Shein Caught some RICO charges

This company;

There’s not yet a conviction as of writing, but a few artists and designers filed suit against the Fast Fashion company for stealing their designs and then making it with cheap Knockoffs.

You know, that shitty company that brought out ‘brand influencers’ that look like they influenced people to do nothing with their lives. That one trip where they showed sweatshop labor in real time and had ‘influencers’ dance and gloat about their ‘sustainable products’. All at the same time calling everyone xeno-phobic for pointing out how fucked up the situation was. . .

There are reports that workers have worked 18 hour days with only one day off. . . in a month.

That means you might work 60 days straight 18 hour days to make shit products for shit pennies.

Bro, China, you’re literally devaluing yourself with these work conditions.

Also, this is the company that works their workers in shit conditions making clothing that has reputably not been safe for human skin.

Yes, people are literally talking about how their Shein clothing is melting on their skin. Some of which, MELTS the skin.

I’m not joking, literally melting skin.

Some of their products poison people, like they’re apparently not acrylic (turns out, it was lead) nail polish because why did it poison people? This Nail Polish Literally melted into this person’s skin. MELTED IN TO. Like pitting corrosion.

Oh, also their Lip gloss and cosmetics have tested positive for lead and mercury. So, uh, enjoy that I guess.

Which makes you really question the factory conditions. If the final treated/washed product melts skin. What’s the raw material being processed like? What the fuck?

I wonder if anyone’s next. . .

In Closing,

18 hour days, 1 day off per month, with chemicals containing mercury and lead making products that melt, melt into skin, and melt skin. Yea. IDK chief, maybe this ain’t it?

Jokes aside, this is a pretty big deal in my opinion. I always thought some companies were way too fucking cocking popping up in my reality through shit-ad space purchases.

They’ve probably spent a fuck ton to get on people’s ads to sell their shit.

And quite frankly, if it’s melting skin, it’s shit.

Maybe I’m old school, but I remember when lead and mercury in the toys didn’t mean it melted fucking skin. Maybe I just want to go back to those good old days?


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