Appeal to Ethos and the Appeal to the Death of Ethos

This post is just a meta post. An observation if you will. And I oft find it rather humorous, so I think I’ne share.

This was inspired by some random idiot’s post;

what a smooth brain, room temperature IQ, knobhead

The age of Credentials and it’s shadow;

So, we used to value and work on our reputation,

A typical story where friends and family played into the life of the American Dream. Where people would learn and update and upgrade themselves with their peers, getting the latest phones, trying the newest diets, too much so was deemed ‘keeping up with the joneses’ and not enough was ‘letting yourself go’.

This sort of social circle jerk is very common with pumpkin spice basic bitches that society transgressed in an archetypical behavior, to which we can meme;

From your average starter pack
To your Average Generic character
In which we can Meta meme and relate to, all while blankly staring at a screen

All of this is a sort of ‘rat race’ where we get the ‘good grades’ and ‘college degrees’ to check a mark in the box and be ‘ahead of peers’ in our quest to die in some retirement home after shitting out carbon copies of our genetic code. This history of doing shit is our sort of reputation, and have had the ‘experience’ of doing shit, somehow gives us the credentials and background to talk on a pedestal or stage worth ‘possibly’ listening to.

Hence Reputation.

So, a sort of balance and parley in people’s lives to ‘better themselves’ or at least dance with the cosmic chaos that is life.

I mean, we still do build reputation, but society has grown so large that you can

Fall into the cracks,

People can disappear and start over, which means there are a lot of shadows.

Also a lot of kidnapping and human trafficking.

Romance Scams are on the rise, swindling and tomfoolery are always taking place, Murders and all sorts of malfeasance behind the curtains.

MLM schemes keep on cycling through their victims and rebranding themselves in a new light for a cut of your Grandma’s jib.

All the works and all the books, all of which, are just re-posted shit posts only reinforce the stupidity of our population size and our bacteriophage adjacent ‘culture’ we call ‘humanity’.

Anyhoot, what I’m saying here is that we build reputations and also that we,

Went from;

A society of openly admitting credentials like so;

“My Dad’s a Doctor and he said”

“I graduated top of my class at Harvard-Yale Ivy Rose Garden Belmont School-astic university of gifted children and controlled neuro-methane-flatulence”

Basically we used credentials and reputation to help substantiate claims.

We don’t even trust the “experts” because rationally, they’re full of shit (sometimes).

What is Satire if not ‘Memes’ in longer drawn critique-form?


to avoid liabilities, we down play anything we say. Sort of an appeal to the ‘Death of Ethos’.

(Similar to the death of an author but not really in any way shape or form).

For instance, I even refer to everything posted as *Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice as a sort of joke and reminder that it’s all a joke.

But at the same time, many people have started to say things to avoid blame and liability, to avoid lawsuits and persecution,

‘Here’s advice. . . But like, Idk’

Memetic expression of said Phenomenological experience

Here are some other examples,

There’s many more, if you closely read the lines. It’s almost obligatory to be trusted by saying “First off, I’m probably wrong as fuck”.

At least in that way, as a sort of a poetic opener, you can at least admit that this is all theory and speculation and you can’t be more wrong than saying you are wrong. Paradoxically being honest builds trust.

So by that logic, these people with their shit posts sort of build up a more credible reputation by not having any credibility and being up front about it. Rather than claiming from some bullshit background of minutia importance acquired from a few sol cycles on this dust mote we call ‘Erff’ (or “Earth” for you non-Euclidian retards).

Here some more examples;

Motley Fool’s disclaimer at the bottom;

It’s like asking online doctors and lawyers for advice, while they preface it with ‘But you should see your real professional for valid specific advice’

Here’s a doctor playing it on the safe side to also avoid Misdiagnosing a potential patient. Creating a Doctor-Patient relationship that would’ve potentially made the Doctor liable;


you got to watch what you say, and slap a “I don’t know” just in case it actually fucks up someone’s life.

Case in point;


“You should avoid saying things”

That’s my advice, but Idk tho, just in case it ruins your life. 😉

So it’s not valid advice, Lmao.

In Closing

This is actually, still, a shit post. Believe it or not, shit post.

Here’s a meme to iterate;

I just thought I’d share.

On a side note, I’m working on more shitty articles, but I also might be working on a few research papers that I may or may not post.

They are, of course, satirical comedic research papers, because my shit post knows no bounds. Which will come out proportionally based on an amount of time that is balanced between writing op-eds on drug war lords and corruption. So probably never.

Until I do something and become peer reviewed,

This is all (and always will be):

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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