Etsy is a Drop Shipper’s Paradise

Anyways, I was inundated by a random tiktok with some valid points while working on the previous article.

  1. The Founder of Etsy was anti-capitalist and saw a marketplace of Hand Made and Vintage goods being resold as a secondary market that would combat fast consumerism and reduce the need for useless shit that gets thrown away in a land fill.
  2. Etsy had their IPO in 2015. Wall Street doesn’t like the idea of disrupting capitalism nor do they like the original CEO.
  3. After exchanging CEO’s (through a Hostile Board Takeover) to some guy named Silverman. They announced a bunch of layoffs. . . Yea. . Same Day. Then in a few weeks, another 140 members were laid off. Which is a large amount for arguably a small company with less than 1,000 employees.
  4. It’s called a Corporate Restructure, where the model is to gut out everything and slim everything down and sell the organs for parts or money to profit.
  5. Now the new acceptable practice is allowing anyone that designs the contract to have someone else ‘hand make’ it. Thus the platform is filled with AI Generated shit and funneled through Print On Demand or Drop Shipping Manufacturers.
  6. The CEO wants Etsy to ‘Compete’ with Amazon. . . Which, if you know anything about Wall Street and Amazon, that means that the market shares will have to battle and ultimately Etsy is going to be sacrificed into Amazon as a Carcass. I mean, you can already find literally the exact same products on both stores.
  7. Companies often have hostile takeovers, ran aground, and then coincidentally another large favored sweetheart company of Wall Street eats up their Lion’s share.
  8. Anyways, Seller Fees, Transaction Fees, Superfluous fees have gone through the roof, nickel and diming store owners on Etsy.
  9. And The C-suite execs, the board, and the share holders are profiting a pretty penny over doing shit and hiring chatbots and remote workers that don’t speak American English.

Hey man, I don’t know who needs to tell you this. But you can deliver a good service and product and still make good money. You can literally solve people’s problems and make their life better and get rich doing so. But you could also be greedy and make things way worse while profiting like a thief, much like the meta of Wall Street. So, don’t get all cynical with money.

Don’t Get It Twisted.

Also, watch out for ‘Hostile’ corporate takeovers. It’s not always, but it’s often, those guys that ‘know a guy’ that will try to get one over you. Whether it’s a Mom n’ Pop Shop or a Board of Directors, this stuff is real.

There is such a thing as Ethical Corporate Takeovers, the word ‘Hostile’ is placed in front of Take Overs for a reason. Yea, what can I say, I just don’t vibe, jive, or acquiesce to “Mergers and Acquisitions” departments anywhere. You know, the Hostile Takeover Department just doesn’t sound so great when you know what they do.

Eh, I got sidetracked.

Point is, Etsy is promoting low effort shit and AI Generated Art to be drop shipped and Print On Demand. It’s a Drop Shipper’s Paradise now.

And I would go so far as to argue, it’s not good for drop shipping. More like it’s a Drop Shippers Cess Pool rather than a paradise, because those transaction fees aren’t favorable to Shop Owners. -Well, it’s not like Amazon is any different.

Yea, Buying from Etsy is equivocal to buying from Amazon.

In Closing,

All of the above is just another example why IPO’s are Scams.

Unless you’re selling low effort shit, it’s probably not worth your ideas or money to work with Etsy.

Etsy is no longer the brand known for helping small business owners.

But, you could probably still make money, none-the-less.

As mentioned elsewhere in the internet;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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