Doctors peddling Statins

It’s common knowledge that some Doctors are getting kickbacks for prescribing specific medications from specific pharmaceuticals. That is a stand alone fact and is widely evident in the Opioid Crisis with a seriously long list of different methods on how Doctors made more money by being a Pill Mill.

I’m here today to talk about Statins, a type of drug that (simply put) helps to lower cholesterol.

So you may get bloodwork, and you may have high cholesterol, both HDL and LDL and some other shits.

And your Doctor may want to put you on Statins stat.

I’m merely throwing caution to the wind.

If that was your first blood test or blood panel and they’re trying to already put you on drugs.

That’s Probably a scam.

If it was life threatening, they’d send you to the ER. If it’s a cause for concern, then there are easy lifestyle changes that you can do to mitigate your current status. Unless you admit to your Doc that you’re a lazy fat fuck or for some reason you have one of the 1-in-a-100,000 auto immune disease that fuck with your cholesterol.

Then maybe it’s not a scam.

Point is, a single data point doesn’t mean shit. Any statistician can tell you a single data point doesn’t tell you anything if you’re comparing it to itself. You need atleast another data point.

So measuring your blood and then comparing it to the “recommended” or “average” means they’re comparing you to normies. Although it is a meaningful baseline, it’s just not as meaningful of a baseline if you compared yourself to, well, yourself.

Instead, it’s much better to measure your blood twice, and compare those two points. There’s a lot of shit that can change your blood work, including if you ate recently, drank recently, sleep, shit you do, shit you breath, or even how long you’re awake for.

All of this factors into your blood work.

If your doctor makes it sound scary or emergent or is super pushy, remember, you’re paying them for a service. You’re the client, not the other way around. Don’t get swindled because they went to med school and are peddling Flexner advertised drugs or whatever because they need a new down payment on a Porsche.

If you are easy to once over, then you might as well get your Wind Shield Wiper Batteries replaced.

Point is, be skeptical of any type of person that wants to do something to you or for you. Includes Mechanics, Dentists, Lawyers, and about every other profession that exists.


Doctors have been known to prescribe Statins which can be life long medication.

The theory is, some of these Docs get a kickback and are incentivized for doing so.

Would it improve your health? Probably, especially if you eat like shit and have no plans on changing.

Would it be good for your wallet? Depends on if it actually improves your health and allows you for a better quality of acquiring money AND you go and acquire more money.

Me, personally, I don’t want to be on hourly medication for breathing subjectively ‘slightly funny’.

In Closing

None of the above is declarative nor is it medical advice. I use the term ‘probably’ and ‘maybe’, so it’s all generalized information and not applicable to any one person.

If you want my recommendation for anything, it’s to stop eating so god damn much, especially if you’re fat as fuck. If you want to compare yourself to normies, compare yourself to healthy Europeans and fit people, then follow their diet down to the atom or some shit.

But, that’s IF you wanted my advice. Because as always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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