Neo Liberalism is a scam

Alright, so Neo liberalism is neither neo nor even liberalism.

See, what neo liberalism is, isn’t liberating oppressed people. It isn’t spreading Communism, or Democracy, or liberalizing anything.

Naw, you fell for the marketing gimmick hook line and sinker.

Neo liberalism is actually, drumroll please, Neo-imperialism!

(Which is just really imperialism)

I just didn’t want to use the same meme twice. Don’t mind me.

The Race Trap

Before we jump into what the scam is, let’s talk about another trap;

Look, Imperialism isn’t a ‘White Colonizer’ issue. It’s a ‘human’ being issue. If you think white people or anglo euro-sacks-on-pee-ons are the route of imperialization or whatever because you read ‘guns germs and steel’ and that’s what you took away from the book. Lemme tell you a story about three kingdoms. . .

Jokes, I’m not actually going to tell you about the thousand + years of imperialism, you can just get your hands on the nearest Dynasty Warriors game and it’s like the same thing. Slightly different, but good enough for what you need to know.

I mean, in World War 2, there Literally was a war where one dude thought they were the GOD EMPORER RULER OF ALL, and everyone else on their team was like “I Fucks with that” (Hint, it was the people who offended Nanking/Nanjing).

So it’s not a race thing.

It’s a broader scope, more of a ‘tribal thing’, but you’re not here to solve world problems. So, slow your roll.

You see, the American Experiment is sort of a working-ish success, where we realize race doesn’t matter. The point is, Race is a trap. A scam.

The real issue of our desire to go ‘conquest and stuff’ comes from something in all of us. It’s some sort of Human nature or whatever. Is it our destiny to conquer? Idk, but it happens. It just fucking does.

Alright so you build a great nation

Yea, so you found your great set of Morales and beliefs and values that worked. Somewhere between not-racist, and third positionist. And you’re working to make them better.

Sounds good, we’re all working on improvements. Lemme tell ya.

(Proceeds to not tell you)


We build up this nation of improving and being in a betterment state. And we’re all high and mighty, holier than thou attitude. Thinking we’ve had a ‘golden age’ of renaissance or whatever. A lot of awesome tech, smart people, there are new Mecca’s for collaborating in the arts and science and all that culture-win jazz.

I see that you are a man of culture as well

Then we look at our neighbors with envy or spite or jealousy or something. Mainly because we decided to click ‘keep the game running’ and that’s kind of how life is. So we look at our neighbors like they are backwards barbarians.

And we think; “Sucks to be them”

Then some tards in our youth are like “let’s share our prosperity with them; lmao, the world”

And this, boys and girls, is how we get the Fire Nation to Attack.

Does this look like Imperialism to you?

So Deus Vult?

Yes, a conquest where we are Dues Vulting MFers because God wills it or there’s some gold or oil or worse, morals. Point is, we invade and fuck up a county.

I Write in “Democracy/Communism” because both sides are doing it. Interchangeable really.

I say ‘we’ but I really mean ‘Humans’. It’s like a royal ‘we’, not a distinctly ‘Western’ or ‘American’ perspective.

So yes, ‘we’ invade and fuck up a country.

Look you might get offended that they don’t allow you to:
Insert X and Y
With your religion
or beliefs
or Human rights
or Trans rights
or Ethics
or Child labor
or whatever

Yes, some other country might be committing genocide and child labor or whatever. And in their Lawless society, it’s totally kosher. That’s partly due to them not having said-laws, but I’m trying to tell you not to judge.

So stop judging judgy moves-like-mic-judger pants.

Look, I get it, you want to kick down your neighboring countries’ door’s and expose their child trafficking sex cults and Pseudo-pagan worshiping Christians. I get it, they’re practicing a different view of your god and you don’t like that, and you naturally took offense to that very specific issue and nothing else. Yea, ignore the child trafficking part.

So instead, you’re going to go over there and make their lives living hell to subjugate them. All to deliver better morals. Yea, totally.

Direct War

So you don’t want to directly invade without a good Casus Belli. Sure, reasonable enough. It’s not like we can have more “9/11“s like they grow from trees. So I guess, if Direct war is out of the picture, then what?

