History in the making $GME

(will update as more shit comes out, keep in mind that the Shorting of GME goes out to April too. This is a living article and things are subject to being factually wrong, 140% wrong, and will undoubtedly change. Consider this fake news.)

“It started out so innocent, we just wanted to make money.”

They started playing dirty and dirtier, and that only made us more cornered. It’s not about the money anymore.

I ask that as I stare into the black mirror of my computer screen, and a reflection of a person too alien in a world of financial war being played throughout the cyber space.

“How the fuck did we end up to where we are now?”

Alright, we’re in the first month of the new year of 2021, everyone tried rioting/peaceful-protesting yesteryear and not a lot changed. Well, if you target the money in the banks then things might actually change.

Too Long Didn’t Read, this picture sums it up:

Here’s a reddit post that sums it up.

Smaller TLDR:

Welcome to the warzone of Occupy Wallstreet 21;

If you want to know more of the knitty gritty and who’s who, then keep reading. If not, then you know what you needed to know.

The Forces of Good

Robin Hood was meant to steal wealth from the rich. That was part of its purpose, and that allowed your ‘everyday construction worker’ to buy a few stocks. Fast forward and we have millions of retards taking Goliath Hedge funds down.

So what the fuck happened?

Well, the Coronavirus happened and a lockdown followed dropping Stonks in March of 2020.

Fed Chair J Pow made a money printer and it prints, well, money

Print it J Pow

People got stimmy checks and money, so they invest in a few stocks.

Coronavirus was supposed to go away after a 2-week quarantine, instead the US State gubernments enacted Martial law and locked down small businesses choking out brick and mortar businesses for MONTHS. Curfews and other bologney policies were made to SaVe LiVEs or whatever.

Online businesses profited, made bank.

Then some institutional investors saw the death throes of America retail, so they bet that Companies like Gamestop (GME) and movie theaters (AMC) would go out of business.

The thing is, they bet more stocks than there were available. Like 138% more shares than there were available. Naked Shorting, because you can’t cover 120% more stock than there is in the market.

They probably thought “this can’t possibly go tits up?”

Then r/wsb caught wind, and started a slow roll of buying up stocks and LEAPS. Eventually cascading into a crescendo of ultra high and insane stock value. Simply by not selling.

r/wsb has a large international audience of +5 million retards just buying stock based on whatever they want.

๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€TOOO ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€THE๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ MOOOOOOON ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

They trade in all places, in the exchanges that international corporations are in.

When NYSE markets close, the other side of the world gets some market hours. Because, the sun.

And that’s when the international Autist Anonymous unite to buy shares and hold the line.

Thank you Canadia, United Caindom, and Kangaroo Land, thank you Swiss cheez, the place called Sweden, The Greek place, and the Roman thing shaped like a boot. Thank you to the global powers of financially struggling idiots just trying to live comfortably by gambling their paychecks every month like me.

Thank you.

And anytime someone makes money, its followed by a “congratulations” and an obligatory “fuck you” because envy and jealousy are things we all feel and are open to express. Such a warm place, definitely not toxic.

The Heroes

You can’t champion a revolution or a financial war without heroes

Elon Musk

He obstinsiveley disrespects the SEC, as I think anyone should.

He also called them the “Shortseller Enrichment Club”

With Lord Elon and Tesla, there were many newly minted Te$lanaires, people who bought Tesla and LEAPS from r/wsb and made millions.

Now The Te$lanaires look at the visionary for more guiding light. Oh, and also there are robots that are algorithmically programmed to buy based off of his tweets.

Lord Elon made a simple tweet, that sent the stock rising in after hours, up +200 dollars.

The momentum didn’t stop either!

Chamath Palihapitiya

He rode the rollercoaster with r/wsb

Then he defended r/wsb by saying:

CNBC edited out the inbetween exchange to save face

He then took his winnings to donate to barstoolfund, to help the closed down businesses that are struggling. A redistribution of wealth from those that bet on foreclosure, and to those that were at the barrel’s end of foreclosure.

The Cut (edited parts)

The argument continues (you see where CNBC stands):

Because we get to underwrite why we buy what we buy, even as simple as “we like the stock”

Jim Cramer

At first, he was enemy that touted Wallstreetbets as a bunch of degenerates. Which, I mean, he was right.

