Beware of the Ghost Businesses and Ghost Economy

Be aware of dealing with what you think are ‘local mom and pop’ shops and services.

A lot of them are white label offshoots of a large corporation. Ghost Companies pretending to be real companies but are really just subsidiary departments of some larger Corpo.

How do I know this? They use lead generated referrals and use corporate call centers that are outside of the state. I had a broken piece of shit thing and called around to see who would give me free handjobs. Turns out, a lot of the calls were redirected to someone in the Philippines or some state in Utah, whatever that is.

And that immediately got my brain clicking, these fucktards took over the small mom n pops while I wasn’t paying attention.

You think a small mom n pop shop would outsource their direct rapport with their customer?

If they would, they’re no longer a small shop buddy.


What’s happening is a bunch of small businesses are masked as local shops, but are really headquartered by a larger holding company.

Providing ‘ghost services’, no store front, just mobile businesses without a central location that you can complain to. A bunch of service techs are just grunts working for the buck because -reasons-, like a soldier fighting in a dog’s war.


So Buyer Beware of the new age of capitalism, where it’s phony and disguised as if you’re doing business with someone you know. Because -let’s be frank-, if you didn’t get your customer referral from someone you know, then you probably resorted to the internet, meaning you probably got some Corpo links.

The structure of these companies are simple;

Basically an integrated corporation supply chain from control (not source) to the consumer, but a lot more pancaked. Think of a pyramid but squished. That’s what kind of Businesses we have here.

And so we have a bunch of Masked Fake Faces disguised as mom n pop, while being from a Hydra called the Corpo.

How many local A/C, Window repair, Door salesmen, are being ran by Corpos? How many heads are competing with eachother as if they’re just a department extension of the corpos?

Could five mom-n-pop shops dealing in siding home-care be ran by the same Corpo? Could the workers be lied to and told to talk shit about the competitors through an artificial turf war orchestrated by puppetteering Corpos? Could their bonuses be paid out and dealt through strategic moves to fuck over themselves, culling an entire arm of the business if they deem it necessary? So fake shop 1 goes down because it didn’t compare to fake shops 2, 3, 4, etc? And they rinse and repeat?

Is this the twilight zone but NOT FUN?



In Closing,

Not all mom n pops are or aren’t mom n pops. So some stores are genuine. But the ones doing hostile take over shit, you bet your ass that there’s some Business Jocks with Fresh MBA’s with wet ink doing a game of Mergers and Acquisitions to fuck over your local economy without spit for lube.

Yea, corporations are playing fuck fuck games again.

Instead of a holding company, like Black Rock owning all the businesses, you get a parent company puppetting as small businesses around your local area. All of which is probably owned by Black Rock or something.

So, it’s like the same thing, but you feel like you’re helping the little guy. You know, like them fake marketing gimmicks for Green or NON-GMO shit that they lie to sell to you. Selling you the falsehood of feeling like you’re supporting local shit.

You think grocery stores aren’t abominations yet you pick your pre-frozen fruit and vegetables from their Naturally Organic Wooden-Cardboard boxes that get sprayed on by a mist of artificial water droplets from a programmable logic device robot? You think this shit is natural? Where do you think meat comes from?

Yea, so your mom n pop stores are becoming marketing gimmicks for corpos to create the illusion of a free market choice. I bet you they’re finger fucking five different labels near you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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