No Lives Matter mini-part 2 (sadly)

Alright, so it has come to my attention that Asian hate crimes are the new fad.

So that means I have to remind y’all that No Lives Matter. Here is part 2.

Companies are going to lie and pander and not care about you.

Just remember, they’re doing it for the money and no other reason.

Because money money money.

The rise in crime?

It’s obviously anti-asian sentiment from talks about ‘kung-flu’ and Corona virus coming from CHYY-NAH. The CHYY-NAH virus;

Source: I’m Asian

Lemme tell you, people give me extra space for my personal bubble, and I LOVE IT. Because fuck people, that’s why.

However, our stupid politicians decided to be biased and lock everything down for two weeks. Well a year of “two week lock downs” later, people with low IQ are upset and they want to blame the nearest yellow person (or anything really).

Cue in the hate crimes.

Now we got racial tensions propagated by low IQ people and this means companies are back to pandering, AGAIN:

The hard part about this?

Asians ride the line of being a person of color, while also suffering from too much success. You know, like how they can’t go to Ivy league schools because their too many smart Asians and affirmative action means they have less of a chance. Talk about inequality.

Riding the line

If you’re Asian and spend too much time in the sun, oh boy, your mom will be disappointed and upset. Fact.

Activion Blizzard A game company, because why not?

But Also politically motivated to this;

You know that violent protest against Asians in Asia fighting for their Asian independence? Yea, let’s ignore that.

Of course twitter remembers;


Other organizations I don’t care about:

General Motors:

Some random company that I didn’t know existed:

Seattle’s space needle, like a building is speaking out against Asian Hate Crimes;

Part of AT&T:



Look its the same old money money money thing

So what about CHY NAH?

We can’t talk about certain historical events in Chinese history, no need to talk about a ‘Tank Man’ or any of the ethnic cleansing and racial produced wars.

while we’re putting on horse blinders, let’s consider some things;

Let’s not forget the Koreans and Japanese, and how everyone in the Sino area is doing some fucked up shit throughout most of history. I won’t forget ‘comfort women’ or ‘Nanjing’. Unit 731? We gonna just forget?

What about Korean border conflicts that go unreported due to international implications?

What about the Chinese Exploit of North Koreans due to their regime and the amount of political power clout that China has?

Wuuuut aboooot the war of three kingdoms?

Mongolian conquest?

What about the Smog produced by China resulting in Apps having to have weather warnings for Chinese Smog in both KOREA and JAPAN?

What about the fact that the entire world used China as a trash can and dumped their recycling and garbage to China? Resulting in China being accused of world pollution, but they literally were just trashed on by other countries?

What about the Burmese and Thai border wars that have occurred for centuries. That amount of racism is incredible. The whole ‘Dance for me monkey’ tournament?

What about Burmese Civil war and protests that were literally world news a few weeks ago? We just gonna move on?

What about Burmese and India? What about the Muslim refugees seeking asylum in both countries?

What about Tibet? That whole thing?


You see, there has been hate and violence for hundreds and hundreds of years. So we just like to cherry pick. It’s fine.

The world’s a terrible place, lots of suffering, and we like pointing fingers.

It’s awful,

and I’m proud of it.

Some people get it,

The solution?

On a side note, maybe get strapped?

Bring back Rooftop Koreans

The way to stop Anti-Asian violence is apparently to promote Asian violence.

So, get your Jet Li’s and John Woo’s ready to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee stuff.

You know what BLM and antifa and all that were rioting?

Well, people took back to tradition and strapped up to stop the hate;

The author of the post went on a sperg rant on Asians not being a race, so some censorship of Asians was totally warranted. You can read the full thing if you want, my monke attention span gave up.

It’s a joke, more violence isn’t the answer. Jeez.

In Closing

You need two things for a hate crime:

Hate -and- Crime

So if you felt hate reading any of this, you failed and are only an enabler that would allow hatred and crime to spread.

The answer to a lot of things is to not give a fuck. No lives matter, who cares, we all die in the end. No need to rush.

There’s like, no safe bets.

Also, imagine in today’s world that these two statements are controversial:

Racism is dumb, people are stupid

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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