How Fiat is sort-of ripping the Time-Space continuum

And what that means for us,

This is a sort-of, how you say in Para-Ameri-kahn? eto, a Shit Post.

So, before we had money backed by nothing (fiat), we had money backed by things,

Which means if we had an accurate amount and count and a trusted ledger, (hence accounting), then we should have equivocal amounts of money and things for a given time.

For a Given time.

I said it again because this is the important part.

Of course, we could make more things, and that would allow us to make more money.

Gold being one of those things that have been prized and obsessed with over time. Food, services, and even computer chips and entertainment are other things that we would either tie with our money to increase the value of the underlying asset, the ‘gold standard’ or whatever.

We tied our money to these things, as either a payment for, or a representation of.

We went from Gold Backed Dollars, to Silver Backed Dollars, to Nothing-Burger Backed Dollars of Fiat.

Alright, Time to talk about Time

You see, Money is symbolic of time and energy spent.

Money is a form of a quantifiable metric of work.

The whole “Time is Money” and “Money is Time” thing;

See, we trade our time for money by working ‘jobs’, and then we trade our money for time spent on making our shit or service from servants, etc. We’re essentially buying each other with time and money, to do things for money and time.

In a way, when we see people with large amounts of money, we often equate that to ‘working hard’ or ‘working smart’ and are inclined to sociologically trust these rich people more in our cash-ful society. You know, like idiots.

That’s why people still have the pre-fiat concepts of ‘You work hard, you get money’ or ‘hustler mindset’ or ‘grindset’. This whole ‘pull yourself by your bootstraps’ would’ve worked if people didn’t re-design the financial game and the economic system in a retarded way.

So when we have an accurate balance of things to money, then we have an equivocal amount of money and goods in supply. Often we’d have more goods than money, but that’s not as bad as having more money than goods.

Because, well, ‘inflation’.

Then Fiat came in,

Fiat detached money from the gold standard, Which means detaching money from things.

Don’t get me wrong, we still use money tied (via purchase and valuation) to things, but it’s no longer backed by things, such as gold or silver.

It, Fiat, was a revolutionary technology, it’s just that we Humans are retarded Not-God-Kings, and we were (still are) playing with Promethean technology. This innovative fire, that when played with too much will burn the entire world into cinder, flame, and ashes.

Which is great, from my point of view, personally speaking.


Fiat allows us to print any amount of money, by creating equal amounts of debt.

Technically you create more debt than you do printing money, because you have to pay interest for the money you just printed. So, if you printed $100 dollars, then you’d have to owe interest for a total of say, $110. Which is unsustainable.

Like, that’s already a scam. You lose on the git go.

The real problem is,

The Debt is actually enslaving our future selves,

If we were to split up the Debt we owed, every American at birth today, would owe like 50k. And that number is growing larger than there are American people. And at a faster rate.

This is because, we owe interest on the money we print.

And we pay back that interest using taxes we collect. Which is why taxes are not a temporary thing, Taxes are a scam. (Federal Income Tax was supposed to be ‘transitory’ during its inception, just enough to pay down the deficit, but then we kept raising the roof).

Which means Fiat Money is detached from labor represented by the work of one person. (which is sort of okay if we were to find out how to make up for the labor using technology).

But, on average, how many people are allowed to gain money using labor producing technology?

So, turns out, labor producing technology is generally centralized and privatized to corporations. Mainly because of risk, liability, regulations, and expenses. Yea, that industrial steam press girder thingy for a finite use? That shit costs more (risk) than you’re willing to afford (take on).

This issue leads to why a lot of people want to ‘own their labor’ and this is how you romanticize Communism, because, it sort of makes sense from a labor perspective in order to balance this retarded debt ceiling.

But also, Communism is a scam because you would essentially sign your self up for a sharecropping but for all things. But don’t get me wrong, all the other -isms are scams too.

But the real real problem is,

When we print money on interest,

What we are doing is borrowing money from our future selves.

You have to look at time as a fourth dimensional thing,

Then you’ll notice that we are essentially financing our economies today with the labor and production of tomorrow.

Which is a big problem, because there’s no way society will Keep going, there’s no guarantee that time will last, and there’s no guarantee that goods and services will keep being made. Especially since we just saw how our Logistics Supply system is being choked out due to Covid, Retarded policies and laws, lockdowns, retarded policies and laws again, under employment, unemployment being more lucrative than working, the Evergreen getting stuck and cock blocking the Suez canal, etc.

This whole Economic Ponzi Scheme steals from our future, and is completely, totally, utterly,

A Not Safe Bet

Point is, our society is running at a very fast speed due to financing our future energy to fuel The Now.

And if, or rather, When we trip, we’re going to go in the dirt at a speed proportional to our borrowing Future Stealing.

