Carbon tax and Carbon credits are scams.

So, this whole Carbon shit-ass and personal responsibility for Carbon is retarded.

One, Carbon in the air is good for trees and plants. Carbon also makes up most of all life form on our Earth.

Two, did you know about the Bush Fires in Australia or the Burning of the entire West Coast of America in 2020?

-You know, the one we blamed on a ‘gender reveal party’
Or the Arson in Australia by political Activist groups?

Yea, the sky turned orange, and it was smoggy and smokey.

But guess what? Nature fixed it in like a few weeks.

It’s like Trees are these filters or something.

So Nature can fix Carbon Overload that turned the sky into a depiction of Armageddon. What the fuck are we humans going to do? Are we going to out nature, Nature?

So, ultimately,

We need to shit out more carbon, based on the no-brainer facts above.

Also, if you were to plot the growth of the Amazon Forrest in the last five decade, you’d realize that these carbon is being sequestered at a great rate. There are some shitty practices that we should probably re-evaluate, like tilling or whatever.

Because Nature will take care of itself, and this whole climate change malarkey is just politically driven shit-ass.

Do I believe in ‘climate change’?

Uh, well, the way it’s worded is retarded. If you say the climate is changing, then you’re not wrong. So you’d have to be retarded to say that it isn’t changing. It’s Orwellian doublespeak made so that you can’t disagree, like the retarded slogans like ‘support our troops’ or some other dumb shit.

So is the climate changing? Technically yes, we call it day-night cycles, seasons, and overall changes throughout centennial and millennial periods.

Are Humans the main culprit to that change? Maybe. I doubt that any change is unintentional, and most of the evidence can go back and forth on it. I mean, if you want to say that Humans are responsible, then we have to admit to Weather machines, and most people won’t want to talk about that nor the implications to entire economies and nations at scale.

But let’s not talk about the wealth of nations, and real matters. Let’s not discuss chemical engineering of our atmosphere or any of that jazz. Nor talk about the adverse effects of pesticides and the problem with large farms bullying smaller ones. Let’s only focus on cars and those lesser hazards. Lmao.

What I do know is, that;

A Carbon Tax or Carbon Credit is a scam

It’s a politically motivated way to collect more tax revenue from citizenry and business.

In some cunt-tries, it’s called a Green Certificate.

What ends up being an issue revolving around Carbon Credits becomes a license to use Carbon.

So, what kind of things generates carbon?

Cars, motor vehicles, equipment, mining, farming, fertilizer use, burning, etc.

Almost every industrial process revolves on carbon use and generation. So you really want to slap a tax on these Carbon uses? Make companies and people have a license to emit carbon?

Did you know breathing emits Carbon?

We are literally creating a breath tax.

“The. . Air Tax. . . IS too High. . .
I Can’t Afford. . . To Breathe. . .”

Then we get into stupid shit like,

Carbon Credit Arbitrage

So companies will prop themselves as shell companies to offload their carbon credits to sell to another corporation or company, to then have that company use more of the carbon credits.

We just created a new form of tax arbitrage.

And of course, the total amount of carbon credits offered will be limited and regulated by the state. So now we have a finite market of artificial parameters that controls the market, proxied by the state. So much for a free market.

Meaning that state powers can approve or deny or sanction businesses contrary to markets. Resulting in artificial market manipulation and the State choosing which companies and businesses get to operate. While the rich, affluential, clout driven, companies can usurp power to further monopolize the market under a more ‘greener stance’ on climate.

With this initiative, we’ve created a carbon-tax market, naturally a monopoly will form in this market as well.

Meaning that small companies like the mom n pop store might be harassed by regulations and bureaucracy forcing them to change in order to comply to carbon neutrality or some other made up pop term.

So great.

We just fucked ourselves again by fucking over free markets and letting corporations win.

Oh, also, if you have any hobbies like woodworking or blacksmithing or playing on your computer. Then that hobby too could be a taxable event. So all this shit is primed for being retarded.

And if you adopt electric vehicles or anything more electric, then that too could be a taxable event. As it turns out, most electricity comes from Carbon emitting means. So, more greatness for all.

You want to be taxed for where you get your electricity. Before you know it, electricity usage will have a carbon tax surcharge. What, you want to go off grid? Most cases, that’s punishable by fines.

I mean,

Who do you think started pushing the blame of Carbon emissions on the people?


Guess who wants to control the government at every lobbying corner?


Guess who is going to shirk blame to maximize profits because profits matter?

Gov- I’m kidding, it’s Corporations.

So If Climate is the rhino-symptoms, then what is the root issue?

Probably corporations.

Mother Jones had an article about Money Laundering operations through tax credits using Climate Change as the excuse,


To Summarize,

“The whole idea of carbon credits is just fucking lame. It’s a huge scam. The fact that you can offset carbon credits by borrowing or buying it from others who have allocated carbon credits, is also a huge scam. You’re gonna get a whole bunch of shell companies providing negative net value to offset imaginary taxes.”

A discussion on ESG ratings

In Closing,

No one talks about O-zone layer or ‘Global Warming’ because those are old problems. Just like any good greedy corporation-Gaming company, all those old problems got reskinned and sold as DLC to be a feature instead of a bug. All of this to anger some new group of hopefuls that are looking for some purpose in the world for a cause they can believe in sense they don’t believe in themselves. So now -apparently- it’s our civic duty to pick up the problems by others (corporations).

Yea, that whole ‘O-zone’ thing? We just got more layers of control on the specific Carbon-Flouride mix that was ‘tearing holes’ in the sky or whatever. So it’s allegedly healing or whatever. So, good on us, let’s take the small victories.

Idk, I personally would rather have the sun just irradiate us harder, daddy. That nuclear star in the sky that emits hard gamma rays and makes shit hot as fuck? Yea, give me more of that shit, I want to genetically alter my DNA’s (new) Radionuclides to epi-genetically remember the trauma of getting radiation sickness by getting my ass whopped by the Sun.

Because fuck it. Too many people think themselves the main character of this whole entire universe. Yes, the whole universe revolves around you, it was built for you, and your tiny carbon footprint is going to offset the entire balance of the chaos that makes the spiraling universe. Even if the universe was, gosh, built for you, wouldn’t that mean ethically you should do what you want and not fucking care about the other shit?


You really believe that?

Turns out, the universe wasn’t built for you, and your impacts are small and will probably be wiped out by some cosmic horror that is giga-interdimensionally beyond your comprehension. Probably.

Look bud, most people don’t care about the future. Let alone retirement or life insurance or death or life after death or any of that shit.

So why the fuck would they care about, idk, something longer than five years?

I mean, we wake up and eat carcinogens and smoke carcinogens and spray carcinogens in our water and food and drive hulking metal machines fueled by carcinogens. Literally everything we’ve ‘tamed’ is capable of killing us in some way. So you expect us to give a shit about the world or some whisked away wishful thinking uniting the people against an invisible shadow-underbelly of our society?

Some people can’t even dream of a better tomorrow, why the fuck would they even dream of a better centennial Cycle?

Come on, I know you’re not a time lord but sheeeesh. Have a little empathy.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.


Here’s a joke

In early 2022, California signed a law something to the effect of “All sales of new light-duty passenger vehicles in California must be ZEVs or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) by 2035.”

Later in September of 2022, California State urged people to not charge their cars so they wouldn’t cause undue large electrical loads overloading the grid during heat waves.


So Great


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