A Citadelian Flight Risk

So Kenny G and the Bois (not to be confused with Kenny G the Saxy Player), have started trending on twitter with hashtags like #CitadelScandal #KenGriffinLied #InsertBadPress

And it’s been a bit of a PR nightmare, as covered in these recent shit posts here and here.

So some gofund me happened;

To raise money to fly a plane;

Supposed to look like this

And this is a better article to detail what is going on, but whatever.

Then this happened;

The company that does the signs was slapped with a Defamation lawsuit ‘Allegedly’.

I can’t verify if this is true or not, so I can only present what everyone else is referencing, to my knowledge I don’t know if this lawsuit is real. But it’s out there and presented as if it is real, which may cause more damage or whatnot. But I’m not here to tell you how to socially engineer a meltdown;

Which got a response like so;

So the Flight had a change in choice words and was made

No not that kind of flight,

This one says “#citadelscandal” on it

And a lot of people started filming it;

Which is kind of funny. Kind of. It’s pretty legit and authentic to crowdsurf through the internet to talk mad shit to corporate giants. I find that. . . Poetic, in a way.

Since this seems to be targeting New Yorkers and Wall Street, by having these planes fly over NYC.

But Kenny G and the bois are based out of Chicago sort of, so uh- . . .

Who cares, this message in the sky seems to be a sign pointing to all the folks down below, and boy are they interested in finding out what the fuck is going on.

I bet a good chunk of the people with money are in sky rises with a nice Portfolio account at Citadel, And front row/eye-level seats to these airplane signs. They’re probably thinking like “what the fuck Kenny” or something. Idk, I’m not drunk enough for this. Nor Do I get Paid enuff for this.

So from the rich to the poors, everyone is going to find out.

Bet you they are googling that shit,

What a Time to be a live,

It reminds me of,

That Robinhood incident that is tied to this from back in January/February 2021, The Good old days.

Or the NY Times Billboard going bRRRRR;

Here, before you go

Please enjoy all these pieces of art by random strangers on the internet,

I take no credit for such master pieces of Shit;

Is the art Shit or is something else Shit? Idk, I stopped caring,

In Closing,

This is just a- nother shit post that I’m flushing down the toilet of interconnected plumbing called the ‘internet’

So, I don’t care.

Yea, enjoy life or something,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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