Peer-reviewed is a Scam

Let me say it for the average person;

Peer reviewed doesn’t mean shit if the peers are fucking idiots or bribed or both.

A Degree and some leg work ChatGPTing a bunch of articles or stealing the research of your subordinates doesn’t make you a critical thinker nor does it really give you the value you ought to have.

There’s too much influence of an author on the work and the review of the work.

You should be able to have any lay man look at your work, ask valid questions to understand your premise, and then they should be able to derive similar conclusions.

All that cognitive bias bullshit, is also a scam. But that’s a talk for another day about anthropomorphic view.

What, you intend to separate the human element and actually review articles objectively? With what? Your human eyes and human brain? Retarded. As if objective reality would bend to your subjective truth based on your own subjective fact finding even on a whim of trying to outsource your humanity. For fuck sakes.

If your science can’t be explained to a layman, then you don’t know your shit.

Any moron should be able to look at the basic numbers and definitions and derive similar if not equal conclusions.

If they can’t, then your statistics are shit or your definitions are shit.

And if your definitions are shit, then your theoretical scaffolding doesn’t have a solid foundation therefore rendering any thought experiments built there upon to be mere gestures.

Who gives a shit about why, if you can’t produce pragmatic results. Perhaps you’ll produce pragmatic results in the future. Perhaps.


as a side note, a lot of theory is predicated on pre-existing theory.

So if the pre-existing theory is shit, you’ll have to redefine the new theory and look at all the other theories.

ALSO, just because a Theory is shit, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Sometimes dumb shit works because it works, and it’s only dumb to refute it working while questioning the mechanism of the work itself.


Theories and abstracts are derived from pressuppositions.

If the presuppositions are shit, then the conclusion is just a facsimile of truth.

Anyways, I’m not saying we shouldn’t pursue science or objectivity. I’m just saying most people are talking mad shit and using Award systems and Research grants to game the system and weaponize Science.



In Closing,

I’m just saying,

There’s a good chunk of paid doctors and economists peddling propaganda for Big Oil or Big Corn or Big Pharma.

If the article is counter to their narrative, they bury it.

Money is intrinsically tied to our Epstein Research, therefore a good chunk of sciences is corrupted by power.

Much like the Religious Papal since way back when.

These new closeted Scientists are just new aged priests spreading a new religion of scientism

Eh, end rant.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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