Bear Raids and Bull Runs, two sides of the same coin

I love coins, because I love money, and so who better to talk about a coin than me- A filthy degenerate?

Anyways, the idea is that the Bears fight the Bulls, and something about Bulls fighting the Bears. Something about Bear Markets and Bull Markets. But in truth, it’s really a wombo-combo that makes the most profit.

How people want you to view the stock market

Idiots (like me) understand how the market-game is best played;

Two sides of the same coin
*Not an Advertisement to buy gold (because that would be placing a bet)

The boiled down version of both strategies is very similar;

Buy on the way down, sell on the way up, (Buy Low, Sell High) Bulls


Sell on the top, and buy back dirt cheap. (Sell High, Buy Low) Bears

What if I told you, that you can do both and profit?

What if I told you in meme form?

What if we go to the next segment?

The Anatomy of a Short Sale Bear Raid

Simply put, Short Sell a stock. Borrow shares to sell at the highs, and buy back when the stock drops. Pocket the difference. Ill-egal bears will Short Sell a stock using coordination and psychological warfare by tricking others to paperhands and sell. You know, manipulate the media, get a racket going and naked short some things. Sell more shares that don’t even exist.

But in simple context, Here is NASDAQ’s definition of a Bear Raid;

Technically, a Coordinated effort with misinformation and news is an ‘official’ bear raid. Also this methodology may be called a ‘Short and Distort’;

Which in the eyes of the SEC is illegal;

And technically, you could even go so far as to make synthetic shares and sell them in a naked short selling scheme. Borrow shares that don’t exist and sell em. This is farely common when ‘going in for the kill’ or ‘closing the deal’ on stonks. Typically, you don’t want to naked short things or else you’ll get over exposed and become vulnerable. And of course, Naked Short selling is illegal.

But just because it’s illegal,
Doesn’t mean people don’t do it.

All of the Above is Market Manipulation and Technically speaking, Illegal.

The Anatomy of a Pump and Dump Bull Run

The Insiders of the trade buy into the stock early. They load up on some long positions, maybe buy LEAPS, buy Calls, sell some puts, and do all sorts of degenerative things.

Now it is time for da POMP;

Then the insiders peddle positive reports, news, and get EVERYONE to buy. You buy, your mom buys, your local school’s/state’s/police pension funds buy. Before you know it, the shoe shine boy buys.

Maybe some false media coverage. Anything that can ‘fluff’ up the prospective.

Hell, they might even get some investment banks to upgrade a stonks analysts rating and price targets.

Maybe just a slick tongue, getting people to invest.

Of course, even the Brokers and Market Makers are making some money on just commission alone.

Just a reminder that money isn’t a store of value,
simply because it’s not infinite.
(unlike Boundless Goods)

The rise to a pump and dump machine;

Then, after the price gets high enough through buying momentum of their newfound suckers investors. Then they DUMP their shares.

And who ever has shares left after the fall out, they are the Bag holders

Don’t worry, the news tries giving you false hope like ‘Don’t worry’ (lmayo, I said that in the beginning of this sentence). People don’t want to know they’re the loser, so they sell you a slim chance with some fear. Then you’re conflicted in whether you want to buy the dip or sell from paper handed fear.

Here’s how it feels to get DOMPED or BOGGED;

If it feels like some evil BOG force is taking your money,
That’s because they are. The Casino always wins.
And they got a spotlight on your trades and orderflow.
They know how you trade, your history, and will counter it to make the winning bet
It’s a psychological profile
And you should be schizo in order to win in deez markets.

You know, kind of like a CEO of a recent IPO.

Because Selling your shares in a large block sale AT the IPO
means your business will do well
And that you have high hopes or some shit

Or any of these crypto frauds that pump and dump like a shitty IRON or TITAN ‘Stable’ coin. Or how about actual Pump and dumps with a premise for ‘saving the kids’. What a beautiful world we live in.

All of the Above is (also) Market Manipulation and Technically speaking, Illegal.

The Synthesis of both plays;

When I combine both plays, I get a Hiagher Truff. Call it syllogism or Hegelian Dialectic, because I read some words some times.

Ah, yes, Top-of-the-single-bottom-bottom-Shelf Quality
Trash Tier shit posting. God Bless.

Idk if you heard of ‘meme stonks’ but the Main Stream Media has, and they’ve been pumping and dumping meme stonks. Just look at Jim Cramer or the echo-chamber of the compromised Wall Street Bets(WSB), it’s literally pump and dumps. No longer do we have outrageous bets based on Faggy Delights that expire in no-shit ten minutes til market close. Now, the 10 million surplus in users made WSB into a shitty rathole of people actually trying to make money. I mean, talk about real retards.

A picture of the good old days

So here’s The play that these greedy bastards (not the newbooties WSBers) that manipulate the system do;

These manipulators buy a shit ton of shares in a block trade of some maybe-good stock.