Then he had a redemption arc and saw how awesome Wallstreetbet-ers were. Just your local mom and pop investor, who own a few shares that you can count on your hand. He saw how great r/wsb was and saw what we did with the money.

We used it to pay off bills and donate to people. Also people bet to shave their heads, drink piss, or eat shit based on Price Targets.

So Cramer had a change of heart, and he defended r/wsb;

It was better that the Arbiter and Master Chief working together.

“what about side by side with a friend”

Anyways, people who need a good justification for why to buy GME? Simple, “we like the stock”.

“we like the stock”

Ryan Cohen

He founded Chewy.com and sold it to PetSmart for billions. Then went and invested 1.55 million shares in Apple during the Post-March 2020 lull, and then made profit. He took his profits to get him the ear of Gamestop.

So he is an activist investor that wants to change Gamestop, and is systemically taking over Gamestop to revolutionize it. He owns about 10% then upped his stake to about 13% of the entire company. He even filed a 13D with the SEC to show everyone publically that he ain’t selling.

He’s young and smart, and ambitious.

Which means a good thing for GME.

He also thinks that Gamestop can enter the E-Commerce, delivering games to people.

Which would revolutionize the way things work, because cloud-downloading is pretty lame. And some people really just want to own a physical copy, with collector swag.


This person is the Hero, a lighthouse, a beacon and purveyor of light. If you think you lost out, just look to U/DeepfuckingValue and you’ll find hope.

This mutherfucker bought so much stock and options that they publically posted their positions everyday to show you what’s up.

The UPs,

The Downs,

At one point the swings were six digits.

But they kept holding on to their positions. ๐Ÿ’ŽDiamond๐Ÿ’ŽHands๐Ÿ’Ž can’t even imagine.

So much so, that other people just sees these positions and holds on. They look to this Hero for inspiration. They think “If U/DeepFuckingValue is holding, than so am I”

He was awarded the highest prestigious award in the entire Galactic Federation of Retards, modship at Wallstreetbets.

He even has loyal fans, because this user is a fucking HERO, LEGENDARY:


The Champion of the greatest Pump and Dump, Squeezy, Bubble Financial War since the start

The Forces of Not-Good

They’re villains but not, like villian-adjacent. The villianous things they do is market manipulation, and the SEC just allows it by turning a blind eye.

$hitron Research

Sorry, I meant Citron Research.

They make bad credit ratings to drive market sentiment towards what they want. Because they manipulate the market, or so it is alleged.

Don’t worry, they had some fraud issues.

They also thought Tesla was going to go down and be worth $100, but someone else said it would hit $4k and that someone else was right.

They also allegedly closed out of their short positions:

Or so they say

Melvin Capital

Some people really don’t like Melvin Capital

They were born through the death throes of the SEC sting and trap of SAC Capital. You know the SAC Capital that paid analysts to lie, and then sued a company for their earnings, lol. So Majestic.

They also Shorted Tesla for years, so of course they would make an enemy of Lord Elon-Chan. That may be the reason why Elon made that sweet tweet for Game Stonk.

Someone filed a complaint against them.

So hopefully the SEC does their job, doubt it though

These guys have huge short positions, they shorted more stock than there was available. Which doesn’t make sense, because that sounds stupid illegal.

They wanted to make profit from the suffering of businesses during the lockdown. Basically, the bad guys. THEY WANT TO PROFIT FROM SUFFERING. Yep, I think they’re the baddies.

So they Shorted so much and have short positions in April as well.

They were so in the negative that they lost billions. Short Sellers total are estimated to have lost $70Billion.

Melvin Capital had to be bailed out by Point72 and Citadel for $2.75 billion dollars. So these guys have a vested interest in seeing Melvin Capital succeed. Because, money.


Is a hedge fund owned by Steve Cohen. A billionaire investor that was the founder of SAC capital, you know, the one where I mentioned all the illegal stuff they did literally the last section you read. They closed down, so I guess Steve Cohen decided to start his life anew.

At a new hedge fund. You know, one he founded called Point72.

Probably doing all the same old tricks because if you get a free pass, there isn’t a consequence for malfeasance.

Also, he owns the Mets, so you should dislike him because the Mets. and if you’re a Mets fan, you should dislike him because he probably mismanages the Mets.


So I guess SAC Capital is still doing their thing, just split up in different names. You know, because they’re all buddy buddy with their fellow wallstreeter.


I mean Citadel.

