New AI Digital Identity theft scam

So there’s a lot of people creating content with their face and voice and likeness on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok etc.

Well, some smart fucks or dumb fucks, how ever you want to frame them, have decided to scrape people’s content to create DeepFake Voices from their videos and deepfake faces from their videos.

Then they AI Generate fake videos or do a voice over with a fake voice and have your ‘iconic computer chair celebrity’ sell you on some other scam or malware shit.

Which further progresses the degeneracy.

Here is one such example;

Essentially someone scraped this persons’ videos and deepfake voice over to shill for a fake company for illegal shit or something.

Anyways, as you keep shitposting your face and content to the online agora toilet we call the ‘internet’ know that you are just marking new etchings in a digital grave yard for some future degenerate to ‘digital grave rob’ your face and likeness.

I mean, you’re welcome to steal my writing style, just make sure you call yourself a little bitch and you’ve got my approval.

-Now I sort of understand why those Golden Handcuff Slave Contracts has “rights to someone’s name and likeness throughout the universe in perpetuity” -clauses. Sorta makes sense now but I digress. . .

Also, since this is AI Identity theft, it’s technically defamation and could break some other laws including Identity theft. Stealing someone’s face, idk if there’s much else more identity theft than that. The Future is about to get pretty weird, facial recognition and all. Including Court Cases and what is admissible as ‘evidence’ or what can be used to frame someone. Wild.

In Closing,

If you haven’t heard about DeepFake Ransom phone calls, well, you’re in for a doozy too.

Now we have Digital Identity theft and AI Grifting and as mentioned earlier, it’s only a matter of time before people are technocratically necromantically resurrected through “Digital Grave Robbing”. Get ready for a new age of Digital Jurassic Park with Humans instead of dinosaurs.

Ain’t technology grand?

Scammin’ in the 21st Century. Our Scam-fore-fathers would be proud.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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