Citadelian Birds Possible Self Incrimination

So earlier this week, Citadel Securities had a bit of a blunder on social media Twitter,

Here is what they posted;

Which is sort of suspect.

But here are some of the remarkable remarks marked by the re-tards Fine Folks of the internet. Specifically,

A time issue;

So Robinhood posted this,

But Citadel somehow time traveled to ask about the PCO or the trade restrictions;

Time just doesn’t add up. Almost like they time travelled some how.

But also,

possibly incriminating as a lie under oath, possibly perjury, I’m not a lawyer but it’s quite possible;

Some twitter user pointed out the key wording in the testimony that CEO and Founder of Citadel, Ken Griffin, gave;

This could be somewhat translated like so;

“Did anyone in your organization talk to Robinhood about buying Game Stop?”

To which the response was “Absolutely Not”

And then Citadel Posted this Tweet with a picture about Citadel Talking With Robinhood about PCO, or restricting buy orders.

So, uh, here’s the next part;

Lmao, jokes, but uh, technically the Rep said ‘Game Stock’ so there may be some weird wording here. Although the Subject of the hearing was around Game Stop, so uh, It’s highly unlikely that there is another meaning to the phrase ‘Game Stock’ if not ‘Game Stop Stock’. But words are a tricky mistress, so Idk, Ask a real lawyer.

Here’s more comments from the peanut Gallery at Super Stonk, if you want to read more commentary.

In Closing,

Here’s a recap of this last week summarizing Citadel’s Twitter account;

It’s not clear why Citadel posted this, it’s not even clear if this document is real, and it’s also awfully suspicious. I mean, why would Citadel post so many things like this last week.

Almost as if they’re going on the offensive to sway opinions or something.

Or, almost, like they’re taking the fall for someone else.

Who knows,

But I’m sure you can Bet on it! Not Safely, mind you,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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