They might even create synthetic longs, by selling puts and buying calls and using other fancy financially made up depraved contracts for cash purposes. Point is, they can print new shares.

Hell, you might even wrangle in a bank if you get a Total Return Swap or CFD going, just think, you agree to buy a share pegged to the value of a real share. Therefore, the Bank buys equal amounts of shares to offset the ‘delta’ and be ‘delta neutral’ with however many TRS or CFDs you got. So you artificially create buy pressure by buying copies of shares. If you don’t understand this paragraph, that’s okay, just know that people are “making” BANKS buy into the stonks.

They might even put people in key positions in the company, or take down a competitor. The great thing about secret agents and spies, espionage works both ways. You can build them up (reinforce), as well as break them down (sabotage). Information is key.

All they got to do now is get the media to report on all the ‘good news’ or even tell people that ‘Big Money’ is buying into this company. Get the hype train, start a cult, make people believe in the rush.

Hell, sell a ‘stock tip’ insider info-bullshit to some youtube star or an Only Fans model. Maybe pay a celebrity to pump the stonk, like Tiger Kings’ Carole Baskins, or even POMP crypto like a Kardashian or whatever.

Shill, pay shills, or even be a shill, point is, rumors sell.

“Buy the Rumor, Sell the News” -Literally every shit bag puppet journalist

Then the retail buyers pump the stonk!

Can you hear them?
The retarded money going ‘TO THE MOOOOON’?

Alright, after they get the stonk to a good valuation, the manipulators start selling in large swathes. Selling out of positions, contracts, derivatives, all that good stuff. Close and net that sweet ass profit. They do this in a way to keep the run going, because they want to ride momentum.

And not make the bagholders know that they’re bagholders.

Now that they have no more long positions. They will now load up on shorts.

Buy a fuck ton of puts and other options betting that the price will go down.

Then they short sell the stock in a coordinated bear raid.

They might even Naked Short Sell the stock.

All of this to make a Company tank down.

Hell, some of these assholes bet SO BIG that they never intend to buy back their naked shorts.

That’s right, some of these assholes naked short a company to oblivion. To Bankruptcy. Never having to buy back any naked shorts.

God bless the ‘free market’ where monetary oligarchs circle jerk eachother and you’re at the whim of some idiot blind god of financial titans. Glad they make the rules and all the good stuff.

Whatever, we all die in the end (probably). That includes these assholes.

In Closing;

I didn’t even mention how Market makers could literally hide buy and sell orders through odd lots and darkpools and Front run trades with HFTs utilizing PFOF. So just know that the market manipulation is very real.

All this is, is an elaborate Pump and Dump strategy. Totally illegal.

And can you blame these greedy fucks? I mean, it’s a crime that was (practically) endorsed by the failures in the system and the corruption from other people in governing bodies. A mix of laziness and ignorance. I would even go as far as to say, these greedy fucks are the victims.

Because the crime committed is a pathology, Like taking the easiest route to moar money.

You know, like a chronic masterbater that just can’t stop jacking it off -coomer. Is it really their fault?

What’s the difference between this;

And this?

(if you know, you know)

(for the records, I’m cross referencing Greed and Coomerism).

SO are the Market Manipulators the Problem?

Well, yea and kind of, and also no. But I’m not going to go into that.

The only way to stop the Bull-Bear is to find a shit ton of money and become a Gorilla.

Be an APE, and hold onto the stocks of a company with good fundamentals and value investing. (yes ‘stocks’ is technically the correct term for what I mean, you stupid finance person trying to correct my ass. Lern wut merchant do)

Perhaps One Stock that poses idiosyncratic risk;

But not just any stock will do, it has to be specifically the one stock to rule them all. The one stock that will dethrone the old guard. The one stock that is hemorrhaging billions of dollars from ‘distressed’ multi-national banks. The one stonk that will put an End to the Game. The Stonk that makes the Game Stop.

You’ll just have to do some research to figure out which stock that is,

But don’t hold your breath for it to pan out

If you’re not into investing in singularities that pose idiosyncratic risks. Then, just fly under the radar and live in perpetual fear as ‘scared money’ or ‘bitch money’. Because “they” have a PFOF spotlight on your trades. Factor in inflation and taxes, you’re fucked. And eventually, a small fish like you, will get eaten by a shark or a whale. It’s just a matter of luck, and Time.

And everyone’s luck runs out,

It’s a not safe bet, mind you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

P.S. If you haven’t read, I recommend learning ‘WTF is Alpha?’ To understand the rules of the game that you want to play. The game being the current revision of the board game ‘Stonks’ or ‘Capital Markets’ or ‘Alpha Capture Tag’. lmayo.

Here’s a VIX play to understand how the bigger Whale-bull-were-bears take out the smaller fish.

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