Side notes

Joe Rogan mentioned the Michael Ruppert report revealing CIA involvement in Drug issues and money laundering tied schemes.

Projects ‘Amadeus’, ‘Pegasus’, and ‘watchtower’.

Saw this on an Instagram reel, crazy times we’re living in.

Crazy times- Where we can get Government exposing information on Government Influenced and moderated programs at the touch of your fingertips. Quite disturbing in more ways than one.

Anyways, I just wanted to shed some light that this is a thing and that things are changing as everything is always -well- changing.

Also, I stumbled upon this fine read on the website;

It’s a Document called “Crossing the Rubicon”

Wild to think that the CIA has dirt on the CIA open to the public on their website. Wild.

But there’s also an interesting thing to mention-

That the secret shadowy parts of any organization, private or ‘public’ is so large and vast that accountability is a near impossible task.

Do you know how many secret task forces and operations exist? I bet you even the so called ‘top dogs’ don’t even know.

Hell, there’s probably secret task forces and Ops in the event that the ‘top dogs’ go crazy. So of course those one’s would be outside the purview of the ‘top dogs’. Gotta have a back up plan incase the public puppet show fails, and then you need a Plan B, C, D, through Z on if that fails, and then a back up contingency plan ‘in case’ or ‘in the event of’ and then that has to be cross referenced with other protocols and procedures for other operations happening simultaneously. Yada -yada.

Anyways, there’s a TED talk about someone explaining how big these organizations are. So big that you really can’t account for it all. Idk where that TED talk went, but it was basically the same as some small office a corporation trying to get hold of another office of the same corporation in a different nation. You know, like Corporate, except everyone is secretive and hush hush, so like up the difficulty a bit.

You’re better off describing the economy using numbers, which is also a retarded thing to do, but I commend any economist for trying to materialize and quantify such an abstract thing. The pursuit of God or whatever.

In Closing,

These are just side notes.

I have no personal qualms against any particular team or organization. I just find it oddly fascinating that the Praetorian Guards and the current Regime Financial Old Guards are similarly linked. It’s like History loves rhymes and rhythms. Perhaps in this cosmic dance, we’re meant to repeat our Tempo in a Karmic Fashion until the dance is done?

Perhaps, or maybe I’m just salty.

Whatever, good day to you too.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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