US Treasury Secretary takes Magic Mushrooms


I’m not making this up,

But to be clear, they are “Chinese” Magic Mushrooms that mistakenly look like Porcini Mushrooms, which are gourmet and edible.

She allegedly ate some Jian shou qing

In Closing,

What a Time to be alive, to make headlines like these.

I’m sure a bunch of elites and rockstars do mad drugs, so it’s not like -a big deal-. But it’s interesting that the tabloids would report about this jazz. Seems like the economy is doing well. Maybe it’s code? That the economy is in for a Trip?

What’s next, The US President Smoking a doobie during their presidential address?

Haha, cheers,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any advice

Post Script,

A lot of the Main Stream media is parroting this shit.

So it’s probably fake news.

As it turns out, Janet Yellen bowed 3 times to Chinese Vice Premier.

Either she did it as a sign of respect showing subservience. Meaning she, and the US may have already fallen to China and are China’s Bitch.


She was racist and is trying to cover and justify an international gaff based on old customs and information. It’s more of a Japanese thing and maybe a Korean thing to bow and show respects. Idk about Chinese Customs. Culturally insensitive or something. The number 3 is important for bowing.

Just like bowing 13 times or so for a Sifu or Master or some shit. Idk, I don’t take disciples, not planning on it.

I personally like the mushroom story, so I’ll stick with Main Stream Media Narrative, even if I know it’s fake.

Mainly because all of the media parrot the same line of text from a Dartmouth study in 2022. Nearly Word for Word. It’s almost like they copy pasted and ran with this story to justify her acting goofy as fuck.

In terms of real news, two possibilities may be the case;

Either America is China’s Bitch,


Americans are Racist as Fuck.

My vote is definitely on the latter. I don’t know about the first. But -uh- No Safe Bets and all.

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