Chase Bank users report $50 Billion dollar balance changes

update at the bottom

Something sketchy is going on,

So some user posted this on my favorite lurksite;

To which the comments sort of make sense that this is probably not a glitch. Or at least, it’s fishy.

-Random comment says its probably not a glitch

And upon researching, there’s a lot of people that are having this issue. They’re not happy;

Here’s twitter with more;

Here is that last tweet zoomed up;

A bit odd that they would put a time limit on the deposit.

So apparently, some people are debited 50 billion, while others are credited 50 billion.

It seems very fucking fishy

Soooooo, what the fuck?

Did they get Hacked?

Now, it might be a Hacker. But MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS worth $50 BILLION EACH?
Look, that’s a fucking lot of money, NO THIEF WOULD DO THAT

Like, there’s stealing, and then there’s robbing the bank in broad daylight with a banana, no mask, and having a scooter as your get away vehicle.

Not the savviest thieves, or if so, they’re pretty fucking ballsy.

It’s unlikely that Chase got hacked since some accounts are getting 50 Billion. It might be some weird scrambler transaction to maybe confuse the system. OR it could be an attack, and the hackers don’t care about the cash but just want to cause chaos to Chase’ infrastructure and mess with their customer.

The lack of action on Chase Bank’s customer service tells me one thing though; Don’t bank with Chase.

Is Chase Bank hiding debt in their clients accounts?

-One theory

Or are they (Chase & JPM) cooking the books?


Although, a red herring would say that those credited 50 billion, would be a liability. So It might not be cooking their books

BUT If it were so, then shits about to get wild af.

In Closing

I don’t know shit about jack,

I don’t trust myself, so I definitely don’t trust banks,

That’s a fact,

And TikTok and other socials are actually a pretty interesting way to dig up ‘news’ because of the speed and ‘viralness’

Well, we’ll get an official report maybe in the future, hopefully Tomorrow, we’ll see. Until then, no one knows,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

UPDATE 22 JUNE 2021;

Apparently it was a weekend ‘glitch’ per Chase,

Aaaand that they’ve fixed it;

Some twitter accounts were resolved;

Extra update 23rd,

Apparently this ‘glitch’ impacted people’s credit card history,
Which means it hurt your credit score.
Sounds like Chase done goofed,
And possibly could argue a court case for damages on interest charges,
beyond emotional and psychological damages

Although, no official notice or report by Chase bank to any Media outlets (in the form of articles) or their Twitter page. Probably to save face. It’s easy to get ahead of the news by simply ignoring it, bold move Cotton.

And I stopped caring,

Good luck with whatever you think is going to the Moon, It’s going to get real crowded up there, real soon.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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  1. It was a Credit while it had the Hold on it during the first 2 days, then on Sunday the Hold was released and it’s now showing as Pending which is in the Positive.

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