So, we need to fall sooner then later, or else it’s going to hurt way worse (Force, is mass by acceleration. Mass is our economic size AND consumption, while acceleration is our debt being added, and the speed would be our current debt).

It’s going to hurt

The current powers that be, kick the can down the road to (ironically) buy more time to find a good solution to fix this problem. You know, the good ol’ Snooze and raise the deficit ceilings.

That’s cool,

No, yea, totally,

It’s going to hurt.

Now to tie it all together. Including the Time Space Continuum;

Before, I mentioned, we had our money backed by things;

Which means if we had an accurate amount and count and a trusted ledger, (hence a-counting), then we should have equivocal amounts of money and things for a given time.

So for a given time, we had ‘a’ balance in the world.

With a money printer that borrows/steals/takes from our future selves, what we end up having is a shit ton more money than we have goods for this given time. We wrongly attribute that as simplistically low resolution as ‘inflation’ when it’s way way worse.

Not only that, but we also have a shit ton less money than we have goods for a given future.

That’s literally the whole idea of a loan. Borrowing from your future self to do something in the now, to pay if off later. . . With Interest.

That’s Fourth Dimensionalism think. Essentially viewing time as a series of picture frames. Where each slice of time is a picture frame that represents a moment that corresponds to the past and future of itself. You know, like a frame by frame, stills, of movies, except this movie is called ‘life’ and it’s shit and you’re probably not the main character. Probably.

Here is me writing ontop of some figure skating to help you conceptualize;

Each frame is a slice of you/time
All the frames together is what we call a ‘space time continuum’

So, this stealing from our future, is actually causing a Temporal Butterfly effect but in reverse. You know how a Time Traveler could fuck something up in the past that is small, and that cascades causing temporal-object-permanence and fucks everything up in the future?

Here’s a story to help illustrate;

Well, now imagine this, you’re trying to buy some coffee to cure your hangover, but as you swipe to pay your card gets declined. Turns out, you don’t have money.

As it also turns out, Drunk-past you, yesterday, spent all your money buying Burgers and lap dances, the burgers then decided to come back up in your drunken stupor, and you got kicked out of the Club for bringing Ralph and (up)Chuck with you. You were tired so, you decided to plant your ass cheeks, and then your face, on the pavement. Well, some scammer took your cards and swiped the fuck out of it like those Thrifty Korean Hookers while you’re not looking. Your buddies got a good tik tok of you throwing up, and found you outside on the ground before questioning, debating, and then making the Ethical Decision to carry your troubled ass back home to the couch.

Now, you don’t have money because your past self took it all (basically, even though most of it got stolen).

What Money printing does, is steal from the future.
Here is a simpler scenario;

Imagine if you were trying to pay for something, but a time traveling you from the past took that money from your wallet. And they took it all and left you for broke.

When we steal from our future by borrowing to pay for frivolous things detached in the world of values in ‘The Now’, then we will eliminate future potentialities. Eliminating our future potentialities is a very bad move, and it also pisses off our past selves, including the Ancestral energies that we’ve totally ignored. I mean, how pissed off would you be now if you worked your ass off and ended up in jail for life in the future for a loan you took in the past? That’s what we’re doing here on a grand scale.

So when we eliminate our future potentialities, what we push closer towards is a limited and finite event. This is known as a ‘Singularity’. Hence this cartoon synchronizing moments to a singularity known as ‘death’;

“Your future stems from your present, which if you’re living right, keeps changing”

This is what I mean by breaking the Time Space Continuum.
I guess I should be more specific,
It’s breaking our Time Space Continuum.

(Is it Time space or space time? Turns out, it’s all the same for us, we don’t have a linguistic-need yet to delineate a difference. I mean, we’re so retarded that we steal from our literal selves. So yea, we don’t need to care about how we spell these concepts that we don’t even remotely understand based on our self-flagellating-neo-economic–primitive-barbarism.)

Side note;

AND I fucking hate Modern Monetary Theory, they’re like pseudo scientists.

Here’s someone richer than me (monetary wise (for now (and possibly forever))) dunking on MMT;

In Closing

I am, once again, dunking on MMT. But this time I am talking from a Fourth Dimensional perspective and relating to the Space Time Continuum.

MMT thinks they’ve solved Monetary issues with unlimited Money, but they don’t realize that their money/energy is coming from other dimensions (specifically our own future dimensions). You know, like the plot of Dimension W.

I don’t even bring up inflation being the issue, just the idea that we live in a limited-ish world of goods and services with a shitty timeline and that’s all you need.

Not to mention my earlier monologues in other articles where I dunk on MMT alchemically.

The solution to a lot of this is, creating (and allowing) inconsistencies in central money sovereignty, allowing for chaos, and a thing called (debt) forgiveness, it’s like a Buddhist Precept or something

Trust me, I flunked out of the temple mind schools, BUT that also meant I qualified to attend.

Check. Mate.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Time, or Any Advice

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