CEO of AMC, is mighty sus.

Ahhh, the little brother of GME in the “derogatory (dis-able-ist) term of Meme Stocks” is under pressure from an internal source, the CEO;

Cheers you dirty apes,

And also some insight from an interested party;

Now, before we dive, Full disclosure, I don’t care about AMC. So this could very well be FUD if you swing that way, or it could just be rational talk, if you swing the other way.

So, IF YOU WANT AMC TO GO UP, Ignore this article. It’s straight FUD, and I would shill if I could, but no one wants to pay me shit about Fuck.

Now You might ask;

Why Don’t I care about AMC?

Well, it’s because they announced this;

Which resulted in a surge of buying pressure, and this increased their stock price.

And then, AMC diluted the fuck out of their stock by selling a bunch of shares, the Next Day.

Literally the NEXT DAY, It almost seems like it was coordinating with Media to sell shares at their new All time High.

Here’s a link to the associated 8-K if you care.

Basically, they convinced retailers (who would benefit from free popcorn) to buy and in a round about way (arguably could be interpreted as) manipulating their own stock by selling more shares in a dilution.


This wouldn’t really be a big deal, but AMC sold those shares to Big Banks and other Wall Streeters.

So, definitely not the people that bought and supported the rise of AMC.

This resulted in AMC stock going down because these institutions literally took the shares and dumped em into the market.

Lmao, get fucked.

And then, the Next day;

June 4th

AMC still wants to sell more shares,

Here’s a Fud joke, they might as well sell Shares instead of movie tickets, since their profit margins are through the roof on that alone. LMAO. I think they might’ve lost their way a bit.

Here’s the current Tweet that’s sparking debate and a rift in investors (causing a few to jump ship to the other Rocket Ship. lmao, ships.)

-Sauce June 23rd

What should they (AMC) have done?

Be more tactful I guess, lmao;

Probably not push out News of Free popcorn and immediately dump shares on their new investors.

Or maybe take a page on a similar but also idiosyncratic risk to the markets;

But, again, IDK;

Again, IDK;

Enough Random FUD,

Let’s talk about the CEO, Adam Aron

Who is Adam Aron?

Well, he’s the current CEO of AMC as of writing,

And some people point out some Sus activity;

Random user says look at charts, I proceed then to look at charts;


Became CEO as of Jan 4, 2016

And has a history with Apollo Management, a large private equity firm (sounds pretty Hedge Fundy to me);

Which, in 2007, he helped Apollo acquire Norwegian Cruise lines,

A company he was CEO at previously;

Hmm, that sounds like an interesting acquisition. Maybe his prior experience greased the ease of taking over the cruise industry.

Or maybe;

There is a possible conflict of interest;

This Twitter post connected some dots for me;

Checks out, it is an offshore Cayman Island company. Sounds like someone isn’t paying the Normie Tax that us poors pay in the continental United States;

So this company;

-Home page

Has a team;

And guess who’s on it;

Here’s more data and reports that confirms These corporate positions;

A Man of many hats, I guess?

But who else owns that Company?

Turns out, a lot of familiar names.

(Glazer =/= Glacier? Which may or maynot be tangentially related to any of these companies)

Just your Typical Hedge Fund ‘hiding’ money in their Cayman Island’s account;

Here’s another Form D if you care

Point is, Adam Aron seems to have
(a business relationship)
some really really nice friends that bank in the Caymans.

Seems almost like a conflict of interest to be buddy buddy with the likes of Citadel Advisors LLC. Especially when they have some interesting positions; (That may or may not be related to reset-clock-transactions for hiding synthetic FTDs)

But IDK, anything about reading a Form 13G that reaffirms the top information;

Yea, don’t mind this;

Again, IDK, it just seems Sus to me.

In Closing

Hey, This Article is straight FUD.

FUD like how insiders are selling shares like they’re jumping ship;

Yea, a lot of selling, not a lot of buying;

More FUD,
It’s like there is a coordinated effort to sell shares on June 3rd,
you know, during their 11.5 Million share dilution
It’s almost like the people working at AMC don’t care about AMC

I mean, just go read the twitter comments. People are upset.

If you have any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt, GOOD.

Just ignore that, and proceed to do nothing.

None of anything matters.

Especially if your strategy is simply to Buy and Hodl.

Because, you can’t gain profits if you never sell.

(Key word is ‘only’)

I, personally, don’t want to see more companies be like Toy’s R Us and get shorted into oblivion. I also don’t want to see the pervasive greed of the executive officers and Board members of a Corporate company shilling out their entire company and thousands of employee’s livelihoods to get rich as well.

So, I guess it’s somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

Perhaps between an icy rock and a hard fortress, or maybe a Glazer and a Citadel? lmao, jokes.

Regardless, there are many ways to get to the moon, I hope to see you there, Space Cowboy.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script

This article was written and researched in the span of 4 hours. I just wanted to not-humble brag and inform you that I will continue to be lazy so Don’t expect much from me.

Post Post Script

Told ya it’s FUD.

If you say this article is FUD, then you agree with me, the writer, thus I’m speaking the truth.

OR you’re lying, or this is not FUD.

Take your Pick, gotcha now!

(Also, I referenced and linked the Paradise papers, which if you don’t know, is sort of a big deal.)

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