The World’s too bright here’s how to make it darker

These are tips to make your world a darker place for PC users because fuck the rest and PC master race.

Google Chrome:

Tricky PC users have to use the stupid OS to do it,

So click on the start, and get in to settings;

Click on personalization

Click on Colors on the side like you want to start a Race war

Click on “choose your color” and pick “dark” that way you can support BLM and something about the next Race war and Reparations and R sounds.

Who knows, you might commit an Asian Hate Crime now, I mean, Statistically speaking of course,


Click the three dot bullshit fuck thing on the left bar

Now instead of Settings, click ‘Display’ you Dog faced Pony Soldier

You can change it to ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights out’. I recommend complete Darkness because, like Bane, I was born in it.

You can additionally choose other colors and settings. I like the orange Fuego because my world’s burning, how about yours?


Click top right,

Admire my 2 karma points

Click night mode

Bonus points if you can get banned


Click the top right like a Degenerate

Click on the Appearance button

Click the Dark Theme

Now Tip my OnlyFans account something more than Just 5 Dollars.


Log in like a degenerate,

Click the settings button in the upper right

There’s a setting called Dark mode, just click it,

Jeez, it’s that easy to make the quality of life so much better by making things that much darker.

In Closing

I’ll add more if I feel like it.

This is community service, and I’m just doing my part to waste your time.

If you didn’t find the guide that you wanted, then go google it yourself you entitled bitch.

. . .

I mean, if you found this site, you probably already spend so much time on the internet. This is already ‘your world’ so cheers to that.

Also, If a Guy named Two-shoes-Spaghet tries to get money from you, tell him the mozzarella isn’t ready yet.

Making the world a darker place one shit-post at a time;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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