RICO jokes

It’s funny if you think about it,

In the US, we have the RICO act for The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO).

Rico in Spanish means ‘Rich’.

Rich people have historically been very influential and used all sorts of methods for ‘favors’ -as they would say.

So being charged with RICO is really just being charged for being too rich.

Imagine losing a game of Monopoly for being too good. Perhaps too rowdy and cut-throat even.

Some would say skill issue, but those that cry RICO are equivalent to saying they cheated. Which, I mean, if they did cheat and commit fraud or extort or violent crimes, then rightfully so.

RICO charges are for the organization, bribery, fraud, arson, kidnapping, bribery, those charges are for the individuals.

My note on bribery,

I mean, buying and selling favors is just a natural part of life. It’s goods and services. That’s my personal take on bribery.

You think the waiter or fast food joint wants to give you food?

We’re all just exchanging favors, using a talisman tally sticks system called dollars to keep (social credit) score.

I personally think if it’s not doing anyone harm, we pay the bribe and keep on keeping on. Why not bribe the cops before speeding? It’s practically the same when you get the speeding ticket, it’s a monetary punishment fee that people with money can afford. It’s basically a Bribe.

I mean, if the Rich people can AFFORD the Crimes, why not just let the bribes happen? It’s not like anyone is going after our Politicians. Seems like nobody really cares.

(obviously I am being facetious there’s a five hour conversation that would entail if we actually were to actually entertain these thoughts.)

In Closing,

I just wanted to point that out.

I get that the RICO act is a little different based on ‘methods’ of aggressive and hostile un-ethical business enterprise.

But, uh, who’s getting that large Rainforest company for sicking the FBI on their land lord? No one? Not all RICO charges are served.

Some people win Capitalism and might even get thrown in jail for doing so. Being too rich and successful.

I find that joke, rather, Rich.

RICO rich even.

$Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice$

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