It’s June again

Disclaimer, I’m anti-political, so anything sounding remotely political is a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously.

Remember, Corporations are you friends, and they are most definitely not trying to socially justice signal their way into having you focus about gender or racial or other inequities besides that of the class inequity and power structure of the financial oligarchy. Nope, Occupy wallstreet no longer exists. Now we’re saving lives by fighting for awareness in one of the seven deadly sin. It’s cool, totally kosher.

Yea, it’s that time;

Totally not just corporations pandering to some sort of pseudo-eclectic personality. Yea, because sexuality can totally mask the absence of personality. So instead of enjoying things and life and stuff, you can just focus on what to stick your dick in and people will celebrate that pridefully.

Well, atleast people outside of the Middle East

Haha, I mean, nothing is more prideful than a US Marine putting Painted Rounds through the skull of some rando fuck chillin in the middle of -his country- or some shit;

Just make sure you raise that flag high or else people will think you obviously don’t support ideologies or their existence or something.


I guess we’re really out here ‘discovering ourselves’

Now, with the threat of a NPC plague of mindless hiveminded people, you gotta do stuff and things.

But, uh, what about the last few things people cared about?

You mean like the embezzlement and global money laundering of a non-NATO ally for NATO reasons even though NATO was made to combat the USSR that dissolved in the 90s but we still have NATO and we still fund both NATO and Post-USSR Countries????

Uh, yea.


hmm – Awkward.

Now people are trying to find ways to be inclusive. To include gender politics and identity with that of Global politics and whatever-the-fuck is going on with our ‘Fellow White Europeans’, because those guys are real refugees. Yea, don’t think the world has double standards with the whole Syrian and literally all of Middle-Eastern Conflicts.

Totally. We. Are. So. Inclusive.

Including an entire country now meshed with other ideologies. I don’t even know if Ukraine is going to accept that. I mean, hear me out. Ukraine and Russians and Eastern Bloc Euro, probably don’t care too much about being homosexual. They probably don’t want it (my guess). So when Dublin and the rest of NATO decide to paint the Ukraine Flag with Pride Flags, It’s somewhat of an abomination. Diplomatically, you’re kind of saying ‘Ukraine is Gay’. I bet it reminds the older Ukraine Generations about losing when they were with the USSR.

Which, I mean, I get it, putting rainbows on two colors that are already represented in the rainbow, that’s a good thing -in your eyes- or something. If you’re at all peeved by this article, I’m just assuming you’re gay. But -uh- not everyone is on board. Again, I can’t speak for an entire country, but I imagine the Homophobes or Homo-haters in Ukraine are fuming mad. LMAO. Maybe Ukraine is regretting not taking the L, I don’t know if they’ll survive another June. We’ll find out in 2023 or whenever we decide to forget about Ukraine like we did with -every other thing we forgot in the past ten years-.

I don’t think anyone even knows what they’re doing anymore;

People are being so inclusive, inventing new shits and shit. Idk man, this is the future.

The ‘ULTRA’ pride flag is a joke on ‘ULTRA’ MAGA for the record;

If you didn’t notice, there was the Pedo MAPs flag buried under the LOTR elvish shit ass in the ULTRA pride flag. You know, this flag;

This flag,
I mean, if they’re going to be all inclusive,
Then that opens a new can of worms
Just saying

There’s a lot of prideful sexual ‘exploration’ or ‘deviancy’ going around. I mean, who draws the line between Furry and Beastiality, and which one is or isn’t acceptable? I mean, with all this ‘Step Sis’ porn going around, you might even say it’s borderline incest.

Historically speaking, Regaltry would often have to fuck their first cousins because ‘pure bloodlines’ or something. Yea, Idk, shit’s weird. Humans are fucking weird.

Before you know it, some of these pretentious Graphic Marketing agents will accidentally invent a non-Euclidian horror composed of a fractal machine-elvish structure that becomes self sentient and destroys the world. I mean, it’s only a matter of time.

Look at this precursory forerunner;

People’s Satire
Becomes Tomorrow’s Today

The most inclusive thing would of course- forced cybernetic assimilation. You know, the things Colonizers did with white washing, but now with Machines, Artificial intelligence, and Anal Beads.

Emphasis on the ASSimilated, I mean, look at those ribbed bodies. It’s definitely for your assimilated pleasures. And I know that you might think it’s a joke or that “thats not happening”, well, some people desperately want to put rainbows on everything, even if it means ideological subversion;

Not everyone thinks this, yet some do. I mean, ‘Groom’ and ‘Grooming’ are terms that people use to raise lesser creatures to do their bidding. You know, I’m talking about Drag Queen Story time shit ass for elementary kids. Because talking about sexual education and exploring sexuality is definitely something you want kids to be doing, because they’re kids. . . . . If you don’t find qualms with that, I guess we just have differences in beliefs.

Just to be clear, Drag is associated with gay men, gay women, gay culture, and the Gays. There’s nothing wrong with Drag, that’s like a personal thing that people do. There is, however, issues with ‘grooming’ children. Which is, like, not okay.

Drag and grooming are not one in the same. It’s more correlated than causation, so it’s still kind of weird and linked but -yikes-.

