An Excerpt on Bankruptcy

So get this, I’m reading the dialectics of some Yiddish fellow on God and whatnot, I know, Very Degen of me.

And I come across this passage and I fucking lost it, great stuff;

“Today when people are bankrupt, do you know what they do? First thing, they go to Switzerland, and send a letter to all the people to whom they owe money: ‘I wish you were here.’ What is declaring bankruptcy today? It is a joke. You declare bankruptcy, and you never pay the people back. In those days, in Russia, if you became bankrupt, you were on the next train to Siberia. Heavy. Heavy. Heavy.”

That shit is hilarious and accurate.

Which reminds me of this old gem.

Where this Hedge fund manager lost his client’s money and went bankrupt through Options Degeneracy. Giving an apology video while wearing a Rollie;

Times have definitly changed.

I mean, as long as you’re not fucking with the Cartel’s Blood or Drug Money, chances are, you’re probably going to be fine even if you bankrupt millions of dollars.

I mean, Bernie Madoff just went to Jail. He was pinned as a scape goat and there’s a bunch of stories behind that that would take me about a few weeks to get you caught up, so whatever. Point is, times have changed.

That’s just how things are nowadays, I guess we’re more forgiving or some shit.

In Closing,

For context, this story is The Banker From Odessa, and it’s a great gambling reminder to never give up. To always keep going and keep a poker face. Great lessons here. Suicide and quitting is for pussy faggots.

I’m just here to share some funny shit, Times are indeed different.

We have slaves, but we don’t call them slaves, and the people that yeet and gamble other people’s money away don’t end up in jail or in bags.

But maybe that’s for the better?

Idk about you, but I don’t want to book a Train to Siberia just to kiss the ring on some Russian Mobsters.

Rather split checks than cheeks in Switzerland.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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