Tiny Homes are a scam

Tiny homes are a psyop to sell you the stanky pussy of buying into shitty pods.

They try to glamorize tiny living and minimalist culture.

Mainly because you won’t have room for your shit.

It also doubles into justifying not raising wages, seeing as the new trend is to own nothing. Thanks Inflation.

So not only will you NOT have room for your shit. You will also own NO shit. So I guess you’ll have room for your nonexistent shit.

So instead of expansion and conquest like your imperial ancestorial lineage, you resign yourself to small shitty one bed room studios and flats.

Like why are they called studios? it’s just marketing terms to make you think you got something fancy, besides some cat shit wrapped in dog shit. It’s literally a single room with half a kitchen and half a bathroom. STUDIO. So glamorous and much wow.

Oh yea, I’m living the STUDIO life in a tiny room that I try to escape from, hence why I pay rent to not live in this shit box.

And most people eat it up anyway.

Glamorizing the idea of road tripping and living out of a van or luxury car. As if a mobile home is the peak amount of space you need. Because let’s face it, it’s an upgrade from your current living situation. That’s why vanlife is appealing.

Even wolves need territory. Bears. Orca Pods. Territory is a thing of all beasts and animals. Kings have kingdoms and nations have borders. Why do you think Prison cells have shitty boxes for isolation and no sunlight, too short to stand up straight, and too cramp to sit down? It’s because they love violating the eighth amendment.

And here most people are doing something similar on the ‘outside’ of prison. Can you believe that?

It’s emasculating a person’s agency and freedom by keeping them cramped in a tiny box. No room for growth until they spin out of control in too tightly defined limits. Spawning high population density cities to farm humans like any other vertical integration farm. Mega City Apartment Complexes that blot out the sun.

This You?

More human batteries, less square space.

Can’t play piano and breakdance in your one bedroom studio, now, can you? Isn’t it glorious that you can now Jack off in your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom ALL at the same time? I bet our Ancestors are smiling upon us now Imperial. I digress,

The marketing terms and gimmicks upsell you into simping on a Comfy Cozy 2 by 2 closet to call ‘home’.

Before you know if, you’ll be sleeping in pods and working like a slave. For most people, they’re already working like a slave, and for a vast majority, people pay rent for homes they don’t even stay in. Most people just have an address for mail and because ‘everyone else has one’.

As if paying >50% of your paycheck on monthly reoccurring bills makes fucking sense.

Hint, it doesn’t.

So I tell you this, a tiny home is a scam. Especially if you live punching distance from your neighbors. It’s just a pod at that point. Own nothing, no expression, no privacy, pod. Like a slave in a ship, a battery in the matrix.

No space, no land, no ability to self sustain yourself with storage, gardens, or even rain collection devices.

Imagine hostels but permanent and requires most of your pay.

Japan is doing it too,
and people are eating it up.

Forced to or pretending with a smile, -what’s the difference really?

Like maybe for temporary living,

But for permanent living?

They are on a different level of Neon Dystopia, people run away and become invisible to society intentionally wanting to fall through the cracks due to their abusive work ethics and power harassment. It’s pure shit over there in most places. Resulting in people running to isolated and small little rentable closets to eat Ramen and read Manga or surf the web. All the things normal Americana idiots do from the comfort of their own shitty studio. But no, In Japan, that shit is time rented. It’s a lease.

I guess, it’s the same in America if you think about it. Apartment leases are leases, just a bit longer than a few hour time blocks. Even people who ‘own homes’ still have to pay property tax or else their ‘lease’ is up.

There’s something evil about being forced to look at living in a closet under the staircase -like a orphaned red headed step child- as a good thing. I know my morals aren’t bright and all that, but this shit is cunningly retarded.

Here’s what you got to understand,

This is high level magick spiritual shitass that I’m about to drop on you.

Mainly because the Psychotic meds I’m taking are getting weaker and weaker.

Who you are is a reflection of the universe. And your world around you becomes a integral apart of your universe. Ever heard the term, out of sight, out of mind? Same shit applies in the opposite, in sight, in mind. Your focus and attention is a reflection of your environment.

Who you are as a person and personality is intrinsically influenced by the nature of your surroundings.

Additionally the freedom of expression is limited, meaning your mental faculty and ability to reflect and mirror and reciprocate in your own set and setting of your own expression becomes limited. Meaning you’re mentally, emotionally, and spiritually limited.

And when you can’t mark your own territory or collect shiny shit you enjoy -like the degenerate consumerist goblin you are- then your being, existence, and personhood is limited.

It’s like your ego becomes chained, trapped to stay the adequate size of your prison. Like a goldfish that is destined to have its size ratioed by the fish bowl. A big frog stuck in a small pond, forever cramped.

This is the constraint, the chains, of living in a shitty pod.

It’s a lobotomy for your personality and personhood.

You just become more and more of an obedient slave. Just another factory farmed human building.

Here, a shitty meme for your woes;

In Closing

Hey man, if you want to eat the bug and live in the pod. That’s like your choice.

I’m here to tell you that the pathology of such decisions will strip away certain aspects of your life, for better or worse.

I’m merely a sign post, I didn’t carve or pave the roads. You, my dear squalor, just drive on em’.

But if you don’t know what you’re getting into, not realizing the dangers, then you’re being scammed. Call it, not informed consent.

If you know what you’re getting into, and you accept. Then that’s your choice. Call it, Informed Consent.

If you know anything about the design of the prison system, then you’ll understand that the bleeding color of life and society these last few decades has been designed to make it more like a prison. A city becomes a prison where the inmates themselves construct the prison and police themselves.

Uh, the people colloquially call this new Panopticon City, the Matrix. But that’s if you subscribe to Tateisms and Hustle Bro mentality.

Me personally? It is what it is. I’m here to shit post, make observations, and make jokes. That’s my role.

Atleast until the state cuts off my meds. Might as well, it seems like society is trying to castrate your balls and cut off your mind as if your individuality is just but a blade of grass being mowed on a ~sundaeeeee morning~. A Routine Lobotomy culling of society. Such is the Dharma, such is life.

C’est la vie, bitches

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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