San Francisco Solves Homeless

By somehow removing them over a couple of days in preparation for world leaders touring the city.

Sounds like Homelessness isn’t a problem, just optional.

Yea, we’ll just “CLEAN” the homeless. Yep, such SOFT LANGUAGE to CLEAN and SWEEP the homeless.

Ngl, I hang out with some homies, and they talk about how dehumanizing the sweepers are, as if their human life for being on the streets is trash that “Needs to be Swept”.

You know, there was a time in life where existing wasn’t illegal.

Like If it’s illegal to sleep outside, but you can’t make your own temporary structures, and you can’t break into other people’s homes, but if you do, you can squat and take it. All of this Law shit sounds mighty Made-The-Fuck-Up.

How is existing illegal?

This is why Tales of the Bando exist, get yourself a Trap Queen Fetty Wap Style with some Remy VSOP for your Bois.

In Closing

As it turns out, most of our lives apparently don’t matter.

Welcome to the world of Politics.

That’s why I’m Anti Political.

Because I’d like to imagine that all of this somewhat matters.

Well, No Safe Bets I guess.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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