IF TRUE, so keep in mind the IFFY factor, like how IFFY this MARKET MANIPULATION BLATANTLY IS

It is alleged that they might have connected with Robinhood to manufacture price crashes and such.

Hedge Funds

Every other gay bear and shortseller is on the side of trying to make a profit.

They short the stock, and would enjoy the benefit of the stock going down.

But the greedy pigs are hogs and they’re clawing to fight

They’re not evil, just the naked shorts on margin credit lines are not good. The market manipulation is definitely evil though.

Also, to be clear, not ALL hedge funds are bad guys mkay.

The Bystanders

The Public

Displaying Photo note

Bought out media is trying to tell you that this is some ‘foreign’ attack or collusion or interests. They don’t want to admit that several million retards just decided to dump their stimmy checks into stonks.

So the bought out media is selling you fake news to blame someone else, but turns out, the millions of retards are the American People. So who do you think is going to believe the smear campaign? Only clueless idiots not making money.

Some people remember when their mom and dad’s homes were foreclosed on because of the failing of banks. The same ones that got bailed out in 08. Now that anger found it’s way back, methodically and manifested in to this Short Squeeze.

The Brokers (well, they were bystanders at one point)

A lot of the exchanges/broker apps and services were mysteriously ‘down’ earlier today on the 27th.

Later, Robinhood did a dirty thing in order to ‘protect market integrity’ which means to not allow Execution of contracts. Which means they are protecting the short sellers, the people who are profiting from the Lockdown and failure of businesses.

Rigged Game man.

Even more Rigged, Robinhood as of the 28th prevent BUYING of the shares. Another scam.

Makes you think that Robin hood is not on “our side”
Of course this is not Financial Advice, but Market Manipulation

Which DROPPED the price, because you can’t buy so you can’t keep the price up. Because DAY TRADING is a thing. If you can’t buy, you can’t make support on the low end. This literally MADE THE STOCK MORE VOLATILE.

It’s almost like they have vested interest.

And they cuck out to a blog post about volatile markets as if they’re oblivious to being retarded.

So of course people gave Robinhood a bad review and took their business else-where.

Did that stop “us” retards?

Well, that was short lived because deletions are things:


They even took to the Wikipedia pages:

Because they didn’t allow the people to trade
Well, that smells illegal. Unless it was on margin. But still, bad Robinhood, you couldn’t have sold it at like 300 or 500?
So yea, apparently no bueno Robin Hoood
Hold the line
Thankfully r/WSB has autsists from around the world
Look, even the people across the pond want to through some corporate tea in the harbor

With international support, there may be hope in this financial bout.

Hold the line (also, buy shares, not calls)

And then there’s the other trading services:

fishy that buy orders are being halted

And other places are saying what to do and what not to do:

It’s like the casino wants to protect their biggest players from getting played

NASDAQ even let their position known.

Yea, way to halt things. “We like the stock”
CEO wants everyone to chill TF out, but that ain’t happening.

Halts are like a ceasefire. Also, NASDAQ isn’t the enemy, its a battleground, they are not the bad guys (yet)


Even Elon Agrees

This has united the left and right and all walks of people, boomers, zoomers, millenials, and all political spectrums. All capitalists, anti- and everything in between. It’s basically everyone against hedge funds.

Although, the government may not be on our side. You know, the SEC sure ain’t. And Janet Yellen, might not be either.

Maybe, though, maybe the Govy bois might do something.

I consider Tuck Tuck to be a figure head in politics, even though he ain’t a politician. (he does theories and political stuff, I think)

What happened

People bought in GME because they liked the stock and thought they could make money. Something about Value investing pointed out by some Due Diligence.

More people heard, more people buy in.

The news caught wind, social media like Twitter is spreading it.

More people are buying in, and so are big names.

Cramer talks about it, “one of us” mentality with r/wsb.

Momentum is spotted and it caught the attention of other big whales. Big whales, hedgefunds, and quants notice this momentum and BOUGHT IN.

Because gains, they care about money too. That’s why all these new investors want to buy stonks. I mean, how many family members asked you about stonks recently? Too much?

So the price of GME rose, and that freaked out the short sellers.

The Shortsellers in a desperate attempt spread fake news which ironically draws more attention to the stonk through the Streisand effect.

More and more people are buying in.

So much Volume

And people aren’t selling.

