Corporations profit from Welfare. Did I stutter?

There’s several corporations out there that don’t pay a living wage.

Some corporations even offer SNAP benefits IN the job posting.

Some people have even cited getting handed SNAP forms in their New Hire Packets. Way to get job orientation going.

Maybe this whole minimum wage thing isn’t really meaningful?

They even have posters where you can apply for food stamps and steps on how to do that IN the break room.

While, that isn’t a bad thing, it is telling if the company is the one paying a wage that qualifies you, because it get’s worse.


Employers can get WOTC

-or payroll tax credits for hiring people that are on these programs. They will get the tax credits and won’t have to pay the employee enough to get off the program.

So the Employer can get money to not pay you enough to get off government programs, and they get this money from the government, and then they can proceed to profit from this credit without the employee seeing any of that credit.

All in all, the tax system is geared towards corporate welfare and property owners than it is actual human beings. So, you might as well start incorporating a business and run your own Welfare account. I mean, isn’t that what the hustle culturoids are doing? Renting out apartment and office space (and Lambos) for their personal use under their business credit?

Yea, so,

Corporations are hiring Welfare recipients.

The Corporations are then profiting from Tax Credits and Welfare. Corporations themselves are receiving welfare directly through this Tax credit. It’s Corporate Welfare literally.

Not only that,

The Corporations are then refusing to pay above the Welfare Line.

The Corporations are incentivized to hire more Welfare Recipients.

Thus increasing the demand for specific type of cheap labor.

Thus creating a market where poor people are exploited, and more people are made poor.

This is literally economic behavioral theory. They (Governments and Fed Bois) keep the poverty percent above zero for a reason.

Turning Humans into cash cows that are milked under the guise of ‘Employment’ like spent batteries to the Matrix machine of incorporated invisible giants called Corporations.

Which, it’s called “Human Resources” for a reason. They can’t call it “Human Cattle” or “Slave Department” or “Spent Batteries” because it’s not PR friendly enough.

The above strategy also include NON-Profit Corporations. LMAO. Which would be fine if there wasn’t a large pay disparity within the company itself.

This isn’t all corporations, but it’s definitely not zero.

In Closing,

I’m of the sound mind that if you do anything that generates money and are in financial need, that you shouldn’t have to pay any taxes. I’m Also of the mind that no one should pay taxes without representation, but we’ve gone far from that. . .

Why play this game where you take what little you have and give it to the Government to then redistribute it to corporations that won’t pay you a penny more?

Also, if you’re on government subsidy programs funded by tax payer money, isn’t it counter intuitive to have you pay any tax? It’s just an elaborate Tax Refund. A financial logistics kick flip, if you will.

Whatever, I’ve said my piece. If you want solutions, come up with your own. I’ll laugh until you prove that you can actually change the system.

Oh, and I do hope you prove me wrong.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Side note,

Whatever happened with the Captain going down with the ship?

Where is the leadership and ownership in some of these slave driving companies?

If you can afford to pay enough to feed your lowest paid employee, then I sure as hell don’t want to see the CEO take a bonus that’s larger then their salary.

Idk, hot take I guess.

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