r/GME is compromised


In response to “r/GME is a cult“, it just so happens that over Easter Sunday, some mods got power hungry, bribed, or whatever.

Here are a collection of Reddit ‘headlines’ that tell a story.

r/GME and the FUD campaign

People point out the parallels with the original FUD campaign in January

Apparently the mods banned and removed u/Resole

Apparently similar things happened to Warden, Pixel, and Red queen. etc. etc.

And Ape no-likey,

Most people just moved to r/Superstonk,

Which has met people with great reception,


memes are still grrrrreat

In Closing,


The spirit, or animus lives on outside the corporeal body of the (subreddit) ‘forum’ and thus the exodus of energy (people… which are also spirits technically) is symbolic to the will of the demagogue spirit en masse.

Thusly something Lazarus, something, animus, Ex-anima la fucking something something Learning pig Latin was a waste of time. (Generally speaking unless you’re those estranged sophist-types).

Learning pig Latin? Not a safe bet.

Lmao, even following r/GME cult was not a safe bet. lmao.

You never know what’s next, that’s why all bets are off 😉

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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