Successful Cringe-wave advertising

Hey cool cats and kittens, there’s a new wave of cringe-worthy and arguably successful and memeable advertising.

We all know that memes are spreading faster than your typical case of Herpes, and I’ve been a sailor to many ports, so I know what I’m talking about.

Well, these marketing firms or whomever in charge, are spicing up their meme-ad game. Trying to spread viral publicity for the sake of sales revenue or being eternalized in some weird way.

We all knew that ‘sex sells’ but memes are dank and the dank sells more nowadays for whatever reason.

This is probably NSFW

(you’ve been warned)

Here are some examples;

KFC Espanola

The Spanish variety of everyone’s favorite (atleast in the top 1,000,000 of chicken places) brand has a spicy Spanish account that doles out memes on a professional shit-posting level.

It’s professional because they get paid (probably) to shitpost.

And they retweet knowing it

Some are very very, disturbing.

Well, the American version of this specific meme guy is a reference to porn-addled and addicted people who also consuum a lot of well, porn as a ‘coomer’. Also with buying a lot of shit as a ‘consoomer’. Sort of a double consuumer thing. So, well, fuck. Uh, here’s urban dictionary to learn more.

Technically this post makes fun of their fans, for over consooming their products.

But it was effectively retweeted about 2,000 times. So, success?

Some people got some jokes, because cats and boxes


Some posts are just pollo asada,

This one is a gif where the chicken just shakes
Yes, this is worthy of some cringe

I can’t

Like, I don’t know what to even,

They posted a video of a goat dancing, It might have some sort of cultural implication

But if all of these posts made you think, wonder, and ask questions.

Then maybe this is expert marketing.

All I know is, they have French fries fried in their chicken oil, and it tastes delicious. I do recommend if it’s convenient to go try em. I have, was surprised.

All these memes might be a cultural thing, so I’m not too harsh on them. Because I don’t speak espanolishga and I don’t want to impose more cultural stigmatization of values and some neo-imperialism disguised as foreign-aide-democracy or fighting communism or something. Whatever.

But if it were the American variety of KFC, bet your ass I would be at least disappointed.

Random Coffee company,

This coffee company whether by experiment or failed advertising, is creating some meme ads and advertising with them.

Paid advertising on Facebook, here is the post:

Here is the video, quite cringe worthy. They must’ve paid someone to make this, or something. Idk, it’s kind of sad really. The more you think about it, anyways,

Note the Cyberpunk esque music in the ending, this is quality in terms of cringe worthiness.

And here are some other memes on their website:

A Game of thrones meme (yes, let the hate flow through you)

They’re even taking on Folgers, which is like shit posting against one of the big coffee companies. Like, why would you even set your targets for something way out of your league? Do you want to get sued into oblivion?

It’s still a bad meme, low quality. Not like funny-low-quality either.

Tushy Bidets

Bidets make sense. They spray water to your asshole after you poop, so you get a wet wipe with your half-ply toilet paper. It makes sense because if you had shit on your face, you wouldn’t just wipe it off with a dry wipe. You would wash it first, then wipe it off. Yet when we shit, we just wipe it dry. Going in raw.

However, Bidets are a cultural generational thing. And Americans don’t really care about spraying their asshole, mainly because everyone is a closeted homophobe and don’t want to admit that they like anal-play. So again, a cultural and generational thing.

After a few generations, when all the millenials and boomers die off, and we have a greater failing republic, then maybe we will see Bidets be standard in every home. But water aint free and people don’t openly admit that they like their anal rim jobs, so probably not any time soon.

Well, regardless, here are the ads for Tushy:

People are getting very upset

And then there’s this sad attempt:

They’re heavily trying to push people to spraying their assholes betwixt the bottom of their koochi and walnuts. I don’t know to what effectiveness their ads work, but they’re pumping them out still, so they must be making enough sales from their cringe-memes to be pushing out more of them.

Grub Hub somehow enraged people

This ad that played in the superbowl also pissed off a lot of people somehow. I’m not sure but it unnerved something in a lot of people.

Comments are disabled, as is typical corporate standard, and they got 10 million views. So this is arguably a successful advertisement. yet a lot of people disagree:

A lot of vitriol for a person that doesn’t exist.