Let’s throw some anecdotal evidence to conflate the two for yellow journalistic conserv-tards;

Definitely a good idea
To have someone dress in drag
to groom children

And it wasn’t just one Convicted Sex Offender, it was (atleast) two;

Allbeit, one of them was convicted for prostitution. So that’s kind of like -not really- a sex offense. It’s as much of an offense as making an OnlyFans account. You can bet your bottom dollar that there are some hot Teachers on OnlyFans. So, like, is that really wrong? Probably not.

To be fair, the Drag Kings and Queens were just doing their own shit at a public library. Parents attended bringing their little Troglodytes. No one gave a fuck until some conserva-fucks cared and protested peacefully. It was only after unpeaceful litigation that they found some fuck-heads doing things they’re not supposed to. Statistically speaking, For the ratio of the given participants; there are more child sex offenders in public schools than there are in Drag Queen Story Time, it’s a numbers game. But we’re not necessarily banning public education, are we? — That statistic was also made up, and All of this is Devil’s Advocate, or a counterargument to say no one cares.

Well, even a Judge in Wisconsin was in on it. The Headlines make the news, so this sounds more ‘obvious’ than just rando pedo judge. The judge has to be connected to ‘Drag queens’ to make it sell like hot cakes. Point is, There are connections between the dots.

Here’s a totally unrelated meme from the internet and you don’t have to think about it too much because I definitely won’t think too much about Pride of whatever;

I mean, this comedy writes itself

It’s okay to be you, just -you know- stop forcing it on others. It’d be rape in a hetero-normative sense. Well, with this type of ‘grooming’ it’s definitely statutory.

And hetero sexuals aren’t any better being super straight, but let’s not glue dildos on our heads and have a fucking parade about it just yet. Like, sheesh.

Most people don’t give a shit, and they just want to get by and survive while crushed betwixt inflation and low wages. No one has the energy to give a shit about shit. Fuck.

I don’t even know what the rambling is about anymore. I think people just stop caring and stop giving a fuck.

All of this is in due course with moral and all sorts of degeneracy. So in a way, I’m sort of onboard. Fuck it, Decadence and degeneracy are allowing us to experiment with our beings, maybe we’ll come out of society better than we were before (being trapped in a closet). Or maybe we all die in a ball of social retardation due to our infatuation with our tools and devices leading us to be evermore disconnected from communal support and real feelings while masquerading a charade of who can out-do who in some self-flagellating contest of shooting rainbows out (or in) their asses. Either way, I wouldn’t place a bet on either outcome. Sounds, not safe.

At the end of the day, Death is the great Equalizer.

Catch you on the other side. Maybe? (I wouldn’t bet on it).

In Closing,

I Write these shit posts as an ode to a reminder that the corporate powers that be, don’t give a shit about your life. And that there is cultural subversion and degeneracy that pushes society further into the brink of destruction resulting in the inability to muster resources and give-a-fuck to combat said corporate powers.

I’m just spittin’ fax, if you paid attention since 2008, you’d know this is real as fuck.

But also, I’m shit posting so you shouldn’t care at all what anything written here means or anything at all. Fuck.

I apologize if anything came off political, Moral degeneracy and the like are a bit touchy ‘nowadays’. I don’t give a shit if you’re a rainbow warrior or if you are SUPER STRAIGHT. I don’t care. What I do genuinely care about is that there is a monetary behemoth that is energetically sucking the souls of civilization with a Farm of humans over and over, rinse and repeat. Most of which gets ignored. Energetically speaking, it’s a spiritual Ponzi scheme.

And they’re using sexuality and hobbies and other things people actually enjoy as bait, I mean, look what they did to sports, video games, art, etc. These Monetary vampires are turning all creativity into shit and trash. The barrier for entry is to just piss you off. Done deal.

Politically speaking, we’re allowing retards to launder money throughout the world. (Calling them ‘elites’ is too much of a nicety and too much of a praise). That whole Ukraine thing and the CARES act and the Stimulus and all that shit. It’s a laundry machine by anything but official name.

The big takeaway from this is that No Lives Matter. Because let’s face it, it’s corporate posturing to fool the masses from having a real movement worthy of real change (Like the whole idea of Labor value and social capital).

Everything is a distraction and it’s a spiritual war on multiple fronts, the goal of which to weather you down until you think you’re powerless and can’t do anything or stop giving a fuck.

Either way, don’t forget the godhead and something or something, I forgot and I stopped giving a fuck. So don’t take advice from me.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


I’m not one to be upset at ‘pride month’, I’m not the first, however I will say, that from my perspective, it’s a growing trend to point out how crazy society is in general.

So, more people will probably shit post about Pride and other things and that number is probably going to increase over time.

A fair amount of them will be haters.

However, there’s a good chunk, that will be honest critiques of rational mind. Shocking, I know.

It’s only natural that; when society swings hard one way in repression, that it will eventually swing the other way in expression, and then depending on how things are, it will settle somewhere inbetween. . . Or some crazy savant tardo creates a new fascist regime for either side, resulting in a lot of deaths. Like A lot.

I’m just callin it like I sees it, read em and we-ll do whatever. Fuck.

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