Some words about the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997

Look man, I’m just a shit poster. It’s up to do your own research and look at the trail of red blood and bodies.

Anno 1997ish.

A bunch of degenerate speculators and hedge funds started financially attacking the Thai Baht. Definitely Americans were involved, maybe Europeans too, maybe even Asian funds.

Resulting in the Thai Baht being floated.

“in July 1997, Thailand stopped defending the baht after months of downward market pressure, causing the currency to fall quickly.”

Resulting in most Asian Countries having their economies tank.

Including, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, etc.

Then the World Bank and the IMF got involved to ‘save’ Thailand.

With an ‘Angel Investment Loan’ or whatever. Yea, real saviors alright.

The Terms of the Deal was that Thailand would get restructured and that they would have to open their private industry and real estate to the public foreign and global markets. Allowing outsiders to buy up and cut up Thailand like a piece of prime rib. The Loan terms are literally online if you doubt me.

Were the Global NGO’s related to the Speculators that Degenerately tanked basically all of East Asia? Maybe.

Was it just opportunists and all the world actors were playing their part? Maybe.

Did Thailand get fucked? Yes. That’s a fact.

Is Thailand awesome nowadays? Fairly safe to say it’s rather developed.

Would Thailand have been as (or more) awesome without the financial woes of 1997? Who knows.


I’ve said a lot of things in short words and parsed phrases. Many of that won’t matter to you -nor the average normie. This is just a small chronicle in the sands of time measured by bouts of finance in just one specific realm of one dimension in some backwater multiverse.

However, here’s a piece of golden nugget found in a bible of an atheists’ godless world,

Know this my estranged friend;

Restructuring debt is equivalent to owning them

It’s basically saying with money, “You’re totally my bitch”

Now dance and move around your distressed assets.

In Closing,

Hey, if you’re really smart, you’ll understand things.

If you’re not, that’s okay, everyone’s gifted at different things. Everyone’s special.

Do I think that X Group is evil? Naaah, I just think that they have very different beliefs and values, resulting in them taking drastic actions to do ‘their version’ of good, even if they do a lot of evil to commit it. On one hand, them doing good could look like they’re taking advantage of the situation.

I mean, is philanthropy a real thing? Hard to prove it with mere tabloids and old articles.

So, yea, some big players are making big moves and every light casts a shadow. Is it the shadow that shows there is light? Which comes first? Speed of light? or Speed of Darkness?

Don’t get me wrong, there is evil out there. That’s arguably a safe bet. lmao.

Humans doing Human shit.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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