Unity Game Engine Commits Financial Suicide

Earlier this month, Unity decided to unveil a plan to monetize downloads for every game or asset using the Unity Engine. Meaning every game downloaded, would have to pay a tax or fee to Unity.

Including free games that are, well free, now those ones would require the Developers to pay Unity. Making them no longer free.

Thus was the death of the idea of Freeware on Unity Platforms.

ADDITIONALLY, Unity also sought to retroactively charge developers for downloading games or assets.

Yea, you heard that right, they want to charge under a plan that wasn’t even really official and seek after Indie Developers.

This obviously resulted in Chaos and the Death Throes of Unity as a viable platform. Resulting in their share prices plummeting.

On a side note,

there are some conspiratorial theories as to why this was implemented. Some rumors state that the executives that pushed for this initiative were unwinding their positions and came from unscrupulous backgrounds in Finance and other Shitty Video Game Ventures (cough, EA, Cough).

In Closing,

This information may not be up to date because they’re doing damage control and quick changes, but the above information IS TRUE at one point in time.

Yea, Unity committed Financial Suicide trying to be greedy.

Whether it’s a successful suicide attempt or a failed suicide attempt, time will only tell.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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