Corpos shift Job titles

Corporations are playing a new round of musical chairs with something adjacent to nametags. I’m talking about Job Titles.

In a new effort to jib and jab as they cut people’s wages, corpos are changing job titles of personnel on their payroll in an effort to not pay matching market place wages.

For instance, if your current job title is “Fuck boy 1” and they change it to “Fuck Shit Stack” then your job title would then be compared to in the job market by relevant titles. That includes the comparison of your compensation package.

What’s even worse, most Corpos don’t even consult or get consent to demote you. They just do it on a whim as if they’re changing their hair color and totally not fucking with your finances and your future outlook. The fact that they change it without consent to the employment letter or contract you signed, is a big Red Flag.

That’s essentially what changing your job title, without raising pay, or changing duties means. It’s a demotion. Worse than a lateral transfer.

Compensation ratios and packaged are based on comparable job functions tied to job titles. If the job titles are varied or undefined, then the compensation package can be newly established to a new precedence or standard. Meaning they can continue paying you shit and they don’t have to pay the new guy the competitive wages that they’re due.

So both you and the new guy get fucked. Or if you’re the new guy, both you and your old heads get fucked.

Because if they kept the same job title and job scope, then they’d have to pay comparable market wages to people under payroll and to new hires. . . or then people would leave for, dare I say, more money.

So Corpos are making an effort to save money to prevent people from leaving for money. By making people not receive more money. . .

It’s fucked, everyone’s retarded, yes.

Let’s imagine,

Point is, imagine for a second, you’re actually a house of nobility like a Marquise or a Margrave. If the King decided to strip your title of nobility and downgrade you to a Baron or a Knight with some land, do you think you’d take it like a cucked simp? If you would, you’re fucking retarded and not invited on this website anymore. Leave.

Rightly so, that’s what’s happening in todays time. Granted, it’s not stripping titles of nobility, but rather playing a shell game with the serfs. The Serfs being the working class laboring in the mines of shitty office jobs and endless work cubicles and maybe actual hard labor. A White Collar job or whatever collar job is still a slave collar you surfed up serf you.

And I mention this talk of nobility, because a lot of mother fuckers don’t get that names and words actually mean something. So changing your job title is actually a big deal if you give a shit about not getting fucked over.

Most people don’t give a shit about their titles let alone their names. That’s fine, but also, be aware.

I’m just here to spread the filthy news.

In Closing,

I didn’t lie.

This is the reason.

People don’t just decide to change job titles FOR NO REASON.

Especially if the job title doesn’t even sound cool or better.

As it turns out, the world isn’t littered with Elon Musks.

If a Corpo is spending time and money to do this, chances are, they’re doing it to fuck someone or something. 9 times out of ten, it’s people on payroll getting fucked.

Welcome to neo-feudalism, the cyber punk you didn’t want nor did your ancestors dream for.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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