Tales of the Bando

Bando’s are street vernacular for an abandoned domicile.

People squat in Bandos, maybe it’s a shed, maybe it’s a condemned house, or maybe it’s an apartment.

Now the thing you gotta understand is, housing and rent prices are ridiculous and inflation is shit.

But you also gotta know, that the housing market is a market. (And inflation is technically artificial because the economy is fake as fuck).

And people are gaming the system to create a price gouging effect on markets. That includes the housing market.

Real estate developers build units ever so slowly, to profit from the long construction times and superfluous rework, to bill as some sort of tax wash off.

As well as to create the artificial feeling of change by erecting new towering apartments thus raising demand to raise rent prices in locality.

To which we’ll have plenty of empty apartments that are listed for rent but never accepting of any new tenents. Because that’s how you game the system and price gouge the housing market.

All of this, is purely gambling degeneracy in the housing markets. You know, like flipping homes in 08, except now we got temporary Airbnb’s and permanent abandoned ware.

You’d be surprised the amount of buildings that are listed and remain unoccupied, ghost apartments galore.

And now here comes the dilemma.

If someone is hungry and wants food, and aren’t afforded the opportunity to buy said food, nor grow their own, are they wrong to steal?

What if someone is homeless, and they want to sleep but apparently sleeping in public is illegal, are they wrong to shack up in some abandoned apartment?

Why? Both are illegal?

Yea, riddle me that.

Besides Laws and Policy being retarded, people are sporting Bando’s and it’s arguably both good for society because fuck commercial landlords, and bad for society, because what the fuck is the point playing college and getting a degree to buy a home if you can’t do that without massive debt AND homeless life is somehow better and near impunity (in select Shit holes)?

I’m not here to espouse morals. I’m merely stating what is currently happening.

In Closing,

We have more homes than we do people in the United States, that’s a fact. Even if we had 500 million people in the United states, combined with the abandoned and condemned domiciles, we’d still have a surplus in bedrooms.

Yet we’ve cucked ourselves to 30 year mortgages with talks about a 45 year mortgage, all for some rinky dink shithole HOA pimped out no yard-ass tiny home.

Also, ‘Mort’-‘gage’ means ‘Death-Pledge’. It’s Latin-Italian you uncultured swine. People literally sign death pledges to pay off a piece of decaying property that appreciates because of supply-fixing in the local housing market.

These are merely the current state of affairs, one point of many in the current life, and I’m just here critiquing, commenting, shit posting, and living it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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