financial Freedom is tied to personal freedom.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. And the bad part is that this affects a person’s finances. If they don’t have alternative stores of money or banks, then they might be completely cut off, resulting in them being unable to acquire food or defend themselves in court or any setting. That means both Death and dishonor in case you didn’t connect the dots.

It happened to Alex Jones and a bunch of other people.

Too many Canaries in this coal mine of a dark soot internet, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of Canaries;

Another instance in which Kanye West said some crazy batshit shit,

He said something to the affect of:

Black people are being silenced and oppressed by a specific group(s) of people

To which, many publications called his remarks anti-semitic.

And then subsequently silenced and oppressed him.

Yea, is that proof?

So Mr. Ye, suddenly he got banned on many social media sites, and had business severed with him.

No business means less money means less net worth means less leverage.

And the important bit, he even had his bank accounts frozen.

This target of financial access is akin to an infringement on free speech through the threat of financial destruction and financial damages.

If you had to watch your mouth or lose access to your money, would you feel like you have the ability to speak? Sounds mighty oppressive if you ask me.

The message the Big Tech Social Credit system is putting out, is that you have to watch what you say and you can’t talk about certain things or people. And that’s real oppression.

Which ironically results in proving that the oppression is real, and so the disparaging remarks towards specific groups or topics results in people questioning the reality of the facts and situation.

Essentially people aren’t that stupid, and they’re not accepting the threat of Big Tech over the right to criticize Big Tech and spew out riveting conspiracies.

The Big Point is,

Big Tech pushes a large Far Left agenda, and bans controversial Right or Far Right thinkers. Moving the Overton window (in their hopes to the left) to the right. I say this as a person who doesn’t give a fuck about politics because I transcended duality of ‘right and left’ notional ideas. Like, Right and Left of what? The center? These terms are retarded.

I am saying this as a warning to both readers and all parties mentioned, that this future is not a future you want nor is it aligned with your interests in mind. This is the future desired by people who seek a battle of ideas and want to impose their world views on you without your explicit consent or acknowledgement.

Another thing with Big Tech is that they also encroach on rebellions, revolutions, and provide union busting services. For instance, any sort of big movement that could upset the status quo like that recent Detroit March, the various facebook groups sharing their personal stories of surviving the Clown virus, or the truth about GME stock and blatant market manipulation, then you’ll come to find that the powers that be suppress certain narratives.

All for money and for power and potatoes and pohtahtoes.

There is a lot of social movement and shadow banning occurring.

Shadow banning is real.

Ask any serious social media manager or marketer. This is a real thing that they have to navigate around.

shadow banning is real, no arguments.

Also, you can have your IP address banned by social media sites like facebook. so, yea, that’s happening to people right meow.

We live in a world where we don’t have to wait for the news to be published and be delivered to us by boat and horse weeks after the news is written. We live in the information age where we can get instant access to information as it happens. As if we’re somehow several feet away from the issue when in reality we’re miles and miles apart.

We also have high literacy rates comparative to recent centuries, yet that doesn’t mean we necessarily ‘read’.

So of course governments and private organizations with agendas create artificial blocks and chokepoints to throttle the speed of information. it’s common sense if you’re a despot or despot-adjacent. A No-Brainer, duh. You have to throttle information and control it, in order to play a bout of psychological manipulation and subversion, whether that’s for world domination or to sell more shitty targeted ads for global market domination.

Turns out, a lot of the corporations out there are literally trying to dominate the world. They transcend borders, and most laws. They influence world governments, and all of this is done for money which is the carrot and the stick for central banking authorities, so it’s only natural that a corporation will go into banking and influence even the banks.

All ending up being puppets on a string for a larger puppeted puppeteer.

I mean, why did financial freedoms from private banking institutions get stripped from several people for content created on Youtube, a social platform? The powers that be are saying someone ranting and raving on youtube, garnering attention, should have their livelihood stripped. It’s akin to a financial death sentence.

Either the Banks control social media, social media controls the banks, or there’s some sort of tandem relationship and we’re in an interconnected version of favor-for-a-favor power fuck between many organizations. Atleast one of these three is true.

Ironically Chinese affiliated Tiktok is more free-er than facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media (for Americans specifically). One tech hack that is (as of writing) effective is to search things on TikTok instead of Google. Because Google’s Search Engines are compromised, (and so is Duck Duck Go, they too are compromised). There’s plenty of evidence out there, until they decide to erase it, lmao. (For instance, Google hides and bans certain results, as well as duplicate results beyond a certain page. So that 1 million search result findings is actually like 50 or something.)

You actually get better promulgation of news through dank memes and TikToks. I wish I was kidding, but that is really the best main stream form of media. The news on Iran, Detroit, Ukraine, etc. Can be found from real people that are in real areas. Once you wade through some disinformation and such, you can see real people, everyday people, talking about shit that’s going on.

