Corporate Proxy voting is still a scam

As mentioned in previous posts about Corporate Proxy Voting is a Scam, Fishy Corporate Proxy Advisors, and Beneficial Owners don’t really have a proxy vote.

As it turns out, the Proxy Intermediaries’ job isn’t to find out what votes are valid or if proxy voting is a fair election/voting system.

No, Proxy Intermediaries have the job to make votes match the shares outstanding.

That’s it.

If there’s an excess of votes due to whatever reason, they’ll do things like throw them out or invalidate them.

You have 2 billion votes but there’s only 2 million shares? Just throw away the other 1,998 million votes.

Meaning that these Proxy Intermediaries have the ability to pick and choose how votes are counted.

Which implies that Proxy votes can be counted one way, and not the other.

Allowing for Mergers and Acquisition deals to go through no matter how unfavorable if it’s on the billet, meaning Corporate Governance is a scam and elections aren’t fair. This is the amazing feature of being a Publically traded Company on the US Capital markets.

Here’s more evidence;

7 Billion votes were tossed out in 2022 as referenced above.

Those were probably conservative estimates.

Nor do they detail every company being actively traded.

If you know basic math, the math ain’t mathing. There is definitely something fishy going on.

In Closing,

If you read all three of the articles in the first sentence of this article, you’ll realize that the game is rigged to favors those that commit fraud.

It’s just the current state of affairs, it doesn’t have to be this way either.

I’m merely the messenger. Do with that information what you will.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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