Proxy war! we’ll support someone who is more inline with our morals and beliefs and ideology and fight to conquer on their own behalf. And we’ll just help trade them and support them like a pillar. It’s like conquering someone, but through debt and favors.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in selling them arms and stuff, we forgot who or what we were supposed to support. Profit can make things confusing, especially when you’re selling arms to both sides. Jeez.

“Here, Buy these guns and shoot the other guy!”

“No not that guy, shoot the other other Guy!”

‘We’ say ‘other guy’ because we forget who we‘re selling em. Humans look the same on both sides. Names and group identities are superfluous and change. You want me to recite all the denominations of radical extremists? Ha, fat chance. You’d sooner have me recite preferred pronouns or D’s. What are D’s? D’s


oh, they’re expensive? The proxy wars, not the nuts! Well, I guess we should stop donating them arms. . .

This giving weapons freely from tax dollars is unsustainable for the governments, besides being profitable to the military industrial complex.

Uh, I guess we can’t really do war. We also don’t like killing because of our high morals and all that, so that’s also good to mention. Incase some historian finds the little footnotes in our history, at least we can jot down a small little ‘we tried’ and pretend that ‘we might have been the good guys’. You know, posterity and all that jazz.

I guess we’ll just have a “cold ‘war” of attrition’. Yea, Let’s just starve out the other side. If they were good enough with their morals then surely they will stand on their own two feet. Yea.

This way, we’re isolationists. Back to where we started. A good old stand off!

(I say where we started, because you can scroll up to “Alright so you build a great nation” and just read from there.)

and Like this but we’re on both sides

Oh, the Other guys are actually surviving?
Fuck, uh, let’s go to trade war. Because direct and indirect war is not an option. So Trade war, yea.

Notice how all of them look the same? So much creativity. Wow.

Imagine ‘cancel culture’ but instead, nations are doing it to each other. That means trade wars, embargos, blockades, tariffs, taxes, and all that jazz.

Which means it’s totally toxic.

And tons of people are gonna die. It’s great.

And time and time again, we see smaller town-city-state-nations fall because of these stupid wars.

You have enough food to feed yourself or your child, what’s it going to be?

So I guess, that sucks.

Let’s say one side does win.

Let’s supposed we invade and conquer all the shadows of immoral deeds. Once the ‘order’ swallows chaos, you think you’ve won.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. There’s a thing called the Dao.

What ends up happening is the chaos from within erupts.

Cities have massive underground networks and communities.

Red light districts, glass windows, green doors, dens, shadows, night clubs, etc.

All with a market place, and with it, a price.

We don’t ‘liberate’ morals, we merely commodify it into our currency through conquest.

Because money money mah-nay, mullah, boku bucks. That’s what you wuan.

Whatever, point is,

When Order is set. The Chaos from within arises.

When Chaos reigns, the order from within is established.

This is simple Tao 101 stuff, didn’t you at least look at some u-toob vibeos? Jeez, who handed you your enlightened license?

Don’t tell me you get your insights from outside yourself? Was it Cost-co? Never-the-mind, are you even paying attention in class? Man, I’ll give your teachers a talking to, lemme tell you.

(Proceeds to, yet again, not tell you)

In Closing

Yea, all this for a little moment of moral peace or whatever. For the larger wars and swathes of suffering, all for a couple seconds of what? Moral hegemony?

I say couple seconds, because what ends up happening is the evils we fight outside die. With nothing to fight outside ourselves, where else will we turn to fight? Whose turn is it to fight? Uh, Guess we’ll turn in ourselves.

That’s right, inside. We’ll infight and tear ourselves apart like all good civilizations.

Give or take a couple hundred years for nations.

Maybe a few thousand or so for species.

Conquest is also spelled ‘liberalization’ for those slow learning neolibs.

Whether you self identify as a liberal or imperial, It’s all the same same but with a different twang to it. The sound I mean.

I’ll just call you imperial, because it sounds both derogatory and empowering. Like “you go girl” type vibes.

Till next time, Imperial,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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