A Tribute to two Punks that were not Daft but were still madlads

I’m talking about Daft punk. The duo is no longer together as of 22 Feb, 2021

For the English illeterata, ‘Daft’ means mad or insane. I know, because I googled it. Yea, so Daft Punk were these two French dudes that were universally loved for their gift in music. Their lyrics transcended language barriers and were heavily popular around the world.

Before Google was a thing, rumors circulated that they were alien robots. Of course, I just made those rumors up, but if you felt like the story of rumors being true is, well, true. Imagine how the idiot apes without search engines felt? Yea, totally plausible.

These madlads also did the score for Tron Legacy in 2010, which was mind blowing. They even had appearances in the film with some teched up gear.

They also had their song ‘Robot Rock’ featured in Iron man 2. I’d post a link, but it’d get removed so, just watch the movie or whatever.

These guys were fucking revolutionary to music. -Hell, I probably would have been a Philistinian scum without em.

Back when Youtube was being invented, there were some interesting videos. All of which, were taken in single cuts. You know, because video editing was like expensive or something. So people made some creative dance videos based on their (Daft Punk’s) lyrics. There’s this popular body dance video:

There was a finger version, which probably evolved into finger-tutting that is now popular. So you can thank daft punk for that also. Yes, I’m saying Daft Punk inspired Tutting.

They were sampled by Kanye West, which was basically their song but with Ye speaking over it. And around 2009, this was a bop. It also appeared in the cartoon show, Ben-10 so a lot of millennial degenerates can agree that this was a muther fuckin bop.

If I could figure out time travel, I would definitely go to Coachella 2006. You can just feel the energy of the crowd from a video. Fucking wild bro. Imagine it live. Also, these light show things were state-of-the-art kind of never-before-seen stuff. So it wasn’t your typical rave. Also, Pyramid, wtf. Ponzi scheme boner is maxxed.

I mean, the Lyrics

The words and lyrics for harder, better, faster, stronger playing in my head. Rent free in fact.

I mean, think about the words. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. So much wow.

Yea, so this one song boiled down all of human nature. We constantly want things to be better and faster, easier, and we want ourselves to be tougher, faster, better, stronger, etc. And part of doing that is making things harder, faster, stronger, better, etc.

You can literally go to work as a work drone in your corporate wage slave job, and play the lyrics of this song in your head over and over again. It is the pinnacle quintessence of our life to exist as some sort of functioning robot hive culture.

They also have easy hits like ‘around the world’ and ‘one more time’ which is applicable in literally any existential crisis. There isn’t a known moment where you can’t not play these jams. It’s like they touched Shakespearean themes that transcend existence and was of some sort of quasi-meta-physical ephemeral nature.

Beyond the typical pop-hit theme of big-booty-bitches of course.

They came back after Tron Legacy in 2010 and topped the charts with Pharrell Williams in 2013. Like they came out of hiatus to play a few chords and songs, and fucking slammed the charts. As if pop music was a joke, they just played some music and broke records.

Once again, using lyrics that transcend time and space, ‘Get lucky’.

Not only that, they also had an anime

Edgey title of INTERSTELLA 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. You know, before electronica and house music took shelter in making weeb animes.

This Anime movie had an interesting story.

You see, there were these alien kids on an alien planet that were abducted by humans.

Here are the alien ‘kids’:

Here is the alien planet:

Cultural utopian society

Here are the ‘Humans’:

Then the aliens were calibrated to have a cool look and be more ‘mAiNsTReaM’. hence the scene where they literally get retrofitted into Human ‘culture’.

Then they were mindlessly playing music for a greater audience, to rake up money for the corporatist cultist overlords in large grand stadiums.

The Greater audience
The Corporatist Cult. I wasn’t kidding about the cult.

Which is totally accurate to todays standards of show business. In fact, if your trace the demonic routes of showbusiness back a couple centuries to sacrificial- [REDACTED].

And all of the while, our rockstar musicians get used and abused. To the point where they don’t even have a life or personality. They become doll-like, puppets even. Ahh, the sweet soul sucking of show business.

The abduction of aliens is basically an allegory for talent scouting agencies that find talent. Then they steal them from their home towns and make em sign a record label or something.

You know, the whole golden handcuffs thing.

In broad low resolution sense, you could say it is cultural appropriation. But you’d be missing the greater point by focusing on trivial matters such as race, you racist.

You see, the brainwashing of these artists and musicians make it so that they don’t care or speak to the people they once associated with. Almost like they didn’t know you existed.

You know, fuck-the-home-town kind of vibes.

And Daft Punk was trying to convey this allegory through an anime film that also played their discography throughout the whole fucking film. highly fucking recommend. You don’t even feel like you’re watching a film, because it’s music. It’s a movie that is also just this one big music video.

They even have a love story, because, why not?

One of my favorite jams to vibe out to, Digital love, great lyrics. Timeless.

Again, Highly recommend.

You can support the suits that control the record labels by buying their merch and their swag. So please do, throw your money at the suits. Some of that might find their way to Daft Punk. Royalties and pennies and whatnot.

If you want free video, here’s U-toob links for the full story:
1. “One More Time”
2. “Aerodynamic”
3. “Digital Love”
4. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”
5. “Crescendolls”
6. “Nightvision”
7. “Superheroes”
8. “High Life”
9. “Something About Us”
10. “Voyager”
11. “Veridis Quo”
12. “Short Circuit”
13. “Face to Face”
14. “Too Long”

Enjoy it you happy fucker you.

In Closing,

If only you, the reader, could know how much fun I had giggling as I was smuggling a conspiracy into this post. It was gold, like you should’ve seen the smug look on my son-of-a-bitch face. Like fuck-that-guy.

Also, I remembered Daft Punk’s earlier videos where they entered an abandoned ghost town with robot faces on everything. I remembered their earlier works that are now just a faint memory. The whole Daft Punk’s Electroma thing.

I remembered their garage retro style aesthetic vibes in ‘Homework’, and man was that a different jam.

Anyways, I love daft punk, always have, always will. That is arguably a safe bet.

But, I mean, all good things have to come to an end. And they broke up. So, maybe no safe bet?

Idk, I’m kind of torn. Maybe I’ll invest in gourd futures, Guh.

As always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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