Honey is cut with corn syrup

The title says it all,

A large swath of Honey that you buy from the store here in the United States is cut with Honey.

That ain’t Beary Nice of you Boo-boo.

And because it’s a natural ingredient or sum shit, they don’t have to disclose how much.

They slap that bad boy on the label and call it honey.

I’m sure the honey itself is 100% real honey, but the syrup inside the bottle ain’t 100% honey. If you know what I mean.

First they cut up our Opioids with Fenny.

And now I got Corn Syrup in my Honey.

This is some booole-shit

Did you know

Honey is like nectar of the gods?

It has natural healing properties.

It’s anti microbial and really good for you.

Good Sugars and a bunch of other good shit.

I’m not a real doctor, by the way.

But they want to cut it with cornsyrup and sell your more fluff. It’s almost like the food industry is in hand with the sick care system purported by petrol companies and big pharma.

This is why we don’t have any Soma or Ambrosia. It’s because lame ass cheap-o Corpo Apiaries wanna sell you bad Honey.

In Closing,

I said what I said.

Go find yourself a Local Bee Keeper apiary if you want the real Bees Knees.

All the more reason to not buy generic corpo branded shit from the stores.

All the more reason that Grocery Shopping is a scam.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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