Etsy has gone down hill, and is arguably a Scam for shop owners

Now before you get your Libel Lawsuits ready, I want to prepare to you my case to back my opinion.

“Fraud is generally committed through the use of false statements, misrepresentation, or dishonest conduct intended to mislead or deceive

So Etsy recently screwed over some store owners and that made a viral stink all over Tiktok and the internet. If they defrauded (no matter how unintentionally) a few people, then they have committed fraud and scammed a few people.

If you scam atleast one person, you’re a scammer.

You can’t say you’re not a thief if you stole something by accident. Anyways, libel lawsuit put to rest, moving on.

There were two store owners in the last week that got majorly screwed.

One of which, Bergette Pigments;

A shop in good standing with many sales was closed with no notice and resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars. Etsy doesn’t have a cellphone and the ability to contact Etsy is non-existent and that there is some banking fraud going on with the Shop Owner. Etsy refuses to pay out due to the banking issues, citing their internal rules that they decide and won’t help this small business owner rectify this whole ordeal.

So If Etsy says they’ll provide a service, then lock you out of your account and money and not provide that service. Isn’t that a bit scammy? A Fail to deliver said service that you’re ultimately paying for?

Sounds pretty scammy.

Or How about Cat Tooth Brushes?

Another Owner had their shop temporarily suspended for a period of time without reason or cause and then refunded all outgoing orders resulting in monetary damages for a Shop Owner.

They sent an email with 30% off, that they sold TOO many products, resulting in ETSY shutting them down.

Resulting in the loss of a lot of money for a small business owner. An Owner that shipped out the products and then was later had their store shut down and had their orders refunded. . . Even though the products were still in delivery. So the Owner lost merch and lost money. No Profits.

Hundreds of products shipped, shipping paid for.

A Bit Scammy.

UPDATE: This shop was able to get their money back, the damage is still being calculated and the amount of money returned is not yet finalized. This shop still have concerns about the lack of communication and direct access to get help as well as the communication for an auto-message hold on money transfer up to 90 days.

Some Background about Etsy;

Etsy was a cool store. Was. Key word.

It then “IPO’d” and kissed the ring of Wall Street Bankers and Hedge Funds becoming the new anointed Marilyn Monroe of the Kennedy Brothers. Getting Tossed around by Wall Street Trust Fund babies.

And Trust Me, a lot of people were happy about this IPO, because it presented an opportunity to take out the competition in e-commerce for other ‘investment’s that people had.

Resulting in Etsy’s downhill decent to make things a cash grab and turn a once iconic threat to Amazon into a Drop Shipper’s Paradise.

I guess even the prettiest of Gals get tossed to the curb-y streets when their beauty fades. Like the moon waning a lit candle until it extinguishes. Am I talking about life or e-commerce?


Etsy’s Support is shitty,

From the seller’s content above, it appears that there is no one available. Live Chat isn’t live, it’s a bot. Emails don’t get answered and four day turnaround time for AN EMAIL which is contrary to 24/7 support. very shitty and unprofessional.

Also, one video pointed out that Etsy had on the bottom of their website “Keep Etsy Human” while also hiring chat bots for customer support.

Also, if you get locked out of your account, you can’t log in, and for whatever reason, you need to be logged in to get to the help desk. Meaning you’re locked out of even the help desk.

It’s so shitty, that even Shopify is ragging on Etsy with a “Our Tech support is in English”

So with the evidence of the above, there’s misleading statements about customer support being existent or available. Which is arguably Fraud, so there’s that.

The Fact that the weekend doesn’t have the immediate support, means you don’t have support. It’s definitely not 24/7.

Also, fees.

Etsy has been won by the suits and have been gutted to a husk of it’s former glory, and suits only care about numbers and profits, so they’ve opted to do more than ruin customer service. The Suits have opted to charge superfluous fees and raise rates.

They’ve done a lot of unfavorable changes slowly over the years, including payment processing drama.

One of which, is charging sellers for listing their items. Yes. Charging Sellers to list their items for (as of writing) 20 cents per listing. Which might not seem much, but if you’re selling multiple products, it starts to add up. 200+ listings and you could be paying upwards of $50 a month, and that’s not guaranteeing any sales of any sort.

It’s weird that other websites do hosting and they don’t charge per listing. Like you know, Shopify stores. You’d arguably do better running a Shopify store than an Etsy Store, seeing as the Etsy Algorithm doesn’t seem to favor small shops or things with little to no listings. You don’t really get the benefit of the Etsy ‘marketplace’.

But that’s biased information, and you could have both stores if you want. Whatever.

Etsy also charges for renewal fees. So if you wanted to change the stock or inventory of your products, you’d have to pay a fee. How does that make sense? You’re literally changing a number tied to a basic coded counter.

Ontop of Etsy taking commission per sale, a 6.7%ish on every transaction. You’re losing out more and more money just by having a store and you’re punished and taxed for making a sale.

Etsy ontop of that charges for payment processing fees, a 3% plus 25 cents for every sale for their ‘payment processing fees’.

Just a lot of headache.

Worst of all, if anything goes wrong, Etsy will just default to blame you and refund the customer and you’ll be shit out of luck, like the above examples. If you don’t have the traction or clout to rattle Etsy’s corporate office, then chances are, you’ll be in a bit of a limbo.

So definitely have other sources or paths for order fulfillment.

In Closing,

Essentially Etsy is equivalent to a shitty online Commercial Land Lord that owns a Mall and shits on it’s vendors, nickel and dimes them, and doesn’t pick up their phone.

The Sad part is, there’s a lot of honest businesses and small shops that are trying to do well on Etsy.

It’s just, Etsy, like all things over time, got corrupted and turned into a husk of it’s former glory. Etsy is compromised and isn’t great for people who are looking for scale.

Resulting in a migration of store owners and arguably shoppers.

Lemme tell you, Amazon isn’t the answer.

So there’s a power gap in the marketplace for someone to build a digital marketplace like Etsy. There’s a growing demand. Will the markets do their job and supply that demand. Will that Void be filled any time soon?

But until then, here’s the message;

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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