Governments intrinsically limit freedom

I mean, duh, but also, think about it from a tax perspective and legal perspective.

Anyone with a brain knows insurance is a bet and mostly a scam. But State required insurance is even a bigger bet and a bigger scam.

Meaning people are forced by the government to pay for a bunch of checked off lists of bullshit they don’t need to comply with rules written by mostly people who don’t care for whatever you’re doing.

Case in point, there is a natural law of any government that you should know.

The longer a government exists, the more laws there are.

I have yet to see a single government in which that wasn’t the case. Even kings that were living Laws still had more laws per succession in their lineage.

So, after a long time, more laws exist, and more freedoms are taken away.

All of this shitpost was inspired by another shitpost from 4chan;

This is a sign, that eventually doing simple tasks like Cooking your own god damn food, may in-the-future, require some sort of Class License.

Some retards are already trying to initiate carbon taxes, so breathing air soon enough will be a taxable event.

Permits for everything, and inspections for everything.

If the goal of government was to impede people from doing shit, then they are doing a marvelous job with bureaucracy and extra licenses and certifications.

Eventually we get to the point where there’s so many artificial barriers in place all ‘placed for a good reason’ that people will be sick and tired of playing the dog and pony show and just go to the underground for all their needs.

If playing in civilized society is restrictive and expensive, people are going to live in the woods, or just do their own shit in the underground. That’s partly why homesteading and growing your own shit is on the rise.

Also, here’s some jurisprudential theory for you,

More Laws, means More Outlaws.

The more laws you place, the more outlawed things exist, and people in-between the old-law and the old-outlaw are now labeled outlaws. If breathing is illegal, the only non-legal entities would be Corpos and Robots. It’s only a matter of time at how stupid some of this shit is.

Here’s a picture of a population of people to help you see because I know some people just need colored pictures;

It’s a simple 2D chart, but remember Laws are like a 4D thing.

Some people comply and become law biding, some people say ‘fuck it’ and that’s the hill they’ll die on. This picture above isn’t an accurate depiction of all dynamics, because technically as the law grows, the amount of outlawed things also grows. It’s one for one technically.

Most people technicially live in the Grey area, there’s a ton of laws you’re breaking without even knowing. Did you speed in your car today at any point? You Criminal Scum.

Additionally, once you invite one sin, you invite others. So if you’re going to hell in a handbasket, typically you just do more shit because there’s no need to justify shit when you’re not on the side of justice. What I’m saying is, people shoot to do more illegal shit and sync with other illegal shit because they realize what they’re doing isn’t viewed as bad by them, therefore they look into other outlawed shit to see if it’s also good or bad and starting developing self morals and maybe sentience. Lol.


That’s partly why I look forward to a collapse or reset. The game is arguably in New Game Plus and some of the established types are pretty deeply entrenched. But of course, I wouldn’t bet on it. I also wouldn’t not bet on it, because that’s an inverse bet.

I would argue the collapse and the death of the old world would be a a good thing. Well, there’s definitely potential for growth. As long as we don’t go the CBDC route, that looks dumb as fuck.

Whatever, No Safe Bets and jazz.

In Closing,

Most governments are shit.

The biggest shitty part about government, is that they can create laws demanding people to buy insurance. . . But at the same time the government won’t pay for the insurance that they force?

What the fuck is the point of taxes, if the government will require more taxes in the form of insurance?

Civilized society becomes very taxing the more and more they require dumb shit to keep them afloat.

If the government actually gave a fuck about you being insured, they’d do it themselves instead of getting their legislators kickbacks from the lobbying insurance agencies to demand more private insurance.

What I’m saying is, state requirement for mandatory insurance is retarded. It should never be a thing. Let people bet what they bet.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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