Cyber Punk’s Dystopian future is near you

This is just a small rant about Corps and the idea and structures of governing ‘incorporated’ pieces of power that exist within the ‘capitalism’ enterprise. Because long before there were corporations, there were merchant guilds and Houses, which bred houses of nobility leading to Royalty- and that’s a different discussion altogether.

Instead, here is a cool look at how Dystopian our modern world is, when compared to that of the Neon Dystopia of Cyber Punk.

You can’t have a Dystopia without first talking about some abstract concept like Health insurance. Try explaining that to a cave man, that’ll go as well as explaining ‘taxes’. And I bet you (Not Safely of course), that some cunt bought a fuck-ton of a real ‘Preem’ Insurance Policy.

Anyways, story goes, you get into some accident and you get hurt in a mass casualty resulting in various other people being injured as well. Think, a seven car pile up on the highway, a typical American Certified school shooting, Hurricanes and Earth quaker-oats or some other event that results in multiple people being hurt. You know, serious-bodily-harm type stuff. The EMS and Wambulance is skrrrting their way to you, except there’s one service that’s faster (and more reliable) than everyone else. It’s a private services so you can thank ‘Capitalism’ for that.

Queue in the ‘Trauma team’, is a Private corporation (Trauma Team International) that deals with insuring that Policy Holders don’t get to use their life insurance policy by making sure their beloved-valued Policy Holders don’t die. Great.

Oh yea, did I mention also, that they’re armed? Turns out, their insurance policy holders might pay for some extra upgrade packages to include an armed security detail. Well, when you’re rich in a dystopia, you’re big enough of a fish to target, might as well have your saviors pack some lead just-in-case.

These Speedy cunts check your data and find out that you aren’t the Tech Chipped Life Support Monitored Policy holder, and also you didn’t sign up as an organ donor, so they move on to look for their Cash Bag. Their Policy holder, to you know, keep them alive. And always, fuck you.

Think about it, they’re doing it for the greater good. For the Company.

So they go to find their policy holder, and leave you in the pain of suffering. Because you don’t have insurance you criminal scum. Not having insurance is not a crime, but if you die because your life wasn’t valued by a policy, it’s good as saying “your only crime is being poor, so you get the Capital Punishment”. That’s why it’s called ‘Capitalism’, right? lmao, I got jokes.

I mean, I’m not wrong, ain’t I?

Yea, so the Trauma team leaves you to the regular City Social services of ‘meat wagons’ or slow vehicles like the good old Wambulance. If they’re called a meat wagon, it’s probably because plenty of people are dead before they can be resuscitated or stabilized.




-get to the hospital, you’ll have to pay for stupid packages of ‘healthcare’.

You know, like ‘visitation rights’ where if you don’t pay to visit your loved one, you’ll just have to never see them until they get the fuck out -discharged.

Should’ve paid for some visitation ‘rights’

And if you think that’s bad or ‘unrealistic’, then (you-cunt) I’ll have you know this;
We already charge Parents a fee to hold onto their new born baby. Yea, this world is all kinds of fucked. We’re charging for tactile sensation of our clients, why not visual sensation too?

This is literally happening in our beloved ‘First World’

It’s real as fuck, be sad, this is the real dystopia.

Speaking of which,

We have to give some limelight to some Pharma Corps.

With Advertisements shoveled down your throat to upsell you on used condoms disguised as pills.

There are a bunch of Corps that exist, big Pharma, big tech, big porn, big dicks, you know, the works. I mean, how else are they gonna upsell you on some ‘Male enhancement’ if they didn’t poison your food with Xenoestrogens and sell you toxic public water to upsell you on water filtration systems?

Sell the disease, Sell the cure, Always profit.

Most medical corps are selling some magic pills that were using people as guinea pigs to see the ‘clinical effects’ of it. You know, them ‘trials or whatever’,

All of these corps have all sorts of dark secrets and skeletons in their closets. This happens in the Cyber Punk world, but it also parallels our world;

And of course, behind those secret access codes, that are classified, lies the answers and determinations,

And if you haven’t heard about anything bad that any large Pharmaceutical company did, then you lived under a rock better than I. Because even I know about the Opioid crisis.

Point is, this society thing is pretty fucked -and The Corpos and Corps of the world are not much different from a fictional Dystopia to the realistic Dystopia that you and I are living in.

In Closing,

If you haven’t seen the show Cyberpunk Edge runners, I suggest it. It’s pretty good. It’s on that French Chomo streaming service, I’m talking about Netflix, but I’m sure if you’re into not supporting Chomo’s and are also a Choom that knows a thing about Hacking, you’ll probably pirate it all the same. You do you.

There is a Dawid Podsiadło music video with a complementary side story on youtube produced by STUDIO MASSKET with art by Ilya Kushinov. So you can watch that, and then if you like the vibe of a Neon dystopia then you should enjoy Edge Runners.

Just for the record, the so called ‘developed nations’ and the ‘first world countries’ are looked down upon by a good chunk of outsiders. Like we have suicide statistics, and even trying to explain ‘suicide’ to someone living the village life wouldn’t comprehend the idea of killing yourself. In ‘Developed nations’, the idea or act of “Survival” is just a game to us, like a game show, no really, we literally have game shows.

So the ubuntu-like cultures of the world look at places like America or anyplace with real metal ‘suicide nets’ as fucking insane unrealistic and incomprehensible concepts.

Well, one man’s dystopia is another man’s utopia. Trash and treasure, type thing.

It’s as if the city really is a meat grinder, and it feeds on a pound of flesh and the suffering of soulless husks who’ve had their hopes and dreams crushed. Nice.

Until then, just party and dance in our Kaleidoscopic scintillating Neon Dystopian City nearest you;

As always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


If you like American Comics, check out Trauma Team,

There’s like four of them and you can get a cheap digital copy to fuel the Cyber Punk Dystopia that we’re already in. A few woolongs will get you the whole series. Check out their other comics and shit, you know, for the story.

-go to DarkHorse or whatever

If you don’t do it for me, then do it for the client. If not the client, then at least do it for the company.

Lmao, “The Customer is always right” is the kind of Propaganda fed to you by this Matrixed monster.

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