Well, until we get our deep fake AI fake people faces going to generate more psyop and fabricated falsehoods.

Just keep in mind that the social media giants and big tech curate content and memes. All to have disinformation and their tailored propaganda to be brainwashing you. So you’ll probably not wade through ‘all’ disinformation. Just take some good with the bad, it’s better than just shoveling bought interests to tell you how to think.

I mean, if you were to search for literally anything on youtube, you’d be easily pressed to find five or six news stations as the top search results above all others. This happens because the news media is engrained in Youtube, the news hated Youtube during the bygone era of Joe Rogan Podcast on Youtube, and then the Media bought out Youtube. So Youtube is now a puppet upselling American Propoganda from the Media.

I feel bad for all the people shilling money to get advertisements and engagements, only to be met by bots and fake spiders. Ontop of them not actually getting real engagement. You know, essentially keeping people in the dark thinking that they are getting fair representation.

It’s like someone has the ability to stifle and silence one class or political party, including the poor poor libertarians. Lmao.

The big tech control elections and unions and all sorts of movements. From political rally’s to coverage of actual important shit happening in your own state.

Which, for those who find it okay, are retarded.

Let me explain why;

If we had an Alt Right movement in charge of Big Tech, well we’re super fucked. Like Uber(mensch) fucked.

The thing is, you go far enough left, you’ll become a fascist authoritarian.

They are already silencing people and ‘burning books’ via the destruction of chronological content and videography. The Fact that Isis has a twitter account while peaceful non-extremist groups or people from America don’t have the freedom of Speech protected from an American Corporation. I get the feeling that Twitter isn’t so “pro American Traditional Values” if you know what I mean.

And we’re very close to that Far Left Neo-Fascism today. lmao. It’s called an Authoritarian Fascist Technocracy.

If companies are throttling information and controlling speech, that’s fucked. It’s bad when governments do it, and now private people are doing it to masses in large? Yea, bro, most people don’t want that.

These same private people are also influencing politics and the government, so arguably you could say that the government is throttling information and controlling speech. So we get the best shit of both worlds, lmao.

These large social media giants aren’t impartial, and they are definitely not fair, and they work in conjunction with the media, which is Undoubtably fake and agenda driven.

It’s a Social Credit system,

China or the CCP has the same system that we mock for their lack of individuality and freedom.

Yet the American Tech Companies do the exact same thing. Not just Tech, also the Banking sector.

For instance, here is a quote from an article on Zerohedge;

“MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex controls almost all consumer spending in the United States, and they will frequently stop payments to specific websites, companies, and individuals with intention of destroying them financially for political purposes.” –ZeroHedge article

The internet, among other things, is also under the purview or domain-of-control by these Tech Oligarchs. So, enjoy surfing the web or sifting through these shit posts for while it lasts. There really is no safe bet.

You’re not free, the grass isn’t greener, it’s just a different shade of grey. Everyone is a slave to taxes and entropy, and we’ll all die eventually. (yea, I’m real fun at parties).

And thusly,

The Matrix is real,

The Matrix, the Man, the System, the American Social Credit System. This thing goes by many names.

This false purported and perverted version of ‘reality’ through the eyes of brainwashing televised Programming through some broad Casting or black magic mirrors shoveling shit through your social media ‘applications’. A bunch of esoteric ways to convince people of reality.

All to Broadly Cast a spell of confusion and put you asleep in a dream-like state or an emotionally controlled state to be a good little helper bot that helps to uphold and fight to defend the system.

If you spend your entire life reading books, you are disconnected from other realities, such as the reality of the actual lived experience. If all you do is read books, you are living in the world of books and not real life. If all you do is play video games and simulations about life, that’s not life. It’s a narrow view of an aspect of life.

(to be fair, no one person is going to be able to reasonably experience all things and all sides without ascending to Godhood. So you’re wrong if you only experience second hand reality, and you’re also wrong if you only experience first hand reality because you’re rejecting second hand experiences.)

So, you know, get the fuck off of this website. Stop reading shit posts. Do you like staring at the used toilet bowl? Do you confirm other people’s kills or just your own when you flush the shitter?

Go enjoy some shit or reality. Or better yet, both. Go enjoy a Shit-reality. You don’t want to just lap up my narratives spun to program you into thinking I have something fruitful to say. Nay! Go spend time with your loved ones or some shit.


Hey, this you?

In Closing,

Yea, this shit is real.

I also understand why they’re doing it.

I don’t fault any side in particular.

I just want the current World Order to chill the fuck out. I’ve been wanting that since Rome 1.0 but alas, we just really dumb.

Because their dying cure for ‘maintaining power’ is unnatural and will lead to more bullshit and bloodshed if they try to go kicking and screaming.

But they’re also doing a pretty great job at fucking things up, so there’s that. It’s quite entertaining.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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