You only need one thing to be a millionaire

And that’s a million dollars

In Closing

Yes, it’s a click bait title with a self explanatory answer. If it prints, it prints. Normally I write jokes but for today you can look in the mirror.

You can argue semantics and then look in the mirror again, haha, jokes.

The closing statement here is going to be a lot longer because why the fuck not.

Anyway, GME is being pumped to the moon, and we have newly minted Teslanaires that jumped in and GMEillionaires. Hoping this trend continues.

If you really think about it, the whole Housing Crises and bail out of wall street in 08 didn’t work out to well. The whole Occupy Wallstreet thing. But this, Wall Street Bets is taking money from some wall street.

The great thing is, the wolves of wall street like money, and they get hungry. They even eat their own. So they’re probably setting in on to make money, or at least precariously watching as their fellow Wall Streeter gets their head on the financial chopping block.

You want redistribution of wealth? Fucking take the risk and take it back. Protests are for pussies, make money asshole.

This is making a lot of people rich, and they’re donating it to charities and paying off usury medical bills. This is a new age, and it might start off with something great. A Great Depression, and I look forward to the hunger games (if it does happen) and if not, then this GME short Squeeze is a statement for all.

We’ll make America Great Again, with an even GREATER Depression.

Wake up sheeple, take money. Make money. Print BRRRRR.

Something something, Millionaire.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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