Trauma is commercialized

Trauma is commercialized and removal of our attachments pushes us to trauma and then we’re resold nostalgia as a product. Constantly shifting our idea and perception of what a good time was to simply upsell ourselves on some addictive experience or product to chase a new Magic Dragon. Chasing Dragons, great.

Man children run rampant, Thots and hoes run rampant.
People collect and hoard trinkets like goblins, which Hoarding is often a traumatic response of insecurities in some other field. So people latch on to materialism to fill their lives with objects because objects tend to not walk away and say “I don’t love you anymore” like your last ex or your father or even your mother.

Chasing joy to a certain point is escapism.

Selling the past is selling and pimping out people’s “childhoods”. Retro toy collection and shirts, feeding the addiction of people’s nostalgia for a past childhood that was probably shit, all to get you to buy more mass manufactured shit from some factory of people devoid of your childhood.

Everyone wants to peddle a new experience or venture or sell you pills that sedate your brain to make it seem like the life you’re living is a grand illusion.

Definitely your therapist and most modern psychologists. They’re upselling you on pills and trauma response to sedate you and make kickbacks by prescribing pills. Pill Shill Mills.

Fear sells, especially the fear of missing out.

Maybe take a trip to Thailand? Maybe pop a roulette wheel of pills Russian style.

A lot of people seek escapism to fill their lives with things or people, to fill the void of fulfillment that they have from not facing whatever problem they don’t want to face. Forever scared of their own shadows.

And all of this upselling of traumatic loss is just commercialized society.

It exists because that’s what we want, it’s our demand.

Seeking yesteryear is the infatuation of the past, overly obsessed with a lifestyle no longer there.

Case in point;

It niether has to be good nor bad, It just is what it is.

That’s the nature of the Beast.

In Closing,

I’m not here to peddle hope, I’m merely commenting and critiquing my observations.

Just a rant, a shit post, throw away if you will.

I neither feel good nor bad nor pity, I’m merely stating my observations.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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