Robinhood Crypto hosts an AMA on Reddit

I’m writing this to fuel my confirmation bias and also at the same time taking some screengrabs at legit and reasonable questions that may be deleted or whatnot. It seems they didn’t delete actual questions, so I guess it’s fair game? Idk, I don’t have a registry of deleted comments nor do I really care.

Honestly, I’ve been going back and forth on whether to even cover this. Because it’s some petty shit. But then I read some of their answers, and oh boy are they giving some boring drab and corporate liability speech of “You shouldn’t take advice from internet strangers” and then I remembered that I’m more petty than they are. So let’s not throw away this B-roll. (Everything here is B-roll).

So Robinhood has an account that’s been flagged as Shitposter by the infamous degenerates at Wall Street Bets;

Anyways, they posted this on April 26th, 2021 and will host it throughout the 29th;

Here’s the link to the thread

They posted it on their own account, and it’s moderated by none other than, themselves.

Good old Lock and Delete hard questions;

It’s got Zero Upvotes as of 5am Stonk Time (Eastern NY) on April 27th
A little more than just 50% down voted, lmao

(Because a 50% downvote would be 0 upvotes. so anything less than 50% upvotes would be overkill)

Poor new COO, just recently entered the position of COO, so hopefully the pay is worth the third-degree-ing of questions. But I mean, you can just shadily stake your reputation and dodge questions. Because that’s what they did.

Well, an AMA means “ASK ME ANYTHING”, but the out-of-touch base of Robinhood created rules and such to prevent asking anything. Which makes it more robotic, corporate, and definitely out of touch.

AMA = Ask Me Anything (but not the hard questions)

For the record, they answered about 22 questions. . . Not all of them were answers either, so I’m being generous

yup, no math needed for a 3 day AMA. 22 answers is more than 3.4k questions

Not like Off-the-cuff like what an AMA is supposed to be, genuine and all that.

But whatever;

Questions I care about (ish, not really, I generally don’t care);


Another question;


Doge Coin related questions;


Cautiously framing it as “never actually halted trading”

Another question;

other Questions;

No Reply
Is Robinhood the whale in Doge?

(Spoiler, Robinhood Doge’d the question. LMAO)

No Reply

No Reply
No Reply

Everyone wants to know about wallets


People want to own their stuff, I mean, yea, of course. Duh;

The Reply;

No Set dates
Someone should inform them that “holding on behalf of customers” isn’t equivalent to direct ownership especially when it comes to cryptos. Because cryptos are actual singular technologies and not a licensed certificate like stonks. (Of course the battle of whether Cryptos are a security is still underway, so who knows)

And Crypto expansion

People want to know if Robinhood Crypto will expand their offerings into other coins;

Something about Safemoon;

To which;

People are still salty;

No Reply

Also, if you notice, someone keeps giving a Snek award. Probably hinting that Robinhood is a deceitful liar or something;

The Awarded a lot of Robinhood’s comments
Nothing to see here, just slither on by

It also didn’t take long to meme the photo;

People Photoshoped in Vlad Tenev, Robinhood’s CEO and some Wendy’s for some tendies

I sort of feel bad for the COO who just entered into the fray without understanding the amount of damage control they needed to do.

But, uh, here is a random comic strip to help succinctly nail the feeling the COO felt (probably).

lmao, welcome to PR Damage Control

In Closing

Ultimately, Robinhood answered like 10 questions, repeated themselves, deleted a whole bunch, did damage control, and then went dark.

It’s pretty remarkable that this company could be as successful as it is and have the PR that they do. Although, a lot of people are transferring out and whatnot, but uh, well, uh, yea. . .

I don’t have anything to say,

This is entirely a B-roll post, and I honestly regret even posting it before posting it.

But, I mean, how many turds do you remember after you flush down the drain? That’s exactly how it’ll be for me, totally forgettable shit. . . -post. lmao.

None of these comments or pictures describe anything that I feel or express the opinions of anything worth liability or anything. And to make further confounding statements in that of itself, one must realize to advise extreme caution and continually use the word ‘of’ because legal jargon of dictation of some other form of higher power requirements precede the necessity to speak convolutedly. Especially in cases which extend to ‘of’ and the usage of ‘of’. Nice.

Idk shit man,

In other words,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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