What Squid Games Tells us about Work-Life-Hustle,

If you haven’t seen the Netflix show called ‘Squid Games’ then you haven’t seen the Netflix show called ‘Squid Games’. Duh, Idk why you needed me to tell you that? Honestly, that vapid and abysmal stare you got going on, it’s kinda gross. (ew and ew but this time in German).

You see there stary-Mc-Starry-eyed this article would greatly benefit in your ability to comprehend the jokes here if you do watch, at least some of it. How much of it? Oh, just the first nine episodes.

Don’t make it Awkward, you.

So let’s look at the Netflix special ‘squid games’ that is taking the international charts by storm.

For whatever reason, people love it, I’m here to tell you that this is all par for the course.

What a G way to Welcome people to Korea

Morals shmorals,

You might not like watching people die and suffer for amusement like my fellow Sadists, But You can atleast watch a tangential ‘fictional’ reality-style show of watching people die and suffer. That way you feel like it’s okay because it’s not real. Kind of like watching Crime Videos, but not commiting the crime. “It’s not the same because it’s fake”, I’m looking at you Serial Killer watchers. . .

You might ask, why would anyone want to dress up in a uniform;

Get told what the rules are and how to play them,

Watch other people die over time,

-(Lmao, if you watched the show, then you know)

All of this to collect a ton of money;

And we do this over and over, where we;

And wake up in the morning to find motivation to do more dumb shit

In an obscure way, you might ask,

Why would anyone do this?

For some people, it has to do with Ideals. Sometimes it’s all about Equality;

“Equality. Everyone is equal while they play this game. Here, every player gets to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered from inequality and discrimination out in the world, and we’re giving them one last chance to fight fair and win.”

Golly Gee, doesn’t that sound like every cult when the cults reference the ‘out in the real world’ as the outer ring of the cult, society, the borderlands, the outerlands, the savages outside, the whole ‘real world’.

Gee Willickers, stay in that cozy tutorial of an indoctrination camp we call School and Higher Education, no need to venture boldly to challenge the hierarchy of status quo during it’s chaotic struggle to justify it’s own order.

Literally, every cult preaches ideals like this.

Source: I’m in -like- five cults.

Some People make a connection with Amazon;

Just for the record, I’m just recycling memes from the internet about Amazon. These are not my opinions, and I don’t mean for them to speak on my behalf or in any way at all insinuate any negativity towards or tangentially at Amazon. But also, I hate Amazon. Thank you very much.

And when I mean ‘Some people’, I mean Amazon employees, lol;

-Made by an Amazon employee (probably)

Hell, the New Trainees might not know how time cards work so Learning Ambassadors (Trainors) gotta save their lives. Or at least their livelihood;

-Definitely made by an Amazon Employee (most probably)

Great to be an Amazon employee I guess.

Why would anyone really want to do this?

The simple answer is money.

I mean, did you not see the giant glass piggy bank stuffed with hard cash?

It’s not like we live in some sort of society that craves violence and upending each other’s lives as we all panic and rush through the fire escape while trampling our brethren beneath us. What are we, Sperm cells?

It’s not like we have underground networks and shadow cultures that resemble these sorts of ‘fictional dramas’. Yea, we totally don’t partake in the fantasy of reality-televised dramas of hunger-game-esque battle royals and game theoried shows. You know, the type of stuff that glorifies brutality and violence, the kind of brutality that snuff out a human life like a candle before bed time during the 1700s. What is this? a Game show?

Yea, Life is a bit of a survival game, and the point system seems to be in karma, credit, and cash. It’s just, most people redeem cash and credit more than Karma.

But also,

Why talk about Game Theory, when you can practice it?

See, a whole bunch of philoso-cunts gather around in a linguistic circle jerk to banter about retarded shit instead of putting money where their mouth is. You know, to play out as people die, place your money with your ideals on your bet. It’s like radical democratic ethics, or some shit.

And if you don’t know what a Radical Democracy that votes in on the subjective interpretations of ethics is, then uh, well, you’re voted off the island.

Rich people placing bets on other people dying? No way, that doesn’t happen in the – oh wait;

I mean, the people aren’t Rich per se
But the situation sure is, Rich in laughter
What a Clown world and a circus performance.

What is this the Covid Pandemic?

Oh, also, Welcome to Hell.

Like, let’s take a look in the mirror,

Do People really kill for money?

Just like Angels of Death, Human Traffickers, Mercenaries, and Organ Harvesters, the answer is; Yes.

At the end of the day,

You wear a shitty uniform for society as a clothed heathen hiding your ‘shame’ or whatever the fuck.

You perform mundane and routine tasks following rules and other game-like rituals because ‘Corporate Policy’.

All of this is for money. Just to survive. Bills, Rent, food, water, housing, shitting, gas, electricity, etc.

People around you die from all sorts of complications. Every second someone dies from something. -Source, Go look it up.

After each death, the business and employees goes on like business-as usual.

Let’s have a moment of silence. . . Alright that moment is up, Back to work. Can’t waste time because we have to pick up more slack since Wagie-00192 just died, and I’ll be damned if you think you’ll get any overtime or raised wages because you have more work. You should be grateful, because Work will set you free, and you have nothing to live for, no life outside of these four walls and this shitty factory/cubicle/farm/office/etc.

‘Work will set you free’
If you don’t like German Work,
Try some Russian Gulags,

Yep, Wow-

what a great world we live in.

Hey, at least you can lie to yourself,

“Get your clown face wagie ass back to work, you have nothing better in life to look forward to” -Your Manager Probably

As a Side note, Socialism isn’t the answer, and Capitalism isn’t the problem. These intrinsic hierarchies of social nature are deeper than the idea of ‘government’ or ‘god’ or whatever the fuck you pray to make your problems go away. It’s not going to work.
Yea because a Capitalized King is equally bad as a Tyrannical Government. And you can’t have Socialism if you don’t trust the government, and if you trust the government then you failed history class.

In Closing,

Don’t worry, the Spiritual 5-Dimensional beings are watching over us, some sixth and beyond dimensions too,

And they’re looking down at our clownin’ ass asking “what game is this” while (probably) placing bets;

“We bet on horses. It’s the same here -but Humans”

You want to bet on humans and your own humanity? Isn’t that what we do when we make decisions in life? Place some bets? These bets that dictate our own lives and our narrative story that we toil and weave into a cluster fuck of shit? Every decision being a path down a new road for some speculative hope that you think you can bank on or believe in?

After it all,

There are No Safe Bets,

Also, Here is a picture of me, in my weeb hair, convincing you not to play, because it’s a scam;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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