People aren’t too happy about anything in the commercial:

Hate is powerful, and it spreads. Maybe hate-advertising is the new wave of advertising.

People are even targeting the poor bystander of a child for his goofy dance:

All in all, this commercial doesn’t really tell us anything about GrubHub, only that it somehow unlocks a primeval being inside the innate structures of humans. Resulting in a ton of hate and violence.

Well, it was a bit of a success in that it became a sensation. And people started making memes about the video.

So now we’re in an age of advertisement marketing that openly accepts the idea of being meme-able in order to maybe spread the infectious ideas of product consoomerisms to the masses.

Well, Globohomo is my blame

People don’t like the corporate non-human look of things, so I’m guessing that’s what pissed people off.

This sort of art style on the left

Other corporations try the same style and dance, and it’s equally infuriating.

Even Best Buy is going with this:

It’s like if Celebrity deathmatch had a non-funny bastardized child that was a spastic Zoomer that kept dabbing everywhere and incoherently saying “I like your cut, G” over and over and over again. That’s the vibe and energy these clips give off.

Like this, but painful to watch and not funny

Well, globohomo is the new wave of hate yourself. The future is now, and double speak is a double think-thought away from cultural one-ness and other corporate propaganda.


Then there’s ,uh, well, Arby’s.

So, in 2019, a lot of artists with art-block didn’t know what to do with themselves, like every year. And then this trending #DrawThisinYourStyle thing came to social media platforms. Which made everyone recreate a whole bunch of characters in their own style, and also was a way to promote their work while working on their skills.

Alright, Arby’s, lets git down to it, you done did something very Cringe-wave-worthy,

You done goofed, but successfully, I think, or not, fuck?

You made waifus a mascot, using specifically the word Waifu and that has lead to a lot of things.

Because Anime is basically broken up into three camps, those who love it, those who don’t care, and cringe.

Cringe Camp be cringing, but those who love it, fucking loved it. Too much, maybe?

Well in the world of Neet-Otaku-Anime consoomers, there’s Lolicon. Which is a degenerative mental disorder of people who, uh, for a lack of better explanation, fetishizes. . . Fuck, I just don’t want to even explain it.

Urban Dictionary to the rescue.

Anyways, Arby’s went full in on this, and they state the age being definitely above 18. Which means “IT’s OKAY BRO, SHE’S OF AGE BRO. EVEN IF NOT, IT’s JUST A PRANK-DRAWING BRO”

And so the artists of twitter world, who mostly partake in nude work, took this as the greenlight for an onslaught of not-safe-for-work images. They mostly partake, because nude work and furry porn pay a lot for some reason. (also artists double as a ghost-drawer for porn, and there’s a whole world in art for that kind of stuff but that’s off topic).

Anyways, cartoon XXXXphile-adjacent porn is basically what is happening,

There’s a lot of ‘meat’ jokes and ‘meat on the mind’ implied referencing and suggestive themes. So, yea….

And the really NSFW ones;

ShE’s 54 YeArs oLd!

Censorship powers activate!

Some people like to be generous with their drawings/depictions, so the censorship boxes are kind of large.

If you want to see them, learn what rule 34 of the internet is, you coomer.

So yea, Arby’s did a thing with promoting cringe-wave depictions of a 54 year old ‘loli’ and somehow was successful I think? Idk.

As a side note; the lolicon syndrome has been the attention and under scrutiny and threats of ban from the United Nations but Japan and the US were like ‘lmao no‘, so they defended free speech and anime at the cost of lolicons.

(at the cost of pedorific lolicons)

In Closing

I was going to make jokes or do something with this, but it ended up being like honest reporting. Which means just reposting a bunch of pictures and screenshots. Because in the end, it’s all a shit post and life is a chain-mail of shit.

That’s the direction of our society, it’s definitely not a safe bet. So short it, I guess?

(Positions: Strike Price: 45ft Long Calls $ROPE Expiry Jan 26, 3055)

I don’t know what happened to my emotions or feelings, maybe I’ve reached enlightenment. But I don’t cringe much anymore. None of this made me cringe, but I am well aware that it has the potential to spark a cringe in others, because I’m not a tard.

But I’m also a tard.

So there’s that,

Enjoy the advertisements while you’re in the cold, bucko. Maybe the rage can keep you warm at night.


*Not Valid Finanical, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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