(UPDATE, originally I thought Friday was the alleged launch day, it might be monday or never. I don’t know shit.)

let’s see what happens. Just remember, I don’t trust the SEC because they’re bought out by wallstreet.

Summary again for what is happening. I get it, too redundant?


Jim Cramer showed his true colors telling r/wsb to stop.

“YoU wUoNe”

Well, this apparently is bigger than anyone anticipated.

People then avoided him, and they don’t like him. He just wants to protect da markets and his hedge fund bros. He is one of da suits. And I am speaking like diss cause dis part of the articcle was written while I was drunk on my champagne. Guh.

He’s probably covering his six to not get investigated, but he’s in with the bet. If not, he’s in with the suits.

The link lead to Bear Stearns

His show “mad money” is owned by non other than that rainbow peacock, and you know what else is a rainbow? Gay Bears! Insider Short Manipulations 360-no-scope confirmed.

His handler is the enemy

So is he a captive stuck in the middle? Was he forced by his CNBC over lords to submit with balls in a vice grip?

Regardless, he’s taken a loser approach and sided with the suits to try and make you NOT HODL. Actions and Words speak for themselves I guess.

The Death Throes

The institutional investors don’t know what the fuck to do. They bought out the news and published fake shit, and no ones eating it up. So what do they do?

They target the one’s responsible, clawing their way to try and grasp anyone. This means they’re targeting Wallstreetbets and the associated outlets.

The created fake accounts and spoof articles and memes to direct attention away from retailer stonks. Then The mods came to the rescue and banned accounts under 30 days and restricted access to the subreddit. Yet it has grown to 5 million degenerates.

The Lame stream media is trying to pin it as some race issue. It’s not, it’s all about the money. AND making the greedy hogs financially slaughtered.

Fake News
More fake news. No one cares about who calls who a faggot or gay or retarded, we care about money. If it prints. You can call me gay if you make me money, I don’t give a shit.

More fake news:

At least the Babylon Bee is still funny and relevent:

Just a subversion tactic to make you think this is a RACE issue and not a CLASS one

The Discord, they closed down the discord!

Such a shame, best toxic Discord I have seen where people call eachother gay and retarded
Makes me sad that “Discord” is no longer in discord

The SEC doesn’t know either, they can’t really get involved. Because if they prevent people from making money, then they could be liable for potential losses. Also, the people are the ones in power right now.

State Securities Regulator huh

And they’re an angry mob that wants to send a message. So angering the people at large, will definitely be a good thing. No way this could backfire.

The White house press is investigating. . . Idk what this implies but there will be some fall out in the future.

The Winnings

People are making tendies, which means money.

Some people YOLO into this and won their mom treatment to literally save her life.

Some people YOLO’d and were able to afford medical bills for surgery to keep their doggo alive (or atleast not fall in to a possible euthanasia).

In Closing

Well, history in the making. This entire post is fictional and things are literally changing as I wake up. So consider it all an entire shit post, I can’t even piece together things. I’ll edit as it goes on.

Also, Short Sellers aren’t the bad guys. But manipulating the market to cause your shorts to be ITM, that is plain evil.

I’m sure the gubernment and Wallstreet won’t let this go. They’ll have to strike back, but the the one’s who are in the wrong are themselves. So I hope they make a fair deal.

It’s okay though, all I wanted was to fly to the moon.

Maybe, just maybe, I can rest my head on Luna.

If not, that’s okay, I’ll miss and drift endlessly in space.

Like a comet, day dreaming, or atleast until reality sets in again.

Just maybe

Also, here is an open letter from a random person to describe their feelings:

more people are making this personal:

The people got pissed with the Market Manipulation. HELL, I EVEN GOT PISSED.

Not only media, but the brokerages, and THE ACTUAL STONKS

Retired investors got pissed. I bet fellow hedge fund management firms are ALSO pissed (because they’re not all on one team, although there is a group of them that is a circle jerk of insider bullshit. Seeing as they’re coming into the light).

Now people are buying in protest. Fighting money with money.

I’m also feeling the anger and rage

The people are speaking up, with their money. And they don’t care to lose it.

It's not about the money, it's about sending a message....everything burns  | Everything burns, Tv quotes, Memes
No Safe Bets

Want to hear a joke?

What Happens when you make retailers baghold and foreclose on homes and businesses that disenfranchise millions of people in ’08?

You Get What You Fucking Deserve | Know Your Meme

No Safe Bets

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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