Plata O Plomo, the US Economic Hit men

Plata O Plomo is a “Latin-American” expression meaning ‘Silver or Lead’, you can either choose money or choose death. Basically.

And the thing is, the United States really love Toppling regimes from all over the world, especially South America, hell, we’ve been doing it since a really long time ago. I mean, it’s called “Americas” for a reason.

So the whole of Vulture Capitalism has been perpetuated with the economic rape and disheveling of Countries whose misfortune was not advancing Guns, Germs, and Steel as their Blessed and Fortunate land riddled with rare finite resources and citizenry are reduced to property and cattle for pilfering and lining the pockets of Corporations and wealthy elites. Under, of course, the threat of death or the promise of money, (amongst other lies of invasion disguised as a peace treaty).

Which one would you take?

The Lead or the Silver?

So there’s this book,

It’s called, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,

The Author, John Perkins, even went on a TED talk to confess/profess;

I quoted a few things in Capitalis Maximus, that way you can pay attention to the global pay piggies that are culpable;

“I would got to countries with resources our CORPORATIONS covet, like oil, and arrange a huge loan to those countries from the WORLD BANK or its SISTER ORGANIZATIONS. But the money wouldn’t actually go to the country, it would go to our CORPORATIONS: Bechtel, Halliburton, Brown & Root – familiar names – to build big infrastructure projects in those countries and incidentally make huge profits in the process. They built power plants and industrial parks, things that would benefit a few wealthy families in the country, the ones that own the industries. But the majority of the people would suffer, they would be left holding a huge debt they couldn’t repay.

So we go back and say, since you can’t pay your debt, sell your resource, oil or whatever, really cheap to our corporations, privatize, sell your utilities, your schools, your jails, everything like that to our corporations.”

-John Perkins

I mean, you ever wonder why Latin American Jails are ran like fucking Hell? Yea, it’s partly due to mismanagement and greed. Partly due to government structure with inherent corruption. And mainly due to being disenfranchised by oppressive external regimes.

So we had a group of these Economic Hit Men Solicit Lead or Silver to countries of economic interest.

Also, the leaders of these companies had to comply, because the US and US Corporations were literally extorting them with threat of force and death. You know, using “The Jackals”. If they didn’t comply, then surely their successor eventually will. I’m sure the US isn’t running short of bullets anytime soon.

Basically, what-had-happen-wuuz

Governments were strong armed to follow certain US beneficial policies (like surrendering mining rights and other shitass), if they refused, they were under the implied threat of car bombings, death, torture, and Jackals (not just Carlos, but there were teams of this shit).

I mean, Why do we have DEA and other federal agents operate outside of the United States? Does that make any sense to any sensible tax payer? That we can have DOMESTIC federal agents operating outside of the domestic federal borders and mess with INTERNATIONAL operations? Sounds awfully like the British Imperialism to me.

Like what the fuck is the point of extradition and following that style of national-state-governance if you can just invade countries with pseudo-para-military-police forces?

Speaking of other countries being invaded, here’s a quote about Argentina detailing the version of Financial Exploitation that they receive from a USA-Hedge Fund Manager. Of course there are retards that will blame on Socialism or some other dumbass shit. It’s really just Vulture Capitalism, hence operation ‘condor’. (Vulture same-same Condor);

“He’s called the Vulture. . . He grabs old debts of dying nations, dying companies, and even dying people. When there’s a famine or war, for example, in Argentina during the military dictatorship when Argentina went broke, He bought up old bonds for $50 million dollars just sold them back to the government of Argentina. A government he helped placed in power for $2.5 [m]illion dollars. . . through extortion.” -Journalist Greg Palast (Read more here)

Basically, the United States has been funding Invasions in South America (And other parts of the world) to extract their resources like some sort of gamified Sid Meier Civilization game.

I mean, it’s to the ridiculous point that people stop caring and make memes about it. It’s a joke, really (minus the whole, people dying and stuff);

Yea, Middle East Stuff is basically a refitted version of what we do in South America.

I mean, damn, shit is big;

The amount of shit the United States of America does to the rest of the Americas is sort of fucked.

I mean, just look at the list

Here’s another link for shits and giggles;

Like you think Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, all had a shitty government or “socialism/communism didn’t work” or whatever. You’re just lapping up puke shitted out of a goat if you believe any of those shitty rhetoric talking points.

A lot of countries (outside of South America) also got fucked. Indonesia, the middle east, etc.

-You want to hear something funny?
That Wikipedia page on this meme got taken down. LMAO
I remember seeing the list when the meme was fresh,
it was long as fuck too.
I remember scrolling for several seconds

I mean, wasn’t it awfully convenient that Thailand had that Asian Financial Crisis in 97, and then got a ‘angel loan’ after they floated the Thai baht. You know, that ‘Angel Loan’ with the devil in the details that lead to the globalized and subsequent corporations privatizing all of Thailand’s industries to further support the IMF, World Bank, and Company? Awfully convenient.

It’s the same M.O., Modus Operandi, just a different flavor and dressing depending on the country that you’re targeting.

We just saw that there’s literally pages and pages on just the TABLE OF CONTENTS for US Imperialism, Gott Damn you gotta love Pax Romanus – I mean, Pax Americano. Yea, definitely not SPQR or Rome 2.0. Definitely, don’t look at Roman Symbolism in any of American Imperialistic Regime.

Nope, hit that ignore;

Ain’t it grand to be a Rom- American. Americunts rejoice!

We are the ‘GlObAl FoRCe FoR gOod’

I mean, America/USA isn’t the only one eyeing the cuts of a steak. Cut of a steak, you might be curious as to what I mean. Well corporate needs you to find the difference between,


And this;

Note that the source of this info-geo-graphic
is CIA Factbook. lmao.

It’s not just South America and Asia-Minor countries being targeted. I mean, what the fuck is going on with Burma and the money being sent there for foreign aide? More Coup?

So the US of A isn’t the only one’s toppling regimes, it just so happens to be the most aggressive in their operations. That or they’re really bad at covering shit up so everyone knows. Still, no one does anything, so I guess that’s what it means to be status quo.

Here’s some proof and evidence to back up the above ‘invasions’;

Panama Papers, the leak

The Luanda leaks, another leak

The Pandora Papers, yet again, another leak. Not to be confused with Panama Papers that also start with a PAN-.

Operation Condor and preceding persecution literally on the NSA’s fucking website

NY Times about Operation Condor

Besides that guy I mentioned earlier, you know, the one that wrote that book detailing the whole operation.

Just ask yourself, why hasn’t congress congressionally approve any ‘war’ instead of having these vague infinity/endless wars like ‘War on Terror’ or ‘War on Drugs’ or insert vague shitty word and idea that you can wage war against?

Why is it then that the gubernment in their infinite wisdom, use these ‘Wars on IDEA’ to send agents overseas to be agent provacateurs. Like, why else would the DEA, CIA, and all the other Alphabet soup boys be posting it up in Countries that are not the USA? What about poppy farms in no longer occupied Afghanistan? What about Vietnam and that shitass? Turns out, it’s to play fuck fuck games with their politics and get mineral, oil, and water rights for their resources. To allow corporations and wealthy fucks to privatize the natural bounty that should be exclusively owned by the consent of the people and not the government.

Essentially this is an elaborate game of cucking foreign governments using the biggest military and pretending to be a global security ‘force for good’.

I mean, the best thing all these endless wars have done, is make the Deficit go fucking bonkers, and also helped line the pockets of very rich and wealthy families and elites, along with their corporations that they have on a leash.

Tsk tsk.

If the evidence doesn’t speak enough truth,

Than here are memes and jokes. The memes which use comedy and jokes hinged on context presumed to be true or else it wouldn’t be funny.

If you laugh at the context of these memes, then you subconsciously agree to a degree that the memes are based in fact at the very least super plausible.

It’s so blatantly obvious that even Lord Musk meme’d about it in a deleted tweet;

Account got deleted
Tweet got deleted
Even if deleted, the internet has receipts

So maybe Lord Musk was joking, or maybe he is in on the joke. Who knows. He seems to make a hint and implication with the word ‘coup’ as either it being a true thing (which it is) or that he was joking about it.

And jokes require context, so obviously this shit is happening. If you don’t laugh at any of these jokes, then you’re probably neurotypical normie and you’re not autistic. So I guess. Congratz.

So ‘Charity’ and ‘foreign aide’ is a scam;

A big takeaway from this is the charity is a scam, and philanthropy doesn’t ‘really’ exist on a large scale. I mean, it’s theoretically possible to exist on a large scale, it’s just someone makes money from it eventually. You know, like the patent on insulin being free but somehow insulin costs an arm and a leg (typically people just pay with their lives by dying instead of getting their insulin).

Often times countries will have some good PR by disguising their money laundering operation or Invasion as ‘Humanitarian Support’ or ‘Aid’.

Yea, that money is often trickling back up to rich fucks in those places of ‘need’. Hell, even Noam Chomsky agrees, just go watch his long ass lectures about this stuff. It’s boring.

So, that Covid CARE bill that farmed out billions to foreign aid, yea that was a transfer of wealth and a money laundering scheme. Clown virus and all.

What about Hurricane Katrina when we sent all those Helpers to extract rare earth minerals from Haiti? I mean, -provide health care support after the hurricane. Lmao. We extracted the fuck out of their mines. Their Gold, Silver, Palladium, Vanadium, etc.

You hear about Lithium mines? Yea, that’s right. Because of electric cars and batteries, a lot of countries with lithium have been getting Fucked in the A. Turns out, it’s for profit. Go ahead and reference the earlier comments I made about Lord Musk joking about Couping governments for rare earth minerals.

These people don’t give a fuck about you, life, limb, liberty, happiness, or anything.

They only care about profit. Because ‘Profit Matters’.

lmao, have fun sleeping at night knowing there’s people raping the world,

In Closing,

Charity, Foreign aide, US Imperialism, Globo-homos, UN, IMF, World Bank, and company, and many corporations are a scam running a global money laundering service. They also use force, blackmail, and extortion to compel foreign governments. The whole silver-or-lead bit. That’s the gist of it.

Best part,

~~ nobody really gives a fuck ™ ~~

If you knew the meaning of the word ‘contra’ and how it was used in that 80’s or so game, you’d connect some dots with the Nazi’s, WW2, Resources, and Latin America Exploitation. You know, Git yer tin foil hat on.

That one
You know, being a Contras
or a Contra
The Contra
Research Contra

I think the Earth is going through one of those ‘transformation’ thingys, and -uh- people just stop giving a fuck. I’ll be real, there’s a lot of loose ends and really riveting declassified documents from all the ‘secret’ organizations all over the world.

I mean, I’m talking about reality warping shit.

So, Who gives a fuck about all this. There’s literally people fucking with timelines and dimensions.

So, hopefully we tone down and wind down the whole American Imperialism shitass. That’d be pretty cool.

If not, whatever. I got to go get my nails done before the salon closes. So, go fuck yourself and as always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script; LMAO, I found a good meme;

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