More Market Manipulation on GME? (Guh, again, seriously?)

Well, here we go again with Market Manipulation on February 1st, 2021:

So we are going to focus on the second and third definition:

Engaging in a series of transactions to make a security appear more actively traded


Rigging quotes, prices, or trades to make it look like there is more or less demand for a security than is the case.

and by focus, I mean never mention the definitions again.

Volume was low, like, stupid low:

After market close, the volume was the lowest it’s been since January 20th:


Only 34 million shares traded, which shows strong holding sentiment. I mean, Diamond hands are forever, right?

The volume was probably low because many trading apps STOPPED people from buying.

Real time data from Nasdaq also shows low volumes:

some values of 100 shares being traded back and forth, which is a thing to note.

Volume is low:


For those trading in Fidelity market, we can see the percentage of buyers and sellers. Overall sentiment is bullish and shows that there were a few sellers. Maybe some panicked paper hand bois, maybe day traders, or maybe the hedge bros. Who knows.

People reassured each other that volume was low and to not panic sell, because this is probably a dirty trick by the shortys.

Twin charts:

if the overall sentiment from people is to hold, and most of the big bulls are already in. Then the reason for a stock to go down would be the bears buying and selling.

I mean, why would a bull want a lower stock price? That doesn’t sound bullish at all, unless they were to buy the dip.

Look at this post that has two charts practically twinning (thanks to u/PhaetonSiX GME and AMC):


If you look at where the market starts, you can see that it sort of creates this ‘step ladder’ driving the stonk down.

After market open on February 1st, GME took a plunge and there might be some connection with eToro force selling people’s stonks.

A circuit breaker flipped for GME at around 1030am EST, halting trade for a bit, and other retards (myself included) bought the dip.

I mean, it went down to such a good undervalued position. At least for the short term, this stock seems to hover around $300 as of a week ago. Seems like anything ~$200 is a good buy. Definitely if you’re bullish.

I can’t speak for why people bought the dip, but I did it because I like the stock.

Oh yea, degenerates are everywhere. lol.

What the twin charts implies is that there was identical trade patterns to drive price down.

Probably in the hopes that people would sell, or panic.

Probably didn’t think that people would actually buy.


What some people are saying

Some user pointed out that the trades happened in 100 quantity and in milliseconds. Then the trades continued after hours, when most brokerages told everyone no more trading after hours.

Because after hours trading is reserved for the affluent Casino guests with VIP passes and not the schmuck poors. Rigged game? Yes. Duh.

Regardless, this is some fishy stuff.

The easy way to figure out if all of this was market manipulation, would be to look at the transaction history to see who is buying and who is selling repeatedly. If there really is a small group that buys and sells at a near loss of pennies, then that is very artificial.

Short Ladder attacks?

So let’s review the facts:

  • Few sellers (besides the eToro Forced Sell)
  • High speed trading
  • Lowering stock value
  • Twin charts of Heavily Shorted Stocks with tied interests (implies robots)
  • Not only the implication of robots, but robots with similar trade algorithms
  • Holding or bullish sentiment from the market that’s in GME
  • Low Volume Trading

There’s something people are calling a “Short Ladder Attack“.

Some professionals just call it a short attack. Jim Cramer even hints it at this time stamp Saying to use “a series of orders that can push it down”.

The ladder part is just the plateaus of pricing, made in increments so that it looks like a staircase. Like a ladder.

A Short Ladder Attack is a coined market manipulation tactic of something fishy, it’s when shortys sell shares between themselves in rapid succession to drive the price of the stock down. To get it to close at a low value, so they would have to pay less interest or something. I don’t know man, but they benefit from stonks going down.

They sell on the open market using bots, and they can trade fast volumes at a loss. The loss is not substantial if you’re backed by millions of dollars and stand to lose potentially Billions.

You want to buy a few shares at market price?

Well the bots will scoop that up.

You want to sell a few shares at market price?

Well the bots will scoop that up.

And they’ll work to keep the spread in a way that is bearish overall. I mean, this is millisecond fast trading.

And because (allegedly) most people are holding, I mean, who else is buying or selling? Probably robots.

You know, it’s like lying, or playing tax evasion with shell companies. A shell game where you move money around to alter perceived value (which is illegal).

I mean, it could be retarded robots trading at milliseconds for no reason. Or it could be someone with a robot driving the price down in increments using millisecond trades.

It’s likely the latter.

Because having robots not make you much money, is a waste of a good robot.

-From user Shawnycoconut

If you want to watch the whole Bang gang market replay, sure, here’s a link.

It almost seems like the shortys are desperate to get out of this, besides crying on national television, and losing Billions;

UPDATE, as of February 4th 2021

It’s just a coincidence, right?

Alternate pet theory

It could also be a bullish investor who manipulated the stock price to go down.

So that the investor could buy the stock at a low price, from the panicked sellers.

This is an unlikely theory, because after hours, the stock continued to go down using the same tactics and trade methods. I mean, at that point, you’re just buying and selling to yourself. A circlejerk.

If the person manipulating the stock to go down was a secret bull disguised as a bear, they would’ve bought the shares at dirt cheap anticipating the markets around the world to open. With a buy limit order in place for a large quantity.

So it’s probably the shortys.

Lawsuits inbound

You know, because market manipulation as defined by Investor.GOV, which is a government agency, is happening. Which means illegal, which means law, and I’m not a Securities Lawyer.

Here are the links in the post if you wanted to click on them for whatever reason:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

In Closing

There better be some huge SEC reformation or investigations after this. If not, I’m going to write scrutinizing pieces on the SEC for their performance, actions, and further corruption.

Which, I’m probably wrong about everything. And if there is spelling or grammar mistakes, you’re welcome.

Well, I’ll keep writing, at least until I get suicided.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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