The US Government artificially starts wars

The other working title would be that “The US Government is Belligerent AF”

I mean, yea.

Operation Northwoods is a real thing, where CIA agents proposed using a False Flag incident with Cuba to start a war with Cuba.

This was rejected by a very noble President, you know, the same one supposedly linked to being assassinated by the same CIA. I’m talking about JFK.

And that’s all facts. Not even made up, not a conspiracy, literal facts.

And the Twitter files,

Recently revealed that;

The FBI and the Pentagon was Actively working with Twitter to suppress and promote select accounts. So much for freespeech on a “”””Platform””””.

There were atleast 52 accounts promoting anti-Iran sentiments that were actively promoted by the US Government to spread, well, Anti-Iran Sentiments. You know, run some psyops.

DOD linked accounts “engaged in activities including: touting the accuracy of drone strikes in Yemen, promoting U.S. backed militias in Syria, and spreading anti-Iran messages in Iraq.”

And it’s weird that there’s so much attention and directions aimed towards having a war with Iran in the US (during this time period of 2019-2022). It’s almost like the US wants it. Or atleast some ‘special interests’ wants the war to happen.

But uh, glad we have that Ukraine incident to Distract the masses from that Iran thing.

So the play book seems to be,

To start a false flag and use that to justify bombing the shit out of other countries.

The theory is that this happened to all the countries related to wars that the US was involved in. Probably.

You know, like how the sinking of the British ocean liner Lusitania by a German U-boat in 1915 resulted in the US entering World War 1. Yea, A British ship carrying armaments and weapons in it’s manifesto(look it up), obviously is not a civilian cruise line for that sole reason, that also had free Americans willingly traverse on a British Ship during a war with Britain involved. Yea, because some Free Americans died on a British Armament Supply ship, we entered WW1. Makes total sense.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident for Vietnam.

As you can see, the above also suggests that the same playbook might’ve been used for the Iraq War.

Hell, I’d argue it was used for the Gulf War and the Afghanistan war.

Like why is the US invading Iraq when Iraq and Kuwait aren’t US soil? We invaded for ‘key strategic resources’ like oil? Doesn’t sound constitutional, ngl.

Also, for the 9/11 attacks on the US by a few extremists, that somehow justify the invasion of multiple countries. Yea, because finding a lone passport was enough justification to invade MULTIPLE countries in a campaign spreading decades and slaughter hundreds of thousands of people.

Yea, let’s pin some ‘weapons of mass destruction’ on Iraq or Libya and bomb the shit out of them. That seems to be the go to.

-Or whatever Syria did wrong, let’s bomb the shit out of them.

It’s practically the American Way™.

And if we’re getting technical

Technically the only time the US is in war is when Congress approves it for war.

The last time Congress did that was in World War 2.

So every ‘war’ since WW2 is technically a ‘conflict’ and a waste of tax payer dollars. -Since they weren’t congressionally, per the constitution, approved.

It’s the same line of logic loophole that was used to Draft Troops in both WW1, WW2, and Vietnam. Drafted Troops can only defend American soil per, like, the constitution or something. So the loophole was to draft troops and station American Troops to defend US Bases in foreign soil. That’s the loophole.

I’d argue it’s probably More American to claim Bone-itis and become the President than to fight in these unjust wars.

“Hey, you’re still defending America, just do it from way over there. You know, on American™ Soil”

(The ™ is important)

It’s really unconstitutional if you think about it. The Wars and the use of Draftees.

Especially for the scams like them ‘forever wars’ like the ‘war on drugs’ or ‘war on terror’.


I mean, even having forward operating bases or US Bases on Foreign soil could be deemed unconstitutional if you look at it the right way. Like, are we in an active war? What is the strategic need to have forward operating bases funded by taxpayer monies?

Are we the global police pretending to be the global force for good while enforcing a new-age imperial dynasty of colonialism and robbing the wealth of nations? That’s a question, not a statement.

Idk, if only we had signs to paint how ignoble our corrupted sense of view is;

Like paid advertising that would tell the whole world that “we are definitely the good guys and our enemies are obviously the bad guys”. If only. . .

In Closing,

Idk why I wrote this.

Just another shit post I guess. It has a lot of sprinkled truths that people thought were once a conspiracy, now coming to light, being literally true. So I guess I’m just parroting the collective’s subconscious Truth speakers on some unjust shit.

Also those Twitter Files add more proof to the fact the the US is just a large Imperialistic Nation shit talking it’s way into wars and belligerently fighting countries to be assimilated by special interests. So, think about that next time there’s some dispute with Iran, China, or even Russia. Because let’s be real, why is the US getting involved with Ukraine when Ukraine isn’t any bit US? Seems like a lot of NATO imperialism, just like what was done to Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc.

Regardless, I hope that you, dear reader, saw something funny in this post and was able to laugh it off. That’s the ideal point of these shit posts, post some funny truths, laugh it all off. The Sort of Maya or illusionary world of ‘reality’ that we’re living in. It’s a grand laugh if you don’t think too hard about the suffering and deaths of thousands and thousands of people.

Is the government Bad? Idk. They definitely don’t have a very trusting track record. I’d argue that’s the same for all other governments, it’s just that the spotlight seems to be painting “America as number 1”, so we focus a little more on those home grown Domestic Corruption being exported around the world.

So keep your wits to you and don’t be gullible or else I’ll tell you to take a “Pocket full of sunshine”.

In other words, I’d say “go fuck